spain 6 escuadrilla

Arma Aerea de la Armada Española

eslla 006 : 6 flight
Spanish Navy

1972 to present    

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1972/    RotaLERT


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1972/    369HM

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
123-0241M 369hm HS.13-10: Armada 01-610. ex Z.13-10 006-10
123-0242M 369hm HS.13-11: Armada 01-611. ex Z.13-11 006-11
143-0243M 369hm HS.13-12: Armada 01-612. ex Z.13-12 006-12. wfu 2008
173-0272M 369hm HS.13-14: Armada; 2011 eslla 006/01-615 embarked aboard Juan Carlos I L-61.
101-0219M 369hm HS.13-5: Armada 01-605. ex Z.13-5 006-5
93-0231M 369hm HS.13-6: Armada 01-606. ex Z.13-6 006-6
93-0232M 369hm HS.13-7: Armada 01-607. ex Z.13-7 006-7
103-0239M 369hm HS.13-8: Armada 01-608. ex Z.13-8 006-8
113-0240M 369hm HS.13-9: Armada 01-609. ex Z.13-9 006-9
91-0215M 369hm Z.13-1: Armada 006-1. d/d 1972 6 Escuadrilla. w/o 21jul77
16-0259M 369hm Z.13-14: Armada 006-14. 6 escuadrilla. w/o 06dec79
91-0216M 369hm Z.13-2: Armada 006-2. to HS.13-2 01-602 w/o May 1996
101-0217M 369hm Z.13-3: Armada 006-3. 6 Escuadrilla. w/o 12feb86
101-0218M 369hm Z.13-4: Armada 006-4. 6 escuadrilla. w/o 22feb74
14 C/N found in this Organisation.

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