usa Helicopter Combat Support Squadron SEVEN

US Navy

HC-7 Seadevils

1967 to 1975    

Helicopter Combat Support Squadron SEVEN

Unit History:

Helicopter Combat Support Squadron SEVEN
Helicopter Combat Support Squadron SEVEN (HC-7) served the Navy and the United States faithfully and honorably for seven years and ten months in the war to preserve the independence of the Republic of Vietnam. From North Sar (20N 107E) to South Sar (19N 106E) supporting the fleet aboard a variety of ships, from Combat to Supply Ships. Active from 1 Sep 1967 until 30 Jun 1975, it provided combat support, combat search and rescue, and vertical replenishment support to ships of the Seventh Fleet and shore based activities in the Republic or Viet Nam, Japan, the Republic of Korea and the Philippines. It counted no less than one Medal of Honor, five Navy Cross, three Silver Star, two Bronze Star (Combat V), six Distinguished Flying Cross and numerous Air Medals, Commendation Medals (V) and Achievement Medals (V) recipients during its short existance. It flew the Sikorsky SH-58J Sea Bat, Kaman HH-2A/D Sea Sprite, Sikorsky HH-3A Sea King, and UH-46A/D Sea Knight helicopters. Their tailcode was VH.

I served with this outfit from 1972 to 1974, Shipped out of NAS Ream Field, NAS Imperial Beach Calif. We flew the HH3 alphas and golf Sikorsky, We operated out of Subic Bay Phillippines at Det Cubi Pt. I served as an AME3 attached to the Parachute Loft ( oxymoron ). I have not been able to locate my information from the roster of the squadron. Ron Sandlin

Supposedly the most decorated Naval Air Unit during the Vietnam conflict. In Sept 1967 through the end of the war they took over all combat search

Correction on the most decorated Naval Air Unit, that distinction belongs to the Seawolves of HA(L)-3

I served with HC-7 from Oct 1967 to Sept 1969 both in Atsugi, Japan and Det Cubi, Philippines. Most of my time I worked as a mail orderly because they were shorthanded when I got there ans was asked to do it, even though I was an airedale. They have been having reunions every two years. 2012 it was in Tucson, AZ. Joe Klimkowski

Correction to the HAL-3 correction, No disrespect to our fellow HAL-3 squadron mates, but HC-7 is the most "highly" decorated Navy Helicopter Squadron in the history of the world, with the distinction of having LT Clyde Lasson's MOH mission in our history. Very Respectfully, Joe Skrzypek, Naval Helicopter Association Historical Society, Secretary and World Famous HC-7 helo pilot.

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Locations of this unit:

1967/75JP Atsugi Kaigun-hikōjōRJTA

Models served in this unit: Login to Edit    

1967/70s-58 H-34
1967/75 s-61 H-3     HH-3A Sea King
1967/75107M H-46 Sea Knight

Construction Numbers found for HC-7 Help Us    

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrganisationIn other Org
    61-002 hss-2 1959     147138 : redesig RH-3A 1968 for Mine Countermeasures mission of HC-7 Dets 112 and 1+
    61-003 hss-2 1959     147139 : redesig RH-3A 1968 for Mine Countermeasures mission of HC-7 Dets 112 and 1+
    : 09jan69 deployed aboard USS Catskill (MCS-1) to HC-7 Det 113, Atsugi Japan+
    61-004 hss-2 1959     147140 : Sikorsky S-61A c/n 61-004 ff 1959; del USN as XHSS-2 147140 unk; redesig +
    61-008 hss-2 1959     147144 : 09jan69 deployed aboard USS Catskill (MCS-1) to HC-7 Det 113, Atsugi Japan+
    61-014 hss-2     148036 : Sikorsky S-61A c/n 61-014 ff?; del USN as HSS-2 148036 unk; redesig SH-3A +
    61-018 hss-2     148040 : 09jan69 deployed aboard USS Catskill (MCS-1) to HC-7 Det 113, Atsugi Japan+
    61-076 hss-2     149002 : USN; conv SH-3G; HC-7 Cubi Point w/o 29dec71
    28 UH-2A     149024 : known UH-2A type asg HC-7
Royal Australian Navy N29-149024 : Rebuilt as SH-2G(A). RAN 841
    32 UH-2A     149028 : UH-2A type gear up landing in Thailand with HC-7
    34 UH-2A     149030 : HC-7 /VH-3
    40 UH-2A     149036 : UH-2A type as HC-7 /VH-8
    45 UH-2A     149743 : Kaman K-20 Seasprite, c/n 45, ff?; del USN as UH2K-1, 149743 unk; redesig +
    : UH-2A type as HC-7 /VH-6
    : Helo assisting departing detachment from HC-7 Det Cubi. Loaded with 10,00+
    46 UH-2A     149744 : UH-2A type as HC-7 /VH-7
    50 UH-2A     149748 : 08mar68 UH-2B type as HC-7 /VH-3 crashed at Atsugi, Japan
    63 UH-2A     149761 : UH-2A type asg HC-7
    66 UH-2A     149764 : Kaman K-20 Seasprite, c/n 66, ff?; del USN as UH2K-1, 149764 unk; redesig +
    : MOH flight was 19jun68. ALL four crew were rescued by HC-7 H-3 Big Mother+
    : known HC-7 /VH-14
    75 UH-2A     149773 : noted as HH-2C type asg HC-7
    : HH-2C type as HC-7 /VH-20
Royal Australian Navy N29-149773 : Rebuilt as SH-2G(A). RAN 842
    76 UH-2A     149774 : known UH-2A type asg HC-7
    81 UH-2A     149779 : known UH-2A type as HC-7 /VH-1, /VH-2 and /VH-5
    61-177 hss-2     149908 : USN; SH-3A HC-7 110det w/o 20feb70
    : While on approach to USS Constellation (CV-64), Yankee Station, helo lost +
    92 UH-2B     150142 : HH-2C type as HC-7 /VH-23
    102 UH-2B     150152 : UH-2B type as HC-7 /VH-55
US Marine Corps 150152 : redesig UH-2B in 1962; xfer MCAS SO&ES Cherry Point, 23Oct64
    103 UH-2B     150153 : w/o 04oct67 UH-2B type asg HC-7
    104 UH-2B     150154 : UH-2C type asg HC-7 /VH-26
Royal New Zealand Navy NZ3444 : RNZN, SH-2F type, ex BuNo 150154. prob spares
    114 UH-2B     150164 : HH-2C type as HC-7 /VH-21
US Marine Corps 150164 : redesig UH-2B in 1962; xfer MCAS Beaufort, 22Oct65;
    129 UH-2B     150179 : HH-2C type as HC-7 /VH-24
US Marine Corps 150179 : 1964 to MCAS Yuma from 08oct to 02dec
    2021 CH-46A 1964     150938 : xfer USN HC-7 09Jan70; xfer HC-3 24Sep70; stor MASDC DMAFB as 1J0002 05Aug+
US Marine Corps 150938 : BV-107M, c/n 2021, ff?; del USMC as CH-46A 150938, asgd Boeing FR Morton, +
    139 UH-2B     151302 : UH-2B type asg HC-7 as /VH-1, /VH-5 and /VH-9
    143 UH-2B     151306 : HC-7 /VH-13
US Marine Corps 151306 : redesig UH-2B in 1962; xfer MCAS Yuma, 30Jul64 to 19Nov64
    145 UH-2B     151308 : known UH-2B type as HC-7 /VH-1
US Marine Corps 151308 : redesig UH-2B in 1962; xfer MCAS Cherry Point, 8Nov66 to 20Jun67; xfer MCA+
    146 UH-2B     151309 : known UH-2B type asg HC-7 /VH-4
    151 UH-2B     151314 : UH-2C type asg HC-7 /VH-22
    152 UH-2B     151315 : Kaman K-20 Seasprite, c/n 152, ff?; del USN as HU2K-1U 151315 unk; redes+
    : UH-2B type in HC-7
    153 UH-2B     151316 : 23jan68 thought to be UH-2B type asg HC-7
    172 UH-2B     151335 : unk date pictured as HH-2C SAR type HC-7 /VH-25 during Vietnam War
    61-272 hss-2     151552 : HH-3A type with HC-7 in Viet Nam; transf to HC-9 upon HC-7 deactivation in+
Sky Cats Puma Corp N561SC : Sky Cats Puma Corp 2007; ex 151552
    61-292 hss-2     151556 : Sikorsky HSS-2 c/n 61-292, ff:?; del USN as SH-3A 151556, 15Dec64; units u+
    2057 UH-46A 1965     151903 : 1965/66 pictured as VH-51 with HC-7 at Atsugi Japan
    2062 UH-46A 1965     151904 : 1969 pictured (top) during WestPac cruise as HC-7 /VH-53 from USS Niagara +
    2112 UH-46A 1965     152490 : BV-107M, c/n 2112, ff?; del USN 21Dec65 as UH-46A 152490; xfer HC-7, Det 1+
    2137 UH-46A 1966     152494 : BV-107M, c/n 2137, ff?; del USN 24Mar66 as UH-46A 152494; xfer HC-1, Det U+
    : Personal collection operational photo shows HC-7 identification with USS M+
    : w/o 08apr69 HC-7 Det 102, vertrep, aboard USS Mars (AFS-1) night flight t+
    2144 UH-46A 1966     152495 : 27nov67 HC-7 Det 102 aboard USS Mars (AFS-1) - off loading ammo from grou+
    2259 UH-46D 1967     153410 : BV-107M, c/n 2259, ff?; del USN as UH-46D, 153410, 27Feb67; xfer HC-7, VH-+
    : 1965/66 pictured as VH-61 with HC-7 at NAS Atsugi, Japan during a SAR miss+
    US Marine Corps
    2081 CH-46A 1965     151931 : BV-107M, c/n 2081, ff?; del USMC 04Jun65 as CH-46A 151931; asgd Boeing FR +
    2099 CH-46A 1965     151949 : BV-107M, c/n 2099, ff?; del USMC 30Sep65 as CH-46A 151949; asgd Noeing FR +
    45 C/N found for HC-7

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