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ADAC Luftrettung GmbH

ADAC Air Rescue

1996 to present    

Previous flying from this location was BMI (1978-1996)

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1996/    Saarbrucken Winterberg-Kliniken Heliport


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1999/    ec135

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
0112 EC135P1 1999 D-HAIT: ADAC 1999-2011
Western Power Distribution G-WPDA: WPD from Nov11
Western Power Distribution G-WPDA: 24feb16 pictured at Newquay Airport
0192 EC135P2 D-HBLN: ADAC
0057 EC135P1 1998 D-HBYA: ADAC from May11
German Local Police D-HBYA: Bavarian Police from Jul99, conv ec135p2
German Local Police D-HBYA: PHuStBY. Edelweiss 1 Jul99-2011
0078 EC135P1 1999 D-HBYF: ADAC from May11; Christoph Europa 1
German Local Police D-HBYF: PHuStBY. Edelweiss 6 Apr99-2010; 2002 conv to EC135P2
0100 EC135P1 1999 D-HBYH: ADAC from Jun12 at Christoph 61
D-HBYH: Aug12 at Christoph 31
D-HBYH: Nov13 at Christoph 31
German Local Police D-HBYH: May01 homebase at Muenchen Franz-Josef Strauss
German Local Police D-HBYH: PHuStBY. Edelweiss 8 1999-2010; 2002 conv to EC135P2
0321 EC135P2 2004 D-HDEC: ADAC
D-HDEC: Apr04 Christoph Hansa; Aug09 Christoph 31; Sep13 Christoph 31
D-HDEC: Jan14 Christoph Europa 1
D-HDEC: 20jan18 tail struck bushes upon landing on street of Zwicker Damm, Rudow,+
0239 EC135P2 D-HDMA: ADAC
S-672 105cbs-2 D-HEIM: ADAC Luftrettung Aug87-Jun00
MBB D-HDUN: MBB, to N4573T
- N4573T: 1987-1992, rtn to Germany
TAF Helicopters EC-HPB: TAF Helicopteros, noted Oct08, conv to CBS-4 type
DAP Helicopteros CC-ACN: DAP/PIVCEVIC 2011
S-861 105cbs-4 1991 D-HELM: ADAC from 1991 to 2007 toward ZS-PWA
S-615 105cbs-2 D-HEMS: ADAC Luftrettung May83-Dec02
TAF Helicopters EC-IKT: TAF Helicopteros, noted Dec03, conv to cbs-4 type
DAP Helicopteros CC-AEI: DAP/PIVCEVIC 2011
0042 EC135T1 1998 D-HEUR: ADAC Jan98-Dec11
Avinco -: Nov10 pictured on sale ( 5,471 flight hs )
Secours Aerien Francais F-GMTU: SAF Helicoptersm, Mar12
S-848 105cbs-4 1990 D-HGAB: ADAC ex D-HFHF; May98 Christoph 20
D-HGAB: in 2007 toward ZS-PVZ
Titan Helicopter Group ZS-PVZ: THG ex D-HGAB from 2007 toward 9M-LLS in 2010
Layang Layang Aerospace 9M-LLS: Layang Layang Aerospace ex ZS-PVZ from 2010
0875 ec135p2+ 2010 D-HGWD: ADAC
D-HGWD: Jun12 Christoph Leipzig
D-HGWD: Jan13 Christoph Leipzig
Eurocopter Germany D-HCBA: Eurocopter toward D-HGWD
S-661 105cbs-2 1983 D-HGYN: ADAC 1983-2003
TAF Helicopters EC-IKO: TAF/RACC, conv cbs-4 type
0303 EC135P2 D-HGYN: ADAC
0568 ec135p2+ D-HHBG: ADAC
S-625 105s 1983 D-HHBG: cnvt. to CBS-4 ADAC in 2000
0380 EC135P2 D-HHIT: 2009 pictured at Aachen/Merzbruck Airport (AAH/EDKA), Germany
D-HHIT: ADAC; Jul11 Christoph Europa 2
D-HHIT: 19jul16 Christoph Europa 1, Aachen-Merzbrück Airport
0381 EC135P2 2004 D-HHTS: ADAC; 04jul10 pictured at Aachen-Merzbruck (EDKA), Germany
D-HHTS: 03sep17 Christoph Europa 2 at MST Enschede
S-5 105a D-HILF: ADAC /Christoph1; w/o 17aug71 hit tail rotor at München-Allach
S-868 105cbs-4 1991 D-HILF: preserved monument at Munich Airport
MBB D-HMBM: MBB Demonstrator, test serial D-HFHZ
Eurocopter USA N3203K: American Eurocopter 1992
Eurocopter Germany D-HLFB: Eurocopter Germany 1993, conv 105CBS-5
0109 EC135P1 1999 D-HIPT: ADAC; to G-WPDB
Western Power Distribution G-WPDB: WPD d/d Nov.2011; ex D-HIPT
0044 EC135T1 1998 D-HJAR: ADAC; Jul99 Christoph 15; Mar01 Christoph 15; Sep03 Christoph 15; Apr06 Ch+
D-HJAR: ADAC Dec12-Sep13
UK Air Ambulances G-CGXK: East Anglian air ambulance (EAAA); 11may12 pictured at Norwich; Dec12 canc, rtn to Germany
Bond Aviation Group G-CGXK: Bond Air Services d/d Jul11 on belhaf East Anglian Air Ambulance
Secours Aerien Francais F-HJAF: SAF Helicopteres ex D-HJAR
0463 EC135P2 2006 D-HJMD: ADAC; 2007 Christoph 5
1036 ec135p2+ 2012 D-HKGD: ADAC; Sep13 Christoph 23
Eurocopter Germany D-HECK: Eurocopter toward D-HKGD
0527 ec135p2+ D-HKUE: ADAC
0090 EC135P1 1999 D-HKUG: ADAC 1999-2012
Western Power Distribution G-WPDC: South Western Helicopters Ltd ( WPD ) from Jun12; 24jul12 pictured with Electricity mrks at Bristol
Western Power Distribution G-WPDC: 29dec13 refuel stop at Shoreham
1003 ec135p2+ D-HLCK: ADAC from Aug11, test serial D-HCBV
D-HLCK: oct11 Christoph 5
0392 EC135P2 D-HLDM: ADAC
S-868 105cbs-4 1991 D-HLEB: 2006 preserved
MBB D-HMBM: MBB Demonstrator, test serial D-HFHZ
Eurocopter USA N3203K: American Eurocopter 1992
Eurocopter Germany D-HLFB: Eurocopter Germany 1993, conv 105CBS-5
0007 EC135P1 D-HLEU: ADAC Dec96-Nov14
Schider Helicopter Service HA-ECH: Hungarian Air Ambulance, owned by SHS GmbH by Jan16
Schider Helicopter Service HA-ECH: 19jul16 at Szentes
S-868 105cbs-4 1991 D-HLFB: ADAC Luftrettung from 1994; w/o 20jan03 /Christoph19 crashed into ice-floe+
MBB D-HMBM: MBB Demonstrator, test serial D-HFHZ
Eurocopter USA N3203K: American Eurocopter 1992
Eurocopter Germany D-HLFB: Eurocopter Germany 1993, conv 105CBS-5
0447 EC135P2 2005 D-HLFR: ADAC; Mar08 Christoph 19
D-HLFR: Jun08 maintenance Halle Oppin
D-HLFR: Oct10 Christoph 16
D-HLFR: ADAC; Oct.2011 pictured as Christoph 16
D-HLFR: Dec11 Christoph 16; Mar13 Christoph 61
0488 EC135P2 2006 D-HLGB: ADAC
D-HLGB: 2007 Christoph 10; Jun07 Christoph 28; Jan08 Christoph 23; Apr08 Christoph+
D-HLGB: Jun08 maintenance Halle Oppin
D-HLGB: 2008 Christoph 33; 2011 Christoph 33; 2012 Christoph 28; 2013 Christoph 31+
0238 EC135P2 2002 D-HOEM: ADAC
S-612 105s D-HOFF: Christoph-19 based at Uelzen. w/o 20nov99 near Broeckhoefe, Germany when a+
- N4573T: preserved as N4573T
0260 EC135P2 D-HOFF: ADAC
S-612 105s D-HOFF: ADAC; after te 1999 accident the helicopter was stored at Bonn-Hangelar;+
- N4573T: preserved as N4573T
0323 EC135P2 D-HOPI: ADAC
0242 EC135P2 D-HPMM: ADAC
D-HPMM: oct11 Christoph 25
0008 EC135P1 1996 D-HPOZ: ADAC 1997-1999
Copterline OH-HCH: Copterline 1999-
Schider Helicopter Service OE-XXS: SHS, to HB-ZJD
German Local Police D-HPOZ: Polizei Bayern 1996
Skymedia AG HB-ZJD: Skymedia AG Jan16-Jan17; Lions Air Skymedia AG from Jan17
1047 ec135p2+ 2012 D-HRAC: ADAC from May12, test serial D-HECT
0045 EC135P1 1998 D-HRET: ADAC
D-HRET: 17may05 Christoph 23 at Bundeswehrzentralkrankenhaus
D-HRET: Oct14 registered to OE-XML
0027 EC135T1 D-HRHM: ADAC; to OE-XXR
Schider Helicopter Service OE-XXR: Schider Helicopter Service; ex D-HRHM
0276 EC135P2 D-HSAN: 2003 ADAC
1014 ec135p2+ 2011 D-HSHP: ADAC from Sep11, test serial D-HCBW
0071 EC135P1 1998 D-HSOS: ADAC
D-HSOS: Aug09 Christoph 28; Feb12 Christoph18
D-HSOS: Apr12 stored/wfu Bonn-Hangelar
Western Power Distribution G-WPDD: WPD Jul12; ex D-HSOS
Western Power Distribution G-WPDD: 08nov12 over Telford, Shropshire as G-WPDD but still using old HEX code of D-HSOS on SBS
Western Power Distribution G-WPDD: 22may15 pictured at Tatenhill
0481 EC135P2 D-HSWG: ADAC
S-867 105cbs-5 1991 D-HUHN: ADAC original built as Bo105CBS-4 from 2000 to 2007
1000 ec135p2+ 2011 D-HUTH: ADAC;
D-HUTH: Oct11 Christoph 10
D-HUTH: Nov12 Christoph 10
Eurocopter Germany D-HECD: Eurocopter; toward D-HUTH
0277 EC135P2 2003 D-HWFH: ADAC; 2007 Christoph 30
D-HWFH: Jun11 Christoph 30
1126 ec135p2+ 2013 D-HXAB: ADAC from Sep13, test serial D-HECD
D-HXAB: 11may17 based Fulda Hospital
Eurocopter Germany D-HECD: Eurocopter to D-HXAB
1135 ec135p2+ 2013 D-HXAC: ADAC from Dec13, test serial D-HECZ
D-HXAC: Apr14 Christoph 23
D-HXAC: 17oct14 seen at Andernach, Mayen-Koblenz, Rhineland-Palatinate
Eurocopter Germany D-HECZ: Eurocopter to D-HXAC
1138 ec135p2+ 2013 D-HXAD: ADAC from Dec13
51 C/N found in this Organisation.

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