Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de Tierra

5th transport helicopter battalion
Spanish Army Aviation


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News about this Rotary Wing Unit :

Marines and Spanish Soldiers Train in Heavy Lift, 25-Nov-14 : US Marines trained with Spanish soldiers from BHELTRA V in externally sling loading heavy equipment at Colmenar Viejo, Spain, No 18-19, 2014


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1991/nowCH-47D Chinook
1975/02CH-47C Chinook

Construction Numbers (Not all in unit) Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
b-697 ch-47c HT.17-02: CF002; FAMET ET-402; ex N6693D ; ex Z.17-2; conv CH-47D M.3502
M.3502 ch-47d HT.17-02: FAMET ET-402; conv from CH-47C B-697
HT.17-02: Oct07 in Afghanistan; back in Spain by Nov08
b-699 ch-47c HT.17-03: CF003; FAMET ET-403; ex N6694D ; ex Z.17-3; conv CH-47D M.3503
M.3503 ch-47d HT.17-03: FAMET ET-403; conv from CH-47C B-699
b-713 ch-47c HT.17-04: CF004; FAMET ET-404; ex N6695D ; ex Z.17-4; conv CH-47D M.3505
M.3505 ch-47d HT.17-04: FAMET ET-404; conv from CH-47C B-713
HT.17-04: Mar10 in Afghanistan
HT.17-04: Nov10 still in Afghanistan; back in Spain by December
HT.17-04: pictured being loaded in Antonov
b-715 ch-47c HT.17-05: CF005; FAMET ET-405; ex N6696D ; ex Z.17-5; conv CH-47D M.3506
M.3506 ch-47d HT.17-05: FAMET ET-405; conv from CH-47C B-715
HT.17-05: June 1999 in Albania
HT.17-05: Oct14 pictured during training special forces
b-717 ch-47c HT.17-06: CF006; FAMET ET-406; ex N6697D ; ex Z.17-6; conv CH-47D M.3507
M.3507 ch-47d HT.17-06: FAMET ET-406; conv from CH-47C B-717
HT.17-06: Mar10 in Afghanistan
HT.17-06: Nov10 still in Afghanistan; back in Spain by December
b-724 ch-47c HT.17-07: CF007; FAMET ET-407; ex N6698D ; ex Z.17-7; conv CH-47D M.3508
M.3508 ch-47d HT.17-07: FAMET ET-407; conv from CH-47C B-724
b-792 ch-47c HT.17-08: CF008; FAMET ET-408; ex N31782 ; ex Z.17-8; conv CH-47D M.3509
M.3509 ch-47d HT.17-08: FAMET ET-408; conv from CH-47C B-792
HT.17-08: Oct07 in Afghanistan; back in Spain by Nov08
HT.17-08: Nov08 back in Spain
HT.17-08: Mar10 in Afghanistan
HT.17-08: Nov10 still in Afghanistan; back in Spain by December
b-793 ch-47c HT.17-09: CF009; FAMET ET-409; ex N31783 ; ex Z.17-9; conv CH-47D M.3501
M.3501 ch-47d HT.17-09: FAMET ET-409; conv from CH-47C B-793; 24/25jul99 BHELTRA V as /ET-409
HT.17-09: Oct07 in Afghanistan; back in Spain by Nov08
HT.17-09: Nov08 back in Spain
HT.17-09: Dec.2011 in Afghanistan
b-794 ch-47c HT.17-10: CF010; FAMET ET-410; ex N31784 ; ex Z.17-10; conv CH-47D M.3504
M.3504 ch-47d HT.17-10: FAMET ET-410; conv from CH-47C B-794
b-855 ch-47c HT.17-11: MF001; FAMET ET-411; ex N37064; conv CH-47D M.3511
M.3511 ch-47d HT.17-11: FAMET ET-411; conv from CH-47C B-855
HT.17-11: 17/18 Dec12 with BHELTRA V, used to moved dinosaur fossils, rescate Quintu+
b-856 ch-47c HT.17-12: MF002; FAMET ET-412; ex N37065; conv CH-47D M.3512
M.3512 ch-47d HT.17-12: FAMET ET-412; conv from CH-47C B-856
b-857 ch-47c HT.17-13: MF003; FAMET ET-413; ex N37066; w/o 17jan95
b-870 ch-47c HT.17-14: MF006; FAMET ET-414; ex N37069. conv CH-47D M35../MA901
MA.901 ch-47d HT.17-14: FAMET ET-414; conv from CH-47C B-870
b-871 ch-47c HT.17-15: MF007; FAMET ET-415; ex N37070; conv CH-47D M.35../MA902
MA.902 ch-47d HT.17-15: FAMET ET-415; conv from CH-47C B-871
b-878 ch-47c HT.17-16: MF008; FAMET ET-416; ex N37071; conv CH-47D M.35../MA903
MA.903 ch-47d HT.17-16: FAMET ET-416; conv from CH-47C B-878
b-879 ch-47c HT.17-17: MF009; FAMET ET-417; ex N37072; conv CH-47D M.35../MA904
MA.904 ch-47d HT.17-17: FAMET ET-417; conv from CH-47C B-879
b-880 ch-47c HT.17-18: MF004; FAMET ET-418; ex N37090; conv CH-47D M.35../MA905
MA.905 ch-47d HT.17-18: FAMET ET-418; conv from CH-47C B-880; 03oct04 pictured
b-881 ch-47c HT.17-19: MF005; FAMET ET-419; ex N7424C; conv CH-47D M.35../MA906
MA.906 ch-47d HT.17-19: FAMET ET-419; conv from CH-47C B-881
HT.17-19: 11oct10 pictured at Cuatro Vientos
HT.17-19: Dec.2011 in Afghanistan
b-696 ch-47c Z.17-1: CF001; FAMET ET-401; ex N6692D; w/o 20feb73
36 C/N found in this Organisation.

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