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Unit History:

37th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron
The 37th ARRS was activated during the Korean War when helicopters were first used for medical evacuation.

The Jolly Green served during the Vietnam War where in addition to their helicopters they also flew the Grumman HU-16 Albatros amphibious flying boat and the HC-130 specialized variant of the Hercules transport. They carried out numerous search and rescue operations in combat areas and participated in the evacuations of Phnom Penh (Cambodia) and Saigon (Vietnam) and also provided service during the assault on Koh Tang Island during the Mayaguez incident.

After the Vietnam War, 37th ARRS was deactivated, only to be reactivated in December 1973.

Det.1 had HH-1H at Davis-Monthan AFB for missile site support during the mid 70s until closing in late 1985
Det.2 had UH-1F at Ellsworth AFB
Det.3 had UH-1F and HH-1H at Grand forks AFB, later 79 RQF (Rescue Flight)
Det.4 at Little Rock AFB
Det.5 at Malmstrom AFB since 1964 until redesignated 40th Helicopter Flight in 1998
Det.6 at McConnell AFB
Det.7 at Minot AFB, later 54 HF
Det.8 at Vandenberg AFB, later 76 HF
Det.9 at Whiteman AFB
Det.10 at F. E. Warren AFB, later 37 HS

When 37 ARRS was reactivated on 1 Dec 73, there were 9 geographically separated detachments and a headquarters flight at FE Warren AFB WY. The headquarters flight was later redesignated as a detachment. All of the detachments had UH-1F helicopters and supported operational missile wings except for Det 8 which had UH-1Ns and supported missile test and evaluation activities at Vandenberg AFB. Dets 2, 3, 5, 7, and 10 supported Minuteman III wings. Dets 1, 4, and 6 supported Titan II wings. In 1974, MAC reorganized combat rescue units in Europe that were flying the HH-1H. One closed down. I believe it was at Aviano AB Italy. Another was at Zaragoza AB Spain and converted from HH-1H to UH-1N. All the HH-1H aircraft from Europe were shipped to the US and were distributed to the three dets of the 37 ARRS that supported Titan II missiles. The HH-1H had a much shorter fuel range and it was not feasible to support the more widely dispersed Minuteman III sites with these aircraft. I was stationed at Little Rock AFB and ferried 70-2485 from Plattsburgh AFB NY to Little Rock on September 9-12, 1974. This was our second HH-1H to arrive. Dets 1, 4, and 6 received their HH-1H aircraft at approximately the same time and continued to fly them until Titan II missiles were deactivated in the mid-80s. As the Titan II units deactivated, the HH-1Hs were sent to Minuteman III bases (see note about Det 3 ). When the 40 ARRS detachments began deactivating in 1988, all the HH-1Hs were replaced by UH-1Ns. h3driver

HQ 37th ARRSq: MAC was reactivated at FE Warren AFB, WY 01dec73. They were located upstairs in a former Atlas Missile assembly building designated as Building 1250. ARRSq-FLT was located downstairs in the same building.

Detachment 1, 37th ARRS: at Davis Monthan AFB in 1974-1978 we had UH-1F to start and soon were changed to HH-1H tail number were 70-2471,70-2472 and 70-2458.. I was crew chief of 2471 and also hoist instructor enjoyed flying..

Detachment 2, 37th ARRS: I was a crew chief on 65-7959 UH-1F. I was in it when the picture of it was taking of MT. Rushmore. I was inlisting for my second time. 1972 to 1979 was the years at Ellsworth AFB.

Detachment 2, 37th ARRS: 1981-1985 at Dock 80 EAFB, SD. After receiving my 5 level at Kirkland AFB,NM in 1983 I was the crew chief of UH-1F 65-7959 until I separated in Sep85! I still reside in Rapid and spend my winters in Vegas. I.S. Jenkins, A1C USAF. Thunder Hueys rule!

Detachment 3, 37th ARRS: was at Grand Forks AFB, Grand Forks, North Dakota. HQ for Det 3 was F. E. Warren, WY

Detachment 3, 37th ARRS: I was at Grand Forks AFB 1974-1978. We had five UH-1F aircraft in support of the missle fields

Detachment 3, 37th ARRS: I was the crewchief on HH-1H 70-2461 when it crashed, I had assisted with launching the aircraft that afternoon and was the last to see the crew alive. Horrible day. I was given the call sign plate from the instrument panel after the investigation. The aircraft was soon replaced by 70-2458 which I crewed until I left the program in 1994. We had 5 HH-1H while I was there, 70-2461, 62, 63, 65, and 58. We made the transition to the 79th RQF about the same time that the MAC to AMC transition took place. All of the aircraft left when the grand forks missile wing was decommissioned around 86-87. Looks like they are all still listed with AMARC.

Detachment 3, 37th ARRS: my name is Mark Nelson, I was stationed from late 1974 to 1978.I flew as observer/medical recovery/and missile convey coverage. I was a one deep position who both flew and did pilot records/sorties.

Detachment 4, 37th ARRS: Little Rock AFB, AR. Supported the 308 Strategic Missile Wing flying priority parts and crews to the 18 Titan II missile sites until the missile wing deactivated in August 1987. All helicopters, 70-2460, 70-2470, 70-2484 and 70-2485 were flown to Hill AFB after we deactivated the Det. 70-2460 is on static display at Little Rock AFB, Ar. 70-2470 is on display at Hill AFB museum. 70-2484 is I believe was sent to AMARG DMAFB, AZ after a parachute was caught in the rotor system. I know the accident happened, but not sure if the actual aircraft was sent to DM or not. 70-2485 was still in service as of last year, at Lackland AFB, San Antonio Texas.

Detachment 6, 37th ARRS: McConnell AFB, Wichita Kansas, I was assigned from March 1975 to February 1977. We were assigned 70-2469, 70-2473, 70-2474, and 70-2475. Daniel Green

Detachment 7, 37th ARRS: Minot AFB, flew from june 74 to 78 in UH-1F. Had 6 of those as I recall. We were 37arrs, but flew mostly missile support: missile crews drove to their control centers

Detachment 9, 37th ARRS: Whiteman AFB, 2 TH-1Fs and 2 UH-1Fs. I was there from Jun75 to Jan79. The UH-1Fs were possibly 65-7914 and 65-7915. They flew missile support for Minuteman IIs.

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Locations of this unit:

1966/72VN Da NangVVDN
1966/68TH Udon Air BaseVTUD

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1973/98HH-1H Iroquois
1973/82UH-1F Iroquois
1967/69s-61 H-3
1967/72s-65 H-53

Construction Numbers found for 37th ARRS / 37th ARRSQ Help Us    

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrganisationIn other Org
    7002 UH-1F     63-13142 : 91st Stategic Missile Wing (Strategic Air Command); MASDC 13nov74 from un+
    61-535 ch-3c 1965     64-14232 : Sikorsky S-61R, c/n 61-535 ff?; del USAF as CH-3C 64-14232, 10Nov65; conv +
    61-536 ch-3c 1965     64-14233 : Sikorsky S-61R, c/n 61-536, ff?; del USAF as CH-3C 64-14233, 03Dec65; rede+
    7046 UH-1F     64-15496 : 1971-1974, I crewed this one at Malmstrom AFB; Formerly assigned to the 34+
    61-557 ch-3c     65-12782 : USAF; conv HH-3E; 37th ARRS w/o 05oct68 Laos
    61-561 ch-3c     65-12786 : USAF; conv CH-3E; 37th ARRS w/o 16oct68 landed on sea after being hit but +
    7052 UH-1F 1965     65-7911 : USAF; 1984 asg 37th ARRS det.5; 06mar87 to MASDC/FH0157 until Mar92; Jan+
- N4040P : 2000 Tamarack Helicopters Inc at Victor, MT; Apr11 Hunter Helicopters at S+
: R & R Conner Aviation at Conner, MT from Oct12; Agriculture and Pest Contr+
: 2005 Restored by Tamarack Air Services,LLC. dba Armstrong Helicopters unti+
: 08jan15 doing logging in Detroit, Marion County, Oregon. I found it today +
: 01aug15 at Oak ridge, Oregon
    7059 UH-1F     65-7918 : 1978-1982 with 37th ARRS Det5 at Malmstrom AFB, Crew Chief Sqt Quinn Urbin+
- N212AC : 2001 private at Salem, OR; ex 65-7918
    7092 UH-1F     65-7951 : preserved Air and Space Museum Ellsworth AFB South Dakota as 37th ARRS
    7094 UH-1F     65-7953 : preserved gate guardian at FE Warren AFB Wyoming as 37th ARRS
    7095 UH-1F     65-7954 : 28th Bomb Wing Strategic Air Command (SAC), Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota; +
State of California N488DF : California Department of Forestry Feb82-May95
- N2191J : TENN GA Leasing Inc at Chattanooga, TN Jul95
- ZK-HVY : New Zealand from 1995; w/o 15jan01 crashed Wellington. 1 fatality
    7100 UH-1F     65-7959 : 1972-1979 asg 37th ARRS Det.2 at Ellsworth AFB
    : 1984-1985 A1C Jenkins crew chief 37th ARRS Det.2, EAFB, SD
    7311 TH-1F     66-1235 : Undated photo as 0-61235 37th ARRS at Davis-Montham AFB grey Rescue livery
- N2069W : Texas Aviation Intl at Nocona, TX Apr00-Sep01
McDermott Aviation VH-LIP : McDermott Aviation from Sep01
McDermott Aviation VH-SUR : McDermott Aviation from Feb06
    61-577 hh-3e 1967     66-13279 : 37th ARRS, w/o 09nov67 hit by ground fire on Laos
    61-578 hh-3e 1967     66-13280 : 37th ARRS, w/o 15apr70, South Vietnam
    61-579 hh-3e 1967     66-13281 : 37th ARRS, w/o 24oct69 hit by ground fire on Laos during CSAR of F-100F
    61-580 hh-3e 1967     66-13282 : 37th ARRS, w/o 20oct68 hit by ground fire after water landing during CSAR +
    61-581 hh-3e 1967     66-13283 : 37th ARRS, w/o 27oct67 s hit by ground fire in Laos
    61-612 ch-3e     67-14710 : USAF; conv HH-3E; 37th ARRS w/o 09jun68 hit by ground fire near Ka Kou, Vi+
    65-191 HH-53C     68-10361 : USAF; 37th ARRS w/o 18aug72 at Danang, Vietnam during rocket attack
    65-192 HH-53C     68-10362 : Jan70-Jan71 37th ARRS I was the first crew-chief assigned to 362 when it a+
    : 1971-Apr72 37th ARRS, I crewed this Acft at Da Nang AFB, Vietnam. Stood Al+
    65-195 HH-53C     68-10365 : USAF; 37th ARRS w/o 06apr72 vietnam during Bat 21 rescue
    65-196 HH-53C     68-10366 : USAF; 37th ARRS w/o 25nov71 near DaNang Vietnam
    31046 UH-1N     69-6640 : 1988 Det24 40th ARRS, Fairchild AFB reasg 37th ARRS
    31047 UH-1N     69-6641 : 1988 40th ARRS Det24 at Fairchild AFB reasg 37th ARRS
    31052 UH-1N     69-6646 : USAF; 1988 Det24 40th ARRS, Fairchild AFB reasg 37th ARRS
    31054 UH-1N     69-6648 : USAF;1988 Det24 40th ARRS, Fairchild AFB reasg 37th ARRS
    31072 UH-1N     69-6666 : USAF; 1988 Det24 40th ARRS, Fairchild AFB reasg 37th ARRS
    17102 hh-1h     70-2458 : 1974-1978 asg 37th ARRS Det.1 at Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
    17104 hh-1h     70-2460 : USAF; Was MAC (TBD); later flew at Det 4 37th ARRS MAC USAF LRAFB, AR; tra+
    17105 hh-1h     70-2461 : 1989-91 37th ARRS Grand Forks AFB I was Crewchief until the crash, RIP Br+
    17107 hh-1h     70-2463 : 1989-1996 I was the crew chief at 37th ARRS Det 3, later 79 RQF; A/C went +
    17111 hh-1h     70-2467 : Mar75-Feb77, I used this at Det.6 37th 37th ARRS, McConnell AFB
- N2071S : Minuteman Aviation at Missoula, MT Dec06
- 70-2467 : Oct14 seen preserved at Missoula Museum of Mountain Flying, Montana
    17114 hh-1h     70-2470 : USAF d/d 23mar73 to 1550th ATTW (Aircrew Training and Test Wing) Hill AFB;+
    : Assigned to Detachment 4, 37th ARRS, Little Rock AFB, AR. Supported the 30+
    17115 hh-1h     70-2471 : 1975-1978, I was crew chief at Davis Monthan Air Force base, Tucson, Arizo+
    : 1992 asg 37th ARRSQ Det.9
    17116 hh-1h     70-2472 : 1975-1978 asg 37th ARRS Det.1 at Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
State of California N205SD : VCSD Ventura County Sheriff from 1995 code on tail 6
    17117 hh-1h     70-2473 : Mar75-Feb77, I used this at Det.6 37th 37th ARRS, McConnell AFB
    17118 hh-1h     70-2474 : Mar75-Feb77, I used this at Det.6 37th 37th ARRS, McConnell AFB
    17119 hh-1h     70-2475 : Mar75-Feb77, I used this at Det.6 37th 37th ARRS, McConnell AFB
    17128 hh-1h     70-2484 : Was MAC (TBD); later flew at Det 4 37th ARRS USAF MAC LRAFB, AR; believe w+
    : 18jan96 37th ARRS Det.4 sent to AMARC/HF0201
    17129 hh-1h     70-2485 : USAF; MAC (Location TBD); later flew with Det 4 37th ARRS (MAC, USAF, LRAF+
    41 C/N found for 37th ARRS / 37th ARRSQ

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