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2005/nowPortage SouthportCYPG

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2007/nowCH-146 Griffon
1992/nowCH-139 Jet Ranger

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
3324 ch-139 1981 C-FTHA: Allied Wings Ltd from Jan06
C-FTHA: 26jan15 at Southport, Manitoba
Canadian Armed Forces 139301: to civ as C-FTHA
- C-FTHA: Bombardier Inc Nov92-Jun05
- C-FTHA: Kelowna Flightcraft Ltd Jun05-Jan06
3325 ch-139 1981 C-FTHB: August 1992. ex Canada 139302
Canadian Armed Forces 139302: to civ as C-FTHB
3339 ch-139 1981 C-FTHC: June 1992. ex Canada 139303
Canadian Armed Forces 139303: to civ as C-FTHC
3340 ch-139 1981 C-FTHJ: June 1992. ex Canada 139304
Canadian Armed Forces 139304: to civ as C-FTHJ
3351 ch-139 1981 C-FTHK: April 1993. ex Canada 139305
Canadian Armed Forces 139305: to civ as C-FTHK
3352 ch-139 1981 C-FTHL: February 1993. ex Canada 139306
Canadian Armed Forces 139306: to civ as C-FTHL
3357 ch-139 1981 C-FTHM: April 1993. ex Canada 139307
Canadian Armed Forces 139307: to civ as C-FTHM
3358 ch-139 1981 C-FTHN: ex Canada 139308. w/o 02jul02
Canadian Armed Forces 139308: to civ as C-FTHN. 3 CFFTS w/o 02jul02
3381 ch-139 1981 C-FTHP: July 1993. ex Canada 139309
Canadian Armed Forces 139309: to civ as C-FTHP
3382 ch-139 1981 C-FTHQ: December 1992. ex Canada 139310
Canadian Armed Forces 139310: to civ as C-FTHQ
3387 ch-139 1981 C-FTHR: August 1992. ex Canada 139311
Canadian Armed Forces 139311: to civ as C-FTHR
3388 ch-139 1981 C-FTHV: June 1993. ex Canada 139312
Canadian Armed Forces 139312: to civ as C-FTHV
3390 ch-139 1981 C-FTHW: June 1992. ex Canada 139313
Canadian Armed Forces 139313: to civ as C-FTHW
3391 ch-139 1981 C-FTHX: June 1992. ex Canada 139314
Canadian Armed Forces 139314: to civ as C-FTHX
46402 ch-146 C-FYZE: Allied Wings from 26jan2007 ex 146402
C-FYZE: 19nov13 at Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA
C-FYZE: 27nov13 in Duluth (not clarify which), MN, USA
Canadian Armed Forces 146402: CAF; ex C-FUTF; to C-FYZE
46400 ch-146 1995 C-FYZI: Allied Wings d/d 26jan07; ex CAF 146400
Canadian Armed Forces 146400: CAF; ex C-FTVC; to C-FYZI
46404 ch-146 C-FYZK: Allied Wings d/d 26jan07; ex CAF 146404
Canadian Armed Forces 146404: CAF; ex C-FTXM; to C-FYZK
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FTXM: BHTCL; to CAF as 146404
46428 ch-146 C-FYZL: Allied Wings d/d 26jan07; ex CAF 146428
C-FYZL: 24mar14 seen at the Winona Airport, Winona, MN
C-FYZL: 16mar15 Landing st. Paul Holman Field airport, MN
C-FYZL: 17mar15 seen flying over White Bear Lake, MN
Canadian Armed Forces 146428: CAF; to civ C-FYZL
46431 ch-146 C-FYZM: Allied Wings d/d 26jan07; ex CAF 146431
Canadian Armed Forces 146431: CAF; to civ C-FYZM
46447 ch-146 C-FYZP: Allied Wings d/d 26jan07; ex CAF 146447
Canadian Armed Forces 146447: CAF; to civ C-FYZP
46475 ch-146 1996 C-FYZQ: Allied Wings d/d 26jan07, ex CAF 146475
C-FYZQ: 15sep13 at Rapid City Regional airport, South Dakota, USA
Canadian Armed Forces 146475: CAF, to civ C-FYZQ
46443 ch-146 C-FYZR: Allied Wings d/d 26jan07; ex CAF 146443
Canadian Armed Forces 146443: CAF; to civ C-FYZR
46451 ch-146 C-FYZT: Allied Wings d/d 26jan07; ex CAF 146451
C-FYZT: 15mar12 seen flying in Winnipeg, Canada
C-FYZT: 22apr12 at Dryden Regional
Canadian Armed Forces 146451: CAF; to civ C-FYZT
23 C/N found in this Organisation.

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