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Fleet Air Arm


1995 to present    

School of Flight Deck Operations Fleet Air Arm

Renamed from the School of Aircraft Handling in Nov 1995, at RNAS Culdrose (A Site). SFDO trains aircraft handlers to move helicopters around the restrictive environment of a flight deck - both large and small.

The unit has dummy decks laid out on the ground as well as a portable Small Ships hangar frame with lighting. It has an impressive collection of expired and instructional airframes and also has a number of Sea Harriers in taxi-able condition (and can thus be marshalled), although they are prohibited from flying.

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1995/    RNAS CuldroseEGDR


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List of aircraft

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List of Aircraft for SFDO
C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
wa 9 has.1 1959 XM328 : As HAS.3, 737 Sq/522-PO by Jul 1968 still Jul 1971; 737 Sq Norfolk Flt/4+
Westland XM328 : Westlands Oct59 before first flight; A&AEE Sep61; Westland as HAS.3 develo+
- XM328 : acquired in 2004 by the Helicopter Museum, Weston-super-Mare
: Nov16 completed 7-year restoration at The Helicopter Museum
: 03Dec16 pictured at International Helicopter Museum, after restoration
wa289 has7 1960 XN309 : To GI A2663 at SAH Culdrose by Oct 1977.
wa 68 has.1 1962 XP117 : 25jul79 at SFDO Culdrose coded 521-CU
wa 70 has.1 1962 XP137 : 737 Sq Antrim Flt/406-AN Aug 1970 still May 1971; 737 Sq Norfolk Flt by Se+
wa 88 has.1 1962 XP155 : 25jul79 at SFDO coded SAH 21
wa256 has.1 1965 XS876 : d/d 23 Dec 1965 to Culdrose. 814Sq by Feb 1966, 826Sq/340-H by May 1966, d+
- XS876 : The last picture i saw of this helicopter it had been sold and the after f+
wa265 has.1 1966 XS885 : Westland HAS.1, c/n WA265, f/f: ?; del Royal Navy as XS885, 05/04/1966; to+
: 25jul79 still SFDO coded 512-PO
- XS885 : Mar17 offered for sale on eBay
: Apr17 is a prop on a combat laser game site on a small industrial complex +
wa266 has.1 1966 XS886 : Westland HAS.1, c/n WA265, f/f: ?; del Royal Navy as XS885, 05/04/1966; to+
wa290 hu.5 1965 XT468 : 772Sq/628-PO by 1987; RNAY Wroughton, to AES Lee-on-Solent as A2757 25 Jun+
Royal Marines XT468 : 847 Sqn Mar/Apr69 as /H
61-394 s-61d-1 1966 XV371 : 08apr08 pictured at SFDO Culdrose. SH-3D pattern aircraft used by Westland+
: 2010 i/a for SFDO /DD-261 at Culdrose
Her Majesty's Government XV371 : Built as Sikorsky Sea King HAS.1 used as trials airframe.
- XV371 : xfer to Predannack Airfield as rescue training airframe by Jun17
wa 642 has.1 1969 XV654 : Conv to HAS.5; 706Sq/588 by 1986; 820Sq/018-R by 1988 still May 1990; to A+
Ministry of Defence (MoD) XV654 : MoD; 08jun91 type:HAS.6 NARO./R-018 ex 820Sqn.
wa 645 has.1 1969 XV657 : RN; 1985 type:HAS.6 706Sqn./CU-89; 2010 i/a SFDO./DD-132 at EGDR
: Conv to HAS.5. RNAY Fleetlands by 1987, /132 Westland by 1988, 824Sq/255 b+
3/13 has.2 1973 XX510 : at HMS Sultan by Jun 1999; to SFDO /69-LS on 14 Jul 1999
: pre-production serie; conv HAS.2(mod) type; to A2683; 20jul11 pictured as +
080 has.2 1978 XZ248 : 16Jul10 noted RNAS Yeovilton coded -/666 with no tail boom and false HMA8 +
: 28Jul16 SFDO pictured (pic4) at RNAS Culdrose outside D1 for Air Day 2016,+
50001 eh101 1987 ZF641 : RN HM1; 2010 pictured (pic2) i/a as SFDO /641 at Culdrose
Westland PP1 : First british development aircraft first flight 9 Oct 1987 held military s+
: During at least 1990, based at Agusta facility near Milan for more trials,+
Westland ZF641 : Flight deck manoeuvring trials aboard Type 23 frigate HMS Grafton during F+
: at DTEO Boscombe Down for moving platform trials
6372 sa365n2 1990 ZJ165 : 08apr08 picture at SFDO Culdrose
Bond Aviation Group G-NTOO : Bond Helicopters Oct90-Nov96, to ZJ165; Bond again 22dec99, back to ZJ165
Veritair G-NTOO : Veritair 26May00, rtn to ZJ165; Veritair Jul/Aug 2001, rtn to ZJ165; Verit+

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