argentina Division Helicopteros

Policia de la Provincia de Buenos Aires

Helicopters Squadron
Buenos Aires Province Police

1954 to present    

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1954/nowLa PlataSADL
? to ?La MatanzaSADZ

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2006/nowAS350 Ecureuil
1961/82UH-12E Raven
1958/75SO-1221 Djinn
1958/82SE3130 Alouette II

Construction Numbers (Not all in unit) Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
3867 hb350b3 2006 LQ-BEL: Policia Bonaerense, test serial PP-MAX; pictured (pic1) with fire fighting+
LQ-BEL: 26apr07 pictured (pic2) at La Plata airfield
LQ-BEL: 07oct15 pictured (pic3) at La Plata
Helibras PP-MAX: Helibras, test serial F-WQDE
3884 hb350b3 2006 LQ-BEN: BsAs province police
LQ-BEN: 11apr17 pictured at La Plata
Helibras PP-MAZ: Helibras ntu, test serial F-WQDE
4154 as350b3 2007 LQ-BIO: BsAs province police, B3+ type, test serial PP-MZA
LQ-BIO: 25jan14 pictured (middle) at Pinamar
LQ-BIO: 09mar14 pictured (bot) at La Matanza
Helibras PP-MZA: Helibras, 350B3+ type
4169 as350b3 2007 LQ-BIS: BsAs province police, 350B3+ type, test serial PP-MZB
LQ-BIS: 20mar10 pictured (pic1) at Gral Rodriguez
LQ-BIS: Jan15 pictured (pic2) at Villa Gesell, based at Pinamar
LQ-BIS: 10sep15 pictured (pic3) at La Plata
Helibras PP-MZB: Helibras, 350B3+ type
2246 beta 1992 LQ-BJA: Ex-N2354B, Police Serial B246, to N341ZG (2002) Crash 2003/08/16.
2255 beta 1992 LQ-BJB: Ex-N2355N, Police Serial B255, to N349VH.
- N349VH: Volar Helicopters Inc at Fort Lauderdale, FL from Apr02
2258 beta 1992 LQ-BJC: Police Serial B258 1993-2001 to N348VH
- N348VH: private at Hayward, CA
- N348VH: American Rotorcraft Llc at Boulder City, NV Jan/Sep 2009
- N348VH: Primos Enterprises Llc at Las Vegas, NV Oct/Nov 2009
- N348VH: Vertical Solutions Helicopter Company Llc at Dover, DE from Nov09; w/o 10jan15 at Cataño Bay, near ...
2261 beta 1992 LQ-BJD: Police Serial B261, to N346VH
2266 beta 1992 LQ-BJE: Police Serial B266, to N458BP
LQ-BJE: 1998 pictured at Don Torcuato
2267 beta 1992 LQ-BJF: Police Serial B267, to N10786
2269 beta 1992 LQ-BJG: Police Serial B269, to VH-HBB
2274 beta 1993 LQ-BJH: Ex-N23587, Police Serial B274, to VH-HVX
2275 beta 1993 LQ-BJI: Buenos Aires Police /B275, test serial N23610, to VH-HCP
Robinson Helicopter N23610: Robinson toward LQ-BJI
- ZK-HBZ: 2008 noted New Zealand
- ZK-HBZ: HBZ was owned by Neville
2279 beta 1993 LQ-BJJ: Ex-N7166G, Police Serial B279, to N5018U
2280 beta 1993 LQ-BJL: Police Serial B280, to VH-HEB, to ZK-HFL
2282 beta 1993 LQ-BJM: Police Serial B282, to N7079J
2283 beta 1993 LQ-BJN: Police Serial B283, to VH-HGU
2284 beta 1993 LQ-BJO: Police Serial B284, to VH-HPI, to ZK-HDI
LQ-BJO: Jan01 pictured at Juarez Celman airfield, Cordoba
2285 beta 1993 LQ-BJP: Police Serial B285, Crash 29-sep-98 at Adrogue, one killed.
2286 beta 1993 LQ-BJR: Police Serial B286, to N350VH
2287 beta 1993 LQ-BJS: Ex-N23635, Police Serial B287V (V - VOR), to N344VH
2288 beta 1993 LQ-BJT: Ex-N80043, Police Serial B288, to N347VH
2289 beta 1993 LQ-BJU: Police Serial B289, crash at Escobar 22/Aug/1995, one killed.
2290 beta 1993 LQ-BJV: Police Serial B290, to N678BH
2291 beta 1993 LQ-BJW: Police Serial B291, to VH-HHL
2295 beta 1993 LQ-BJX: Police Serial B295, to VH-HMU
2296 beta 1993 LQ-BJY: Police Serial B296S, to N679BH, to F-GTGT
2297 beta 1993 LQ-BJZ: Police Serial B297
2298 beta 1993 LQ-BLA: Police Serial I298. IFR Equiped. Crash at Mar de Cobo 1994/02/28, one kill+
2299 beta 1993 LQ-BLB: Police Serial I299. IFR Equiped, to N341SL
LQ-BLB: 1999 pictured at La Plata airfield
2300 beta 1993 LQ-BLC: Police Serial I300. IFR Equiped, to N338VH
2302M mariner 1993 LQ-BLD: Ex-N80524, Police Serial M302, to N3052P, to N3052P, to G-CBXK.
2303M mariner 1993 LQ-BLE: Ex-N80631, Police Serial M303, to N341VH
2304M mariner 1993 LQ-BLF: Ex-N80645, Police Serial M304, to C-GJZR.
2305M mariner 1993 LQ-BLG: Ex-N80753, Police Serial M305, to N339VH, to Mauritania (XA-?)
2308M mariner 1993 LQ-BLH: Police Serial M308, to VH-HZG
2309M mariner 1993 LQ-BLI: Police Serial M309, crash at Escobar 22/Aug/1995, one killed.
2310M mariner 1993 LQ-BLJ: Police Serial M310, to VH-HZI, to ZK-HFO.
2311 beta 1993 LQ-BLL: Police Serial B311, to N342VH, to N338AC, to N58FH
- N9322R: private in the Great Lakes area by Jul16; Blue with a white tail, 1750 hrs
2313 beta 1993 LQ-BLM: Police Serial B313, to N343VH
2314 beta 1993 LQ-BLN: Police Serial B314, to N345VH
2315M mariner 1993 LQ-BLO: Police Serial M315, to N516PB (2002) Crash landing 2004/28/07.
2316M mariner 1993 LQ-BLP: Police Serial M316, to CN-HTU.
- CN-HTU: Morocco Jul02-Sep07
- F-GUSP: 22aug13 pictured at Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, France
2317M mariner 1993 LQ-BLR: Police Serial M317, to CN-HTV.
S-862 105cbs-4 1991 LQ-BLS: Policia BsAs; conv Bo105CBS-5
LQ-BLS: 20apr04 pictured at La Plata airfield
S-863 105cbs-4 LQ-BLT: S.863 crashed an was repaired in 1996. In 1996 the S.915 was built, so EC +
LQ-BLT: Bs As Province Police; conv to Bo105cbs-5; 2011 assigned to Grupo Halcon; +
Buenos Aires Province Government LV-BLT: BsAs Province. Bo105CBS-4; ex D-HMBT, N3151H; crash 8jun96 near La Plata; 2002 Repaired by Rotorte...
7456 as350b3e 2012 LQ-FUG: Buenos Aires Province Police d/d 24apr14, B3e type; 25apr14 pictured (pic+
LQ-FUG: 12sep15 pictured (pic3) at La Plata
Eurocopter Cono Sur CC-AIO: Eurocopter Chile, noted Mar14
1017 SO-1221 Djinn LQ-GFB:
1018 SO-1221 Djinn LQ-GFC:
1118 se3130 1958 LQ-GGF: F-WIEH,LQ-GGF,LV-GGF
Buenos Aires Province Government LQ-GGF: Loaned to Buenos Aires Province police
2086 uh-12e 1961 LQ-HEM: Police Province BsAs
Buenos Aires Province Government LQ-HEM: d/d Dec60; Loaned to Buenos Aires Province police
2087 uh-12e 1961 LQ-HEN: Police Province Bs.As; preserved at Museo Nacional de Aeronautica (MUAN, N+
Buenos Aires Province Government LQ-HEN: d/d Dec60; Loaned to Buenos Aires Province police
S-207 105cb-5 1976 LQ-LSU: Original built as Bo105C. Then upgrade to 105CB and 105CB-5.
LQ-LSU: 28apr14 pictured at La Plata
- LV-LSU: Argentina
S-208 105cb 1975 LQ-LSV: Original built as Bo105C. Then upgrade to 105CB. Crash at takeoff at Las A+
S-209 105cb-5 1976 LQ-LSW: Original built as Bo105C. Then upgrade to 105CB and 105CB-5.
S-210 105cb 1975 LQ-LSX: Original built as Bo105C. Then upgrade to 105CB.
S-395 105cbs-2 1979 LQ-MOA: Policia Bonaerense; conv Bo105CBS-5
LQ-MOA: 30may07 pictured (pic1) at La Matanza Heliport (HMF)
LQ-MOA: 09mar14 pictured (pic2) at La Matanza airfield
LQ-MOA: 19jun15 pictured (pic3) at La Plata
S-432 105cbs-2 1980 LQ-OMH: Policia BsAs; Original built as Bo105CBS-2; conv Bo105CBS-5
LQ-OMH: 27apr05 pictured at La Plata airfield
S-737 105cbs-4 1985 LQ-ZYR: Original built as Bo105CBS-4. Ex D-HDRY and N967MB. Crash near Mar del Pla+
LQ-ZYR: conv bo105cbs-5; 2006 pictured at La Plata
59 C/N found in this Organisation.

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