dominican republic Escuadron de Caballeria Aerea

Ejercito Nacional de la Republica Dominicana

Air Cavalry Squadron
Army of the Dominican Republic

2001 to present    

Escuadron de Caballeria Aerea

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2001/nowSanto Domingo La IsabelaMDJB

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2003/nowOH-58A Kiowa
2001/nowR22 Alpha
2001/nowR44 Raven

Construction Numbers (Not all in unit) Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
0823 raven EN-1844: Ejercito from 2001
3103 alpha EN-1845: Ejercito from 2001
3102 alpha EN-1846: Ejercito from 2001
3104 alpha EN-1847: Ejercito from 2001
3370 alpha EN-1848: Ejercito from 2001
1262 raven EN-1850: Ejercito from 2003
41607 oh-58a EN-1900: Ejercito from Mar03, OH-58C type
US Army Aviation 71-20746: US Army, conv to OH-58C, to N32927
Coastal Helicopters N32927: Coastal Helicopters Mar03-Feb05
40231 oh-58a EN-1901: Ejercito from 2003, OH-58C type
US Army Aviation 68-16917: US Army, conv to OH-58C, to N62036
Coastal Helicopters N62036: Coastal Helicopters Mar03-Feb05
40195 oh-58a EN-1902: Ejercito from 2003, OH-58C type
US Army Aviation 68-16881: US Army, conv to OH-58C, to N526AA
Coastal Helicopters N526AA: Coastal Helicopters Feb03-Apr06
41524 oh-58a EN-1903: Ejercito from 2003, OH-58C type
US Army Aviation 71-20663: US Army, conv to OH-58C, to N6385M
Coastal Helicopters N6385M: Coastal Helicopters Sep99-Sep05
US Army Aviation 71-20663: 1980s OH-58C type, 11th ACR, border patrol in Fulda, West Germany
41814 oh-58a EN-1904: Ejercito from 2003
US Army Aviation 72-21148: US Army, to N527AA
Coastal Helicopters N527AA: Coastal Helicopters Jul01-Dec10
40683 oh-58a EN-1905: Ejercito from 2003
EN-1905: w/o 10oct14 near Pedernales
US Army Aviation 70-15132: US Army, to N454MC
Coastal Helicopters N454MC: Coastal Helicopters Jul03-Nov04
40440 oh-58a EN-1906: Ejercito from 2003
US Army Aviation 69-16219: US Army, to N503SN
Coastal Helicopters N503SN: Coastal Helicopters
40804 oh-58a EN-1907: Ejercito from 2003
US Army Aviation 70-15253: US Army, to N504SN
Coastal Helicopters N504SN: Coastal Helicopters
40766 oh-58a EN-1907: Ejercito from Apr05, ex Marina 0301
Dominican Navy MdeG-0301: Marina from Nov03; Apr05 to Army
US Army Aviation 70-15215: US Army, to N32926
Coastal Helicopters N32926: Coastal Helicopters Feb03-Feb05
15 C/N found in this Organisation.

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