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1972 to present    

Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 369 US Marine Corps

Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 369
Gunfighters, tail code SM formed at Okinawa (Japan) in Apr 1972 initially as HMA-369, in preparation for shipping interdiction operations around North Vietnam. It returned to Okinawa in Jan 1973 and saw service in the evacuation of Saigon. In Apr 1977 it moved to Camp Pendleton, Ca., back to Okinawa in Oct 1983 and returned to Camp Pendleton where it later provided a VIP service during the 1984 Olympic Games and deployed briefly to Hong Kong supporting a vice-presidential visit to China in Oct 1985. During 1987 the UH-1N joined the strength and the AH-1J Sea Cobras were largely exchanged for the more capable AH-1W and the unit was redesignated HMLA-369. In Dec 1992 the unit moved to Baledogle as part of US operations with the UN in Somalia. In Feb 1993 they moved to Mogadishu and then in Apr 1993 returned to the USA, followed by several detatchments back to Okinawa between 1995 and 1997. Apr 1998 saw The Gunfighters back at Camp Pendleton.
on 1 Aug 1990 HMLA 369 Gunfighters Arrived in Dharan Suadi Arabia for Operation Desert Sheild. 19 Nov 1990 Operation Imminent Thunder. 17 Jan 1991 Operation Desert Storm.

Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron-369 recieved orders in May, 1972 to report aboard USS Denver (LPD-9 ) heading for Tiger Island, North Vietnam, Operation MARHUK, where the AH-1J Sea Cobra saw its first combat

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News about this Rotary Wing Unit :

Recon Marines Hang With HMLA-369, 25-Aug-15 : U.S. Marines with Company A, 1st Reconnaissance Battalion conducted a fast-rope and Special Patrol Insertion and Extraction rigging exercise with HMLA-369 squadron at Camp Pendleton, California

HMLA-369 Urban Close Air Support in Yodaville, 22-Aug-14 : MARINE CORPS AIR STATION YUMA, Arizona by Cpl James Marchetti - Marine Light Helicopter Attack Squadron 369 (HMLA-369), based out of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California, located to Marine Corps Air Station Yuma from Aug. 17–22 in order to conduct training and take advantage of the station’s vast, detailed ranges.

Gunfighters aid 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance insertion, 23-Mar-12 : By Cpl. Isaac Lamberth , 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (FWD) at CAMP BASTION, Afghanistan — An hour before the break of dawn, offices on the flight line of Camp Bastion, Afghanistan, were abuzz with the day’s upcoming operations; one of which included providing close-air-support for Marines on the ground.


2012AF Camp BastionOAZI
1998/nowMCAS Camp PendletonKNFG
1992/93SO BaledogleHCIX
1977/92MCAS Camp PendletonKNFG
1972/77JP MCAS FutenmaROTM
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2011/nowUH-1Y Venom
1972/now209 ah-1 cobra

Construction Numbers for HMLA-369 Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
31604 UH-1N 158263 : USMC; HMLA-369 /SM-00; HMM-263 /EG-41; Oct12 HMLA-467 /CA-09
31647 UH-1N 158562 : HMLA-369 SM-02
31670 UH-1N 159194 : USMC in 1994 /HF-33 HMLA-269. 2000s HMLA-369 SM-02
US Department of State N194WB : State Dept 19aug11; ex 159194
31685 UH-1N 159209 : USMC; Nov96 HMLA-369./SM-342
United States Naval Aviation 159209 : Sep11 HX-21
: Nov13 at NAS Patuxent River as a testbed aircraft assigned to NACRA!
31687 UH-1N 159681 : USMC; Nov96 HMLA-369./SM-333
US Department of Homeland Security N7253N : CBP reg Jul14
31698 UH-1N 159688 : HMLA-369 SM-33. c/n not confirmed
31703 UH-1N 159693 : Nov96 HMLA-369./SM-332
UH-1N 159698 : HMLA-369 /SM-
31710 UH-1N 159702 : HMLA-369 SM-10. c/n not confirmed
26073 ah-1j 160108 : Oct13 HMLA-369 /SM
31720 UH-1N 160170 : 13oct06 as HMLA-369 /SM-04 at Miramar Air Show 2006
US Department of Homeland Security N7255N : CBP d/d Feb15, overhauled
: 19Mar16 CBP McAllen, Texas
31721 UH-1N 160171 : USMC; 1993 HMLA-369 /SM-107
31729 UH-1N 160179 : USMC; 1991 HMLA-369 /SM-210
31754 UH-1N 160619 : USMC; 2006 gunship /SM-11 HMLA-369
31759 UH-1N 160624 : USMC; HMLA-369 /SM-412; w/o 03feb92
26110 ah-1t 160820 : Mar14 HMLA-369 /SM
Alan Sparks N893AS : Bell/Sparks TAH-1 type; Brylyn Corporation at Joshua, TX Oct94
26208 ah-1w 162539 : Oct13 HMLA-369 /SM-32
26211 ah-1w 162542 : USMC conv cn 29130; Nov96 HMLA-369./SM-313
26222 ah-1w 162553 : USMC; 2008 HMLA-369 /SM-24
26242 ah-1w 162573 : Nov96 HMLA-369./SM-300
: Oct13 HMLA-369 /SM-22
26256 ah-1w 163931 : 2011 HMLA-369 /SM-20
26263 ah-1w 163938 : Nov96 HMLA-369./SM-311
26268 ah-1w 163943 : Nov96 HMLA-369./SM-304
26269 ah-1w 163944 : USMC; Oct95 AH-1W type HMLA-369./SM-34
26273 ah-1w 163948 : Nov96 HMLA-369./SM-314
26277 ah-1w 163952 : Nov96 HMLA-369./SM-316
26280 ah-1w 164572 : Oct13 HMLA-369 /SM-21
26282 ah-1w 164574 : 2012 HMLA-369 /SM-30
26319 ah-1w 165271 : Oct13 HMLA-369 /SM-36
26327 ah-1w 165279 : Oct13 HMLA-369 /SM-27
26329 ah-1w 165281 : Oct95 AH-1W type HMLA-369./SM-47
26341 ah-1w 165317 : USMC; HMLA-369 /SM
26345 ah-1w 165321 : USMC; HMLA-369 /SM-36 w/o 02nov05
26347 ah-1w 165323 : Oct13 HMLA-369 /SM-35
26355 ah-1w 165331 : USMC; 2014 HMLA-369 /SM
26362 ah-1w 165362 : USMC; 2011 HMLA-369 /SM-24
26366 ah-1w 165366 : 17apr13 pictured as HMLA-369 /SM-30 at MCAS Yuma, AZ
: Oct13 HMLA-369 /SM-30
26367 ah-1w 165367 : USMC; Oct13 HMLA-369 /SM-31
26369 ah-1w 165369 : USMC; Dec12 HMLA-369 /SM-23 special camo
ah-1w 165396 : USMC; 2008 HMLA-369 /SM
ah-1w 165448 : 15apr13 pictured as HMLA-369 /SM-24 at MCAS Yuma, AZ
UH-1Y 166756 : USMC; 2011 HMLA-369 /SM-02
55101 UH-1Y 167793 : w/o 06jul11 as HMLA-369 /SM
55110 UH-1Y 167802 : Oct13 HMLA-369 /SM-06
UH-1Y 167804 : 19apr13 pictured as HMLA-369 /SM-04 during exercise at Kiwanis Park, Yuma,+
UH-1Y 168403 : USMC; 19oct12 pictured as HMLA-369 /SM-05 during a non-combatant evacuatio+
UH-1Y 168417 : 2014 HMLA-369 /SM-07
ah-1z 168418 : 04oct15 pictured as HMLA-369 /SM-42 at the Marine Corps Community Services+
ah-1z 168420 : 2014 HMLA-369 /SM-45
UH-1Y 168497 : USMC; Oct13 HMLA-369 /SM-07
UH-1Y 168499 : USMC; Oct13 HMLA-369 /SM-08
ah-1z 168524 : USMC; Feb16 HMLA-369
UH-1Y 168787 : USMC; Nov14 HMLA-369 /SM-
UH-1Y 168797 : USMC; Feb15 HMLA-369./SM-09
UH-1Y 168944 : USMC; Feb15 HMLA-369./SM-11
55 serials found for HMLA-369


16-aug-9010-mar-91IQ Operation Desert Shield/Storm

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