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  • Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 265 US Marine Corps
  • mt fuji-ospreyMt.Fuji, Japan

Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 265
Dragons, tail code EP former HMM-265, were trained in the MV-22B Osprey at Miramar, CA by VMM-561.

Was the first MV-22 Osprey squadron stationed abroad.
As of 2016, part of the 31st MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit) the only continually forward-deployed MEU outside the U.S. and remains the USMC force-in-readiness in the Asia-Pacific region.

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News about this Rotary Wing Unit :

31st MEU Completes Deployment, Returns to Okinawa, 19-Sep-17 : USMC 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) aboard the Bonhomme Richard Expeditionary Strike Group completed the 17.2 deployment of the Indo-Asia-Pacific region and returned to home base Okinawa

Kadena Pave Hawk Save Downed Osprey Crew, 15-Dec-16 : USAF 33rd and 31st Rescue Squadrons based at Kadena AFB, Japan rescued five crew of a Marine VMM-265 squadron MV-22B Osprey after an emergency landing into the Pacific Ocean near Camp Schwab off Okinawa

Ospreys Continue Earthquake Relief Efforts, 23-Apr-16 : US Marines Ospreys from VMM-265 based at Okinawa joined Japan Self Defense Force (JSDF) helicopter destroyer JS Hyuga (DDH 181) in their fifth day of disaster relief operations after the earthquakes

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2012/nowJP MCAS FutenmaROTM

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2012/nowv-22 Osprey

Construction Numbers for VMM-265 Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
65-537 ch-53e 162525 : 01oct14 pictured as /EP-24 VMM-265 31MEU on USNS Sacagawea (T-AKE-2) durin+
65-571 ch-53e 163078 : 01oct14 pictured as /EP-21 VMM-265 31MEU on USNS Sacagawea (T-AKE-2) durin+
D0169 mv-22b 165219 : Jul13 - Aug13 VMM-265./EP-02. tdy Rockhampton.
65-638 ch-53e 165244 : Jul15 as VMM-265 (Rein) /EP-25
D0157 mv-22b 168027 : oct12 VMM-265./EP-06
D0158 mv-22b 168028 : Oct12 VMM-265 /EP-07
: Jul/Aug 2013 VMM-265 /EP-07. tdy Rockhampton
: 27oct14 VMM-265 /EP-07 fast-rope with Dog at Camp Hansen, Okinawa
D0161 mv-22b 168031 : oct12 VMM-265./EP-08
: Jul13 - Aug13 VMM-265./EP-08. tdy Rockhampton.
D0162 mv-22b 168032 : oct12 VMM-265./EP-09
: 25oct14 as VMM-265 /EP-09 during Fleet Activities Yokosuka and Hyakuri Air+
D0166 mv-22b 168216 : oct12 VMM-265./EP-10
D0167 mv-22b 168217 : oct12 VMM-265 /EP-01
: 20nov13 as VMM-265 /EP-01 refuels on USS George Washington (CVN-73) during+
: 20jan14 VMM-265./EP-01 at Kadena
: 25oct14 as VMM-265 /EP-01 during Fleet Activities Yokosuka and Hyakuri Air+
D0168 mv-22b 168218 : oct12 VMM-265./EP-11
D0169 mv-22b 168219 : oct12 VMM-265./EP-02
: 20jan14 VMM-265./EP-02 at Kadena
D0170 mv-22b 168220 : 24sep12 pictured (pic2) now as VMM-265 /EP-00 during first flights in Japa+
: Oct12 VMM-265 /EP-00
: 24nov15 VMM-265./EP-00 at Kadena
: 16Apr16 as VMM-265 /EP-00 picture (pic3) in relief support after Japan ea+
D0171 mv-22b 168221 : 25jul12 pictured still as VMM-561 /PH-04 but already with VMM-265 at MCAS +
: oct12 VMM-265./EP-04
: 24nov15 VMM-265./EP-04 at Kadena
D0173 mv-22b 168223 : 24sep12 pictured as VMM-265 /EP-03 during first flights in Japan at MCAS I+
: Oct12 VMM-265 /EP-03
D0174 mv-22b 168224 : oct12 VMM-265./EP-05
UH-1Y 168407 : Jul13 - Aug13 VMM-265./EP-30. Camp Rocky north of Rockhampton.
UH-1Y 168408 : Jul13 - Aug13 VMM-265./EP-31. Camp Rocky north of Rockhampton.
D0288 mv-22b 168633 : USMC; 2016 VMM-265 /EP-05
D0289 mv-22b 168634 : USMC; VMM-265 /EP-13; w/o 05aug17
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18-nov-13RP Typhoon Haiyan relief operations
15-jul-1306-aug-13AU Talisman Saber 2013

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