argentina Direccion de Aeronautica

Gobierno de Buenos Aires

Aeronautics Division of Buenos Aires Province
Buenos Aires Province Government


Direccion de Aeronautica Gobierno de Buenos Aires

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
S-558 105cbs 1982 LQ-APX: BsAs Province Health Ministry (Ministerio de Salud de la Provincia de Buen+
- LQ-APX: 18jan14 pictured at La Plata (bot), ex Province Gov
9463 ec145 2011 LQ-CLQ: Buenos Aires Province, VIP; 02nov11 pictured (pic1) over Retiro, Buenos Ai+
LQ-CLQ: 16feb13 at El Remanso, Exaltacion de la Cruz, Buenos Aires prov
LQ-CLQ: 2013 pictured (pic2) at La Plata
LQ-CLQ: 13feb15 video at DPAO La Plata
LQ-CLQ: 10jan16 pictured (pic3) at Sauce Viejo during searching of fugitives
Buenos Aires Province Police LQ-CLQ: 18feb17 pictured (pic4) at Pinamar
9314 ec145 2009 LQ-CLU: Buenos Aires Province from Mar11; Medevac; Jan12 pictured at Helipuerto Ru+
Eurocopter Germany D-HADD: Eurocopter Germany 2009-2011, test serial D-HMBQ
S-370 105cbs 1978 LQ-MMW: BsAs Province d/d 14dec78, Bo105cbs type, test serial D-HDLF; w/o 15mar84 +
S-540 105cbs 1981 LV-AND: BsAs Province d/d 05oct81, test serial D-HDNO; Dirección Provincial de Ae+
LV-AND: 2003 pictured (pic1) during summer campaign operating from Pinamar beach a+
LV-AND: 18jan14 pictured (pic2) at DPA hangar at La Plata
LV-AND: 28aug15 pictured (pic3) taking off at La Plata
Argentine Army Aviation AE-710: May/Jun 1982 Transf temp to Argentine Army as AE-710 during Malvinas/Falklands War
S-863 105cbs-4 LV-BLT: BsAs Province. Bo105CBS-4; ex D-HMBT, N3151H; crash 8jun96 near La Plata;+
Buenos Aires Province Police LQ-BLT: Bs As Province Police; conv to Bo105cbs-5; 2011 assigned to Grupo Halcon; 04may12 pictured at Beraza...
Buenos Aires Province Police LQ-BLT: S.863 crashed an was repaired in 1996. In 1996 the S.915 was built, so EC made TWO identical pods: o...
S-892 105cbs-4 LV-WHI: BsAs Province. Bo105cbs-4 d/d 1994, as LQ-WHI; w/o 1995 near General Laval+
7515 bk117c-1 LV-WNS: Buenos Aires province, ex LQ-WNS; 20jun05 pictured (pic2) at Helipuerto P+
LV-WNS: 18jan14 pictured (pic3) at DPA Hangar at La Plata
Buenos Aires Province Police LV-WNS: Buenos Aires Province Police 01nov99 to 01apr00; loan from Province Gov; pictured (pic1) at Police h...
7521 bk117c-1 LV-WRW: Buenos Aires province. ex LQ-WRW. nickname El Bonaerense
LV-WRW: 18jan14 pictured (bot) at DPA Hangar at La Plata
0029 EC135T1 1997 LV-YBT: Buenos Aires province. Governor s VIP aircraft. d/d 1997. ferry as D-HECO
LV-YBT: 18jan14 pictured (pic2) (pic3) at DPA hangar at La Plata
LV-YBT: 24sep15 pictured (pic4) at La Plata back to fly status after several month+
Eurocopter Germany D-HECO: Eurocopter toward LV-YBT
10 C/N found in this Organisation.

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