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40th ARRS


40th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron
40 ARRS was active from September 1967 to January 1976 serving during the Vietnam War.

Det.3 : Homestead AFB : 1974-1977 UH-1N
Det.4 : Hill AFB : 1981 UH-1N
Det.6 : Holloman AFB : 1978-1981 UH-1N
Det.10 : Aviano AFB : ??-1974 HH-1H
Det.22 : Mountain Home AFB : ??-1988
Det.24 : Fairchild AFB : ??-1988

Kaman HH-43F Huskie forward operating bases:

Det.1 RAF Alconbury, UK
Det.2 RAF Upper Heyford, UK
Det.3 RAF Lakenheath, UK
Det.4 Ramstein AB, West Germany
Det.5 Hahn AB, West Germany
Det.6 Incirlik AB, Turkey
Det.7 Torrejon AB, Spain
Det.8 Bitburg AB, West Germany
Det.9 RAF Wethersfield, UK
Det.10 Aviano AB, Italy
Det.12 RAF Woodbridge, UK
Det.13 Spangdahlem AB, West Germany
Det.15 Zaragoza AB, Spain

Hill AFB Det 4 40th ARRS / 39 ARRW I flew the UH-1N from Feb81/May82
Holloman AFB Det 6 40th ARRS flew the UH-1N 1985-1987. We received some TDY (Temporary Duty Assignment) to the Bahamas
Plattsburgh AFB Det 18 40th ARRS, I was in this squadron from 1908 - 1983
Mountain Home AFB Det 22 40th ARRS, until 1988 we had 3 UH-1N helicopters tail numbers 68-10776, 69-6602 and 69-6615

Fairchild AFB Det 24 40th ARRS (Save) was active till Jan 1988 then was reassigned to the 37 ARRS (Beaver) AC at location on Jan 1988 all UH-1N 69-6646 -6641, -6640, -6648, -6666.
I was assigned to 37 ARRS, Det.10, FE Warren AFB, then to 40th ARRS first Det.22, Mt Home AFB, then Det.4, Hill AFB, then to the Headquarters at Hill. First RDF deployment for the 40th took place at Mt Home under the maintenance supervision of MSgt Richard Henderson.

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1975/76TH KhoratVTUN
1971/75TH Nakhon PhanomVTUW
1967/71TH Udorn Air BaseVTED
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1970/75s-65 H-53
1970/74HH-1H Iroquois
1967/76s-61 H-3
1967/75H-43 Huskie

Construction Numbers for 40th ARRS Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
61-514 ch-3c 1964 63-9682 : del USAF as CH-3C 63-9682 22May64; xfer 40th ARRS, Det 5, TAWC, Eglan AFB,+
61-535 ch-3c 1965 64-14232 : Sikorsky S-61R, c/n 61-535 ff?; del USAF as CH-3C 64-14232, 10Nov65; conv +
61-560 ch-3c 65-12785 : USAF; conv HH-3E; 40th ARRS w/o 21nov70 raid POW Son Tay prison camp Oper+
65-085 HH-53B 66-14430 : USAF; 40th ARRS w/o 18jan69
65-089 HH-53B 66-14434 : USAF; 40th ARRS w/o 28jan70
65-189 HH-53C 68-10359 : USAF; 40th ARRS w/o 27mar72 Laos
65-192 HH-53C 68-10362 : 40th ARRS w/o 14jun73 Cambodia
31005 UH-1N 68-10776 : 40th ARRS Det.22 Mountain Home AFB until 1988
65-146 HH-53C 68-8283 : USAF; 40th ARRS w/o 30jun70
65-148 HH-53C 68-8285 : USAF; 40th ARRS w/o 21jul71
65-267 HH-53C 69-5788 : USAF; 40th ARRS w/o 27dec72 abandoned and destroyed by A-7 Corsair after a+
31008 UH-1N 69-6602 : 40th ARRS Det.22 Mountain Home AFB until 1988
31021 UH-1N 69-6615 : 40th ARRS Det.22 Mountain Home AFB until 1988
31025 UH-1N 69-6619 : 1978-1981 I worked on this when it was assigned at Holloman AFB Det. 6, 4+
31035 UH-1N 69-6629 : 1978-1981 I worked on this when it was assigned at Holloman AFB Det. 6,40+
31046 UH-1N 69-6640 : 1988 Det24 40th ARRS, Fairchild AFB reasg 37th ARRS
31047 UH-1N 69-6641 : 1988 40th ARRS Det24 at Fairchild AFB reasg 37th ARRS
31052 UH-1N 69-6646 : USAF; 1988 Det24 40th ARRS, Fairchild AFB reasg 37th ARRS
31054 UH-1N 69-6648 : USAF;1988 Det24 40th ARRS, Fairchild AFB reasg 37th ARRS
31072 UH-1N 69-6666 : USAF; 1988 Det24 40th ARRS, Fairchild AFB reasg 37th ARRS
17115 hh-1h 70-2471 : 1974 pictured (top) as Det.10, 40th ARRS at Aviano, Italy
: Dec74 shipped to Zaragoza Air Base, Spain as the 40th ARRS was being disso+
17116 hh-1h 70-2472 : Dec74 pictured being prepared at Aviano for shipment to Zaragoza Air Base+
State of California N205SD : VCSD Ventura County Sheriff from 1995 code on tail 6
22 serials found for 40th ARRS

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