usa Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 166

US Marine Corps


2010 to present    

Unit History:

Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 166
Sea Elk, tail code YX, former HMM-166 redesignated after transitioned to the MV-22 Osprey

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News about this Rotary Wing Unit :

VMM-166 Ospreys at 2013 Dubai Airshow, 18-Nov-13 : DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, U.S. Air Forces Central Command Public Affairs by Senior Airman Bahja Jones - An aerial powerhouse sits amongst the Department of Defense aircraft supporting the 2013 Dubai Airshow at the Dubai World Central airport here Nov. 17-21.

Locations of this unit:

2010/nowMCAS MiramarKNKX

Models served in this unit: Login to Edit    

2010/nowv-22 Osprey

Construction Numbers found for VMM-166 Help Us    

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrganisationIn other Org
    D0128 mv-22b 2010     167917 : USMC MV-22B; Oct10 VMM-166, /YX-00
    : 01oct10 pictured (top,middle) as VMM-166 /YX-00 during Marine Air Ground T+
    : Feb11 VMM-166 /YX-00
    : 17Nov13 pictured (bot) as VMM-166 /YX-00 at Dubai air show. High visible m+
    D0131 mv-22b 2010     167920 : USMC MV-22B d/d 2010; 2011 VMM-166 /YX-01
    D0132 mv-22b 2010     167921 : Bell-Boeing MV-22B, c/n D0132, ff?; del USMC as MV-22B, 167921, 2010; xfer+
    D0133 mv-22b 2010     167922 : Bell-Boeing MV-22B, c/n D0133, ff?; del USMC as MV-22B, 167922, 2010; xfer+
    : USMC; apr12 VMM-166./YX-03
    D0137 mv-22b 2011     168007 : Bell-Boeing MV-22B, c/n D0137, ff?; del USMC as MV-22B, 168007, 2011; xfer+
    D0139 mv-22b 2011     168009 : apr12 VMM-166./YX-05
    D0140 mv-22b 2011     168010 : 11feb13 VMM-166./YX-10 visit Yuma
    D0142 mv-22b 2011     168012 : 2011 VMM-166 /YX-11
    D0143 mv-22b 2011     168013 : USMC; 2011 VMM-166./YX-06
    D0154 mv-22b 2011     168024 : USMC; apr12 VMM-166./YX-12
    D0185 mv-22b     168235 : USMC; 2012 VMM-166 /YX-15
    : 11feb13 VMM-166./YX-15 visit Yuma
    D0186 mv-22b     168236 : USMC; 2012 VMM-166 /YX-16
    D0193 mv-22b     168243 : USMC; Apr13 VMM-166 /YX-01
    : Jan14 as VMM-166 /YX-01 at Sakhir Air Base for the Bahrain Air Show
    D0194 mv-22b     168244 : USMC; Apr13 VMM-166 /YX-14
    : 17nov13 tail pictured foreground as VMM-166 /YX-14 at the 2013 Dubai airsh+
    UH-1Y     168412 : 16nov13 pictured as VMM-166 /YX at the 2013 Dubai airshow
    15 C/N found for VMM-166

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