usa Helicopter Development Squadron THREE

US Navy

United States Naval Aviation

1946 to 1948    

Created 1 Jul 1946 following intense Navy interest in the investigation and development work previously undertaken by the US Coast Guard. It was established to study and evaluate the operation and adaptability of Navy helicopters for Fleet and Land-based use.

It moved to NAS Lakehurst in Sep 1948. As embarked activity intensified, it was clear that the unit was more involved in operations than in development and the opportunity to create two dedicated units to continue that work was put in train. It was split into HU-1 and HU-2 on 1 Jul 1948.

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1946/48NAS LakehurstKNEL
1946Floyd Bennett Field / NAS New York

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
31427 UH-1N 158256 : 2007 HH-1N SAR type pictured (pic2) as VX-31 /403 at NAS China Lake, CA; +
State of California N441PA : City of Fresno Police Department , CA from 26oct11
: Santa Barbara County Sheriffs Dept
70-618 sh-60f 163285 : NSAWC aggressor; 2009 VX-31 desert cammo
70-619 sh-60f 163286 : NSAWC aggressor; 2009 VX-31 orange cammo
sh-60f 164089 : 2010 VX-31 /461; Aug11 to AMARG
mh-60s 165759 : 2014 VX-31 /DD-463 red/white livery
mh-60s 165763 : USN; VX-31 /DD-464
mh-60s 166297 : USN; VX-31 /DD-465
01 mq-8c 2013 168455 : 20nov15 VX-30 concludes operational assessment (OA)
02 mq-8c 2014 168456 : 12feb14 as VX-30 /VX-8456 during first flight at Naval Base Ventura Count+
03 mq-8c 168808 : USN; Aug15 VX-30
04 mq-8c 168809 : USN; Aug5 VX-30
05 mq-8c 168810 : USN; Sep15 VX-30 /05
US US Marine Corps
31440 UH-1N 158771 : VX-31
31738 UH-1N 166475 : conv from UH-1N BuNo 160446; /XE; VX-31 /DD; wfu 2006
31669 UH-1N 166476 : conv from UH-1N BuNo 159193; /XE; VX-31 /DD;
29134 ah-1z 166477 : USMC; conv from AH-1W 162549; VX-31; wfu Feb06
29116 ah-1z 166478 : USMC; conv from AH-1W 163933; VX-31; wfu Nov06
UH-1Y 166754 : USMC; 2009 VX-31 /DD-410
UH-1Y 166755 : USMC; 2009 VX-31 /DD-460
ah-1z 166759 : USMC VX-31
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