brazil 1 esquadrao de helicopteros de esclarecimento e ataque

Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil

HA-1 : 1st recco & attack helicopter squadron
Brazilian Navy

1978 to present    

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1978/    Sao Pedro da AldeiaSBES


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1996/    Super Lynx mk21a
1978/03Lynx mk21

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
018 mk21 N-3020: SAH-11. push to sea by giant wave 25sep84 during Fraterno 84 maneuvers. no+
025 mk21 N-3021: SAH-11. Converted to AH-11A since 2003
029 mk21 N-3022: SAH-11. w/o 1992
032 mk21 N-3023: SAH-11. Converted to AH-11A since 2003
041 mk21 N-3024: SAH-11. crash ??. w/o
042 mk21 N-3025: SAH-11. Converted to AH-11A since 2003
048 mk21 N-3026: SAH-11. Converted to AH-11A since 2003
050 mk21 N-3027: SAH-11. Converted to AH-11A since 2003
062 mk21 N-3028: SAH-11. 16may89 hit mountain during night flight near Casimiro de Abreu, f+
378 mk21a N-4001: AH-11A
379 mk21a N-4002: AH-11A
380 mk21a N-4003: AH-11A
381 mk21a 1996 N-4004: AH-11A
382 mk21a N-4005: AH-11A
383 mk21a 1997 N-4006: AH-11A type. 15sep09 on USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75)
N-4006: embarked Defensora Oct 2009, for Exercise JW 09-2
384 mk21a N-4007: AH-11A. 10sep03 crash at sea on approach frigate Constituicao. Pilot die
385 mk21a N-4008: AH-11A. 19may99 crash at Araruama lake. 4 injured
386 mk21a N-4009: AH-11A
050 mk21 N-4010: ex N-3027. conv AH-11A 2003
032 mk21 N-4011: ex N-3023. conv AH-11A 2003
042 mk21 N-4012: ex N-3025. conv AH-11A 2003
048 mk21 N-4013: ex N-3026. conv AH-11A 2003
025 mk21 N-4014: ex N-3021. conv AH-11A 2003
18 C/N found in this Organisation.


01-apr-7828-jul-79LB UNIFIL / NorAir

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