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US Army Aviation

12th CAB :

1987 to present    

12th Combat Aviation Brigade US Army Aviation

Created in 1965 as 12th Aviation Group at Fort Benning, Georgia.
In 1979 moved to Germany and in 1987 renamed as 12th Aviation Brigade

1-3 Attack Reconnaissance Battalion - AH-64 Apache
1st Battalion, 214th Aviation Regiment - CH-47 Chinook
4-3 Assault Helicopter Battalion - UH-60 Black Hawk

As the main aviation unit of US Army Europe the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade, Task Force Griffin, trains and conducts aviation support across the full spectrum of unified land operations for European Command and allied and NATO partners.

Deployed to Afghanistan May05-May06

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1st Battalion, 214th Aviation Regiment
3rd Battalion, 159th Aviation Regiment
5th Battalion, 158th Aviation Regiment

News about this Rotary Wing Unit :

NATO Special Operations Combat Medic Course, 17-Mar-17 : After a 22-week course at the International Special Training Centre (ISTC) in Germany, soldiers from 10 NATO and partner nations graduated from the inaugural NATO Special Operations Combat Medic Course

US Army Europe Firefighters, 27-Dec-16 : Army firefighters from 23rd Ordnance Company responded to their first emergency after standing up Europe's only active duty U.S. Army fire station.

Allied Spirit V in Germany, 14-Oct-16 : US Army 12th Combat Aviation Brigade Black Hawks and Apaches trained with Belgium A109 and Czech Rep Mi-17 aviators at Hohenfels, Germany

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1987/nowDE Ansbach / KatterbachETEB
? to ?DE GiebelstadtEDQG
? to ?DE HohenfelsETIH
? to ?DE USAG GrafenwöhrETIC
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? to ?CH-47F Chinook
? to ?AH-64D Apache
? to ?s-70 H-60

Construction Numbers for 12th CAB Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
PVD304 ah-64d 02-5304 : US Army 02-05304 cnvt. from ex AH-64A 83-23804; Jan13 for 12th CAB
PVD312 ah-64d 02-5312 : US Army 02-05312 cnvt. from ex AH-64A 87-0408; Jan13 for 12th CAB
PVD316 ah-64d 02-5316 : US Army 02-05316 cnvt. from ex AH-64A 87-0418; Jan13 for 12th CAB
PVD322 ah-64d 02-5322 : US Army 02-05322 cnvt. from ex AH-64A 84-24265; Jan13 for 12th CAB
PVD326 ah-64d 02-5326 : US Army 02-05326/25326 cnvt. from ex AH-64A 85-25416; Jan13 for 12th CAB
PVD344 ah-64d 02-5344 : US Army 02-05344 cnvt. from ex AH-64A 86-9005; Jan13 for 12th CAB
PVD352 ah-64d 03-5352 : US Army 03-05352 cnvt. from ex AH-64A 87-0502; Jan13 for 12th CAB
PVD353 ah-64d 03-5353 : US Army 03-05353 cnvt. from ex AH-64A 86-8944; Jan13 for 12th CAB
PVD367 ah-64d 03-5367 : US Army 03-05367 cnvt. from ex AH-64A 86-8957; Jan13 for 12th CAB
PVD371 ah-64d 03-5371 : US Army 03-05371/35371 cnvt. from ex AH-64A 86-9026; Jan13 for 12th CAB
PVD381 ah-64d 03-5381 : US Army 03-05381/05381 cnvt. from ex AH-64A 87-0421; Jan13 for 12th CAB
PVD384 ah-64d 03-5384 : US Army 03-05384 cnvt. from ex AH-64A 85-25442; Jan13 for 12th CAB
PVD389 ah-64d 03-5389 : US Army 03-05389 cnvt. from ex AH-64A 88-0256; Jan13 for 12th CAB
M.8713 ch-47f 04-08713 : US Army; 20jun14 pictured asg 5-158 AVN, 12th CAB jump paratroopers 173rd +
PVD421 ah-64d 04-5421 : US Army 04-05421/05421 cnvt. from ex AH-64A 86-8992; Jan13 for 12th CAB
PVD426 ah-64d 04-5426 : US Army 04-05426 cnvt. from ex AH-64A 87-0485; Jan13 for 12th CAB
PVD430 ah-64d 04-5430 : US Army 04-05430 cnvt. from ex AH-64A 86-8997; Jan13 for 12th CAB
PVD431 ah-64d 04-5431 : Jan13 for 12th CAB
PVD433 ah-64d 04-5433 : US Army 04-05433 cnvt. from ex AH-64A 84-24223; Jan13 for 12th CAB
PVD437 ah-64d 04-5437 : US Army 04-05437 cnvt. from ex AH-64A 86-9000; Jan13 for 12th CAB
PVD439 ah-64d 04-5439 : US Army 04-05439 cnvt. from ex AH-64A 86-9013; Jan13 for 12th CAB
PVD441 ah-64d 04-5441 : US Army 04-05441 cnvt. from ex AH-64A 86-9049; Jan13 for 12th CAB
PVD445 ah-64d 04-5445 : US Army 04-05445/45445 cnvt. from ex AH-64A 87-0463; Jan13 for 12th CAB
PVD453 ah-64d 04-5453 : US Army 04-05453 cnvt. from ex AH-64A 87-0460; Jan13 for 12th CAB
PVD467 ah-64d 04-5467 : US Army 04-05467 cnvt. from ex AH-64A 86-9024; Jan13 for 12th CAB
DUS001 ah-64d 05-7001 : US Army 05-07001; Jan13 for 12th CAB
DUS010 ah-64d 05-7010 : US Army 05-07010; Jan13 for 12th CAB
M.8023 ch-47f 06-08023 : US Army; Jan13 for 12th CAB
M.8027 ch-47f 06-08027 : US Army; Jan13 for 12th CAB
M.8030 ch-47f 06-08030 : US Army cnvt. from ex CH-47D 85-24363; 20jun14 pictured asg 5-158 AVN, 12t+
DUS014 ah-64d 06-7014 : US Army 06-07014; 12th CAB
M.8034 ch-47f 07-08034 : US Army; Jan13 for 12th CAB
M.8037 ch-47f 07-08037 : US Army; Jan13 for 12th CAB
M.8724 ch-47f 07-08724 : US Army; Jan13 for 12th CAB
M.8748 ch-47f 07-08748 : May15 with 12th Combat Aviation Brigade (12th CAB) in Ansbach, Bavaria, Ge+
M.8045 ch-47f 08-08045 : US Army; Jan13 for 12th CAB
M.8047 ch-47f 08-08047 : US Army; Jan13 for 12th CAB
M.8049 ch-47f 08-08049 : US Army; Jan13 for 12th CAB
PVD547 ah-64d 08-5547 : US Army 08-05547; Jan13 for 12th CAB
PVD551 ah-64d 08-5551 : Jan13 for 12th CAB
PVD557 ah-64d 08-5557 : US Army 08-05557; Jan13 for 12th CAB
PVD580 ah-64d 09-5580 : US Army 09-05580; Jan13 for 12th CAB
: 2-159th ARB, 12th CAB; 19jul15 pictured at RIAT 2015, UK
PVD581 ah-64d 09-5581 : US Army 09-05581; 2015 2-159th ARB, 12th CAB, Germany
PVD587 ah-64d 09-5587 : Jan13 for 12th CAB
PVD589 ah-64d 09-5589 : US Army 09-05589; Jan13 for 12th CAB
M.8133 ch-47f 13-08133 : US Army, conv from CH-47D 85-24334; Aug15 1-214th AVN, 12th CAB, Wiesbaden+
M.8435 ch-47f 13-08435 : US Army; Aug15 1-214th AVN, 12th CAB, Wiesbaden, Germany
5975 uh-1d 66-16281 : 5-158th AVN, 12th CAB; w/o 01mar00
70-2092 uh-60l 94-26572 : US Army; 2011 5-158th AVN, 12th CAB
70-2093 uh-60l 94-26573 : US Army; 2011 5-158th AVN, 12th CAB
70-2097 uh-60l 94-26577 : US Army; 2011 5-158th AVN, 12th CAB
70-2164 uh-60l 95-26639 : 2011 5-158th AVN, 12th CAB
70-2216 uh-60l 96-26687 : 22jul14 asg 12th CAB pictured with Latvians and 173rd Airborne Brigade dur+
70-2431 uh-60l 97-26763 : US Army; 2011 5-158th AVN, 12th CAB
70-2434 uh-60l 97-26766 : US Army; 2011 5-158th AVN, 12th CAB
55 serials found for 12th CAB


03-oct-1506-nov-15ES Exercise Trident Juncture 2015

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