greece 3 TEAS

Elliniki Aeroporia Stratou

3rd Army Aviation battalion
Hellenic Army Aviation

1982 to present    


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1982/nowAlexandria / ImathiaLGAX

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
2684 oh-13h 1961 ES101: Hellenic Army; MDAP 60-6037; 28aug61 f/f as 37; 09nov61 f/f as ES101; 06f+
2685 oh-13h ES102: Hellenic Army; MDAP 60-6038; 29aug61 f/f as 38; 08nov61 f/f as ES102; w/o +
2686 oh-13h ES103: Hellenic Army; MDAP 60-6039; 09may61 f/f as 039 with SAS (aviation school)+
2687 oh-13h ES104: Hellenic Army; MDAP 60-6040; 24may61 f/f as 40; 09nov61 f/f as ES104; fate+
2688 oh-13h ES105: Hellenic Army; MDAP 60-6041; 27sep61 f/f as 41; 08nov61 f/f as ES105; fate+
2689 oh-13h ES106: Hellenic Army; MDAP 60-6042; 08sep61 f/f as 42; nov61 f/f as ES106; fate u+
2690 oh-13h ES107: Hellenic Army; MDAP 60-6043; 03oct61 f/f as 43; 11nov61 f/f as ES106; fate+
2691 oh-13h ES108: Hellenic Army; MDAP 60-6044; 20may61 f/f as 44; 07nov61 f/f as ES108; fate+
2692 oh-13h ES109: Hellenic Army; MDAP 60-6045; 09sep61 f/f as 45; 09nov61 f/f as ES109; 200+
2693 oh-13h 1961 ES110: Hellenic Army; MDAP 60-6046; 08sep61 f/f as 46; 11nov61 f/f as ES110; fate+
8569 ab206b ES501: Hellenic Army d/d 09Jul79; 17may11 pictured at SAS (aviation school) in S+
8570 ab206b ES502: Hellenic Army d/d 09Jul79
8571 ab206b ES503: Hellenic Army d/d 30jul79
8572 ab206b ES504: Hellenic Army d/d 30jul79; 03dec10 pictured with 3TEAS at Alexandria/Imath+
8574 ab206b ES505: Hellenic Army d/d 11aug79
8575 ab206b ES506: Hellenic Army d/d 11aug79
8577 ab206b ES507: Hellenic Army d/d 08sep79
8578 ab206b ES508: Hellenic Army d/d 08sep79
8580 ab206b ES509: Hellenic Army d/d 28sep79
8581 ab206b ES510: Hellenic Army d/d 28sep79; 1 TEAS
8582 ab206b ES511: Hellenic Army d/d 16oct79; 03dec10 pictured with 3TEAS at Alexandria/Imat+
8583 ab206b ES512: Hellenic Army d/d 16oct79; 03dec10 pictured with 3TEAS at Alexandria Imath+
8584 ab206b ES513: Hellenic Army d/d 06nov79; 2TEAS
8585 ab206b ES514: Hellenic Army d/d 06nov79; 2TEAS
8586 ab206b ES515: Hellenic Army d/d 06nov79; 02dec10 pictured with 3TEAS at Alexandria/Imath+
10163 uh-1h ES601: Hellenic Army Aviation; FMS BuNo 68-15233; pictured with SAS (Aviation sch+
ES601: 14Oct14 2TEAS
10164 uh-1h ES602: FMS BuNo 68-15234. wfu
10165 uh-1h ES603: Hellenic Army Aviation; FMS BuNo 68-15235; 29jan69 as serial 235 with SAS +
10161 uh-1h ES604: FMS BuNo 68-15231. 2TEAS
10162 uh-1h ES605: FMS BuNo 68-15232. 1 TEAS
10344 uh-1h ES606: FMS BuNo 68-15414. 2TEAS
ES606: w/o unk, crashed at Megara airbase and now it is used as simulator
10346 uh-1h ES607: FMS BuNo 68-15416. 2001 to Macedonia as 321
macedonian air force 321: ex hellenic army ES607
10345 uh-1h ES608: FMS BuNo 68-15415. w/o unk
10347 uh-1h ES609: FMS BuNo 68-15417. 2001 to Macedonia as 322
macedonian air force 322: ex hellenic army ES609
10348 uh-1h ES610: Hellenic Army Aviation; FMS BuNo 68-15418; 27jul09 pictured with 2TEAS at +
ES610: 14Oct14 2TEAS
12088 uh-1h ES611: FMS BuNo 69-15800. 1 TEAS
12089 uh-1h ES612: FMS BuNo 69-15801. 2TEAS
12090 uh-1h ES613: Hellenic Army; FMS BuNo 69-15802; 17may11 pictured with 1TEAS at Stefanovi+
12156 uh-1h ES614: FMS BuNo 69-15868. 2TEAS
ES614: 14Oct14 2TEAS
ES614: Dec14 pictured in Santa Claus livery
12157 uh-1h ES615: FMS BuNo 69-15869. 1 TEAS
ES615: 1 TEAS; 14oct10 pictured en route to Andravida in order to participate at +
12158 uh-1h ES616: FMS BuNo 69-15870. 2TEAS
12162 uh-1h ES617: FMS BuNo 69-15874; Dec.2010 pictured (top) with 1TEAS at 3TEAS Alexandria/+
12159 uh-1h ES618: FMS BuNo 69-15871. 2TEAS. w/o unk
12160 uh-1h ES619: FMS BuNo 69-15872. 3 TEAS. w/o 18may94
ES619: 18may94 crashed in the lake of kastoria
12161 uh-1h ES620: Hellenic Army; FMS BuNo 69-15873; 05may10 pictured with 2TEAS at Megara ai+
ES620: 14Oct14 2TEAS
12163 uh-1h ES621: FMS BuNo 69-15875; Dec.2010 with 1TEAS pictured at 3TEAS Alexandria/Imathi+
12164 uh-1h ES622: Hellenic Army Aviation; FMS BuNo 69-15876; Circa 1972 pictured with 1TEAS +
12230 uh-1h ES623: FMS BuNo 69-15942; 01dec10 pictured at Alexandria/Imathia
12231 uh-1h ES624: FMS BuNo 69-15943. 2TEAS
12232 uh-1h ES625: Hellenic Army; FMS BuNo 69-15944; 01dec10 pictured with 1TEAS at Alexandri+
ES625: w/o 19apr17 at Sarantaporo, Elassona, Thessaly. 4 fatalities
12233 uh-1h ES626: Hellenic Army Aviation; FMS BuNo 69-15945; 05may10 pictured with 2TEAS at +
12794 uh-1h ES627: FMS BuNo 70-16489; 29nov10 with 3TEAS pictured at Alexandria/Imathia (LGAX+
US Army Aviation 70-16489: US Army
4269 ab205a 1974 ES628: Hellenic Army d/d 05feb74; First greek AB205 left Malpensa, Italy with ES6+
4273 ab205a ES629: Hellenic Army Aviation d/d 05feb74; 06feb09 pictured at Stefanovikio airba+
13192 uh-1h ES630: FMS BuNo 72-21493. 2TEAS
ES630: 14Oct14 2TEAS
13193 uh-1h ES631: FMS BuNo 72-21494. 1 TEAS
13194 uh-1h ES632: FMS BuNo 72-21495. loaned to Cyprus
Cyprus National Guard ?: greek ES632
13195 uh-1h ES633: FMS BuNo 72-21496. 1 TEAS. w/o 15sep94
ES633: Preserved at the Military Museum Rethymnon Crete
13197 uh-1h ES634: FMS BuNo 72-21498. 2TEAS
13198 uh-1h ES635: Hellenic Army; FMS BuNo 72-21499; 30nov10 pictured with 1TEAS at Alexandri+
13199 uh-1h ES636: FMS BuNo 72-21500. 1 TEAS
13200 uh-1h ES637: FMS BuNo 72-21501. 1 TEAS
13196 uh-1h ES638: Hellenic Army Aviation; FMS BuNo 72-21497; 31mar11 pictured with 2TEAS at +
4311 ab205a ES639: 2TEAS
4312 ab205a ES640: xfer air force
Hellenic Air Force 4312: 358 MED. ex ES640
4329 ab205a ES641: Hellenic Army Aviation d/d 11feb75; pictured circa 1975 with 1TEAS with or+
4336 ab205a ES642: 2TEAS
4363 ab205a ES643: Hellenic Army Aviation; pictured circa 1976 in original cammo at Stefanovi+
4373 ab205a 1976 ES644: Hellenic Army d/d 17mar76 pictured with ES645 in original cammo at Giovann+
Hellenic Air Force 4373: Hellenic Air Force; ex Army ES644; 358 MED
4376 ab205a ES645: Hellenic Army Aviation d/d 17mar76 pictured with ES644 on reception for 1T+
4385 ab205a ES646: Hellenic Army d/d 18may76; pictured with 1TEAS date unknown still in origi+
ES646: 14Oct14 2TEAS
4391 ab205a ES647: xfer air force
Hellenic Air Force 4391: 358 MED. ex ES647
4394 ab205a ES648: Hellenic Army; 05may10 pictured with 2TEAS at Megara airbase (LGMG)
4395 ab205a ES649: 1 TEAS
4401 ab205a ES650: 1 TEAS
4402 ab205a ES651: 1 TEAS
4404 ab205a ES652: 2TEAS
4407 ab205a ES653: 1 TEAS
4438 ab205a ES654: 31dec10 pictured with 2TEAS after 1 1/2 hour painting for the Santa Claus +
ES654: 14Oct14 2TEAS
4439 ab205a ES655: greek army. w/o unk
4440 ab205a ES656: xfer air force
Hellenic Air Force 4440: 358 MED. ex ES656. w/o 10may89
4441 ab205a ES657: Hellenic Army; pictured with 1TEAS date unknown still in original cammo
4442 ab205a ES658: Hellenic Army Aviation; 28apr08 pictured with 2TEAS at Megara airbase (LGM+
ES658: 14Oct14 2TEAS
4443 ab205a ES659: 1 TEAS
4444 ab205a ES660: 2TEAS
ES660: 14Oct14 2TEAS
4445 ab205a ES661: HAA; to air force
Hellenic Air Force 4445: HAF; ex army ES661; 14sep08 pictured with 358MED at Tanagra (LGTG) airbase. Mirage 2000 on the backg...
4446 ab205a ES662: Hellenic Army; 29apr08 pictured with 2TEAS at Megara airbase (LGMG)
4447 ab205a ES663: 1 TEAS
4448 ab205a 1979 ES664: Hellenic Army; 1979/80 2TEAS pictured with original cammo overflying Aege+
ES664: 14Oct14 2TEAS
4449 ab205a ES665: Hellenic Army Aviation; 05feb09 with 1TEAS pictured at Stefanovikio (LGSV)
4451 ab205a ES667: w/o 09nov78. back to Agusta
4452 ab205a ES668: SAS
4453 ab205a ES669: xfer air force
Hellenic Air Force 4453: 358 MED. ex ES669
4454 ab205a ES670: 2TEAS
4455 ab205a ES671: xfer air force
Hellenic Air Force 4455: 358 MED. ex ES671
4456 ab205a ES672: 2TEAS
4457 ab205a ES673: 1 TEAS
4458 ab205a ES674: xfer air force
Hellenic Air Force 4458: ex ES674. w/o 09oct95
4459 ab205a ES675: Hellenic Army Aviation; 05feb09 pictured with 1TEAS at Stefanovikio (LGSV)
4460 ab205a 1979 ES676: Hellenic Army Aviation d/d 11jun79; Last AB205 delivered to Greece; w/o 1+
13915 uh-1h ES677: Hellenic Army Aviation; FMS BuNo 77-22911; 05feb09 pictured with 1 TEAS at+
13916 uh-1h ES678: FMS BuNo 77-22912. 1 TEAS
13917 uh-1h ES679: FMS BuNo 77-22913. SAS
13918 uh-1h ES680: FMS BuNo 77-22914; 05may10 pictured with 2TEAS at Megara airbase (LGMG)
13919 uh-1h ES681: FMS BuNo 77-22915. 1 TEAS
13920 uh-1h ES682: FMS BuNo 77-22916. 1 TEAS. wfu
13921 uh-1h ES683: Hellenic Army Aviation; FMS BuNo 77-22917; 31mar11 pictured with 1TEAS at +
13922 uh-1h ES684: FMS BuNo 77-22918. SAS
13923 uh-1h ES685: Hellenic Army; FMS BuNo 77-22919; 26jun08 pictured with 1TEAS at Stefanov+
13924 uh-1h ES686: FMS BuNo 77-22920. 2TEAS. w/o unk
13925 uh-1h ES687: Hellenic Army Aviation; FMS BuNo 77-22921; 31mar11 pictured at Stefanoviki+
13926 uh-1h ES688: FMS BuNo 77-22922. 4TEAS
13927 uh-1h ES689: FMS BuNo 77-22923. 1 TEAS
13928 uh-1h ES690: Hellenic Army; FMS BuNo 77-22924; 17may08 pictured with 2TEAS during SARIS+
13929 uh-1h ES691: FMS BuNo 77-22925. 1 TEAS
13930 uh-1h ES692: FMS BuNo 77-22926. 2TEAS
13931 uh-1h ES693: FMS BuNo 77-22927. 1 TEAS. wfu
13932 uh-1h ES694: FMS BuNo 77-22928. 2TEAS
ES694: 14Oct14 2TEAS
14002 uh-1h ES695: Hellenic Army; FMS BuNo 78-23185; 31dec09 pictured with 2TEAS at Megara ai+
ES695: 14Oct14 2TEAS
14003 uh-1h ES696: Hellenic Army Aviation; FMS BuNo 78-23186; 29apr08 pictured with 2TEAS at +
4450 ab205a ES698: 2TEAS. ex ES666
3933 oh-13s 1969 ES701: Hellenic Army; FMS 67-15884; 21mar69 ff as 884; 07may69 ff as ES701
3934 oh-13s 1969 ES702: Hellenic Army; FMS 67-15885; d/d 07may69; w/o 15mar73 at SAS
3935 oh-13s 1969 ES703: Hellenic Army; FMS 67-15886; d/d 1969
3936 oh-13s 1969 ES704: Hellenic Army; FMS 67-15887; d/d 1969
3995 oh-13s 1971 ES705: Hellenic Army; BuNo 69-19615; ff 11jan71 as 615; reserial ES705
3996 oh-13s 1971 ES706: Hellenic Army; BuNo 69-19616; ff 28jan71 as ES706
3997 oh-13s 1971 ES707: Hellenic Army; BuNo 69-19617; d/d 12jan71; f/f 28jan71 as ES707
3998 oh-13s ES708: Hellenic Army Aviation; FMS unk; Circa 1973 pictured 23rd LAS at Sedes (LG+
3999 oh-13s ES709: Hellenic Army Aviation; 10jun10 pictured preserved at the War Museum in At+
4000 oh-13s ES710: Hellenic Army; FMS 69-19620; d/d 16feb71; f/f 12mar71 as ES710
4001 oh-13s ES711: Hellenic Army Aviation FMS 69-19621; 10sep96 last flight with 3TEAS at Ale+
4002 oh-13s ES712: Hellenic Army; FMS 69-19620; d/d 18feb71; f/f 08mar71 as ES712
4003 oh-13s ES713: Hellenic Army; FMS 69-19623; d/d 18feb71; f/f 16mar71 as ES713
4004 oh-13s 1971 ES714: Hellenic Army; FMS 69-19623; d/d 18feb71; w/o 16mar71 with 8th LAS
4005 oh-13s ES715: Hellenic Army; FMS 69-19625; d/d 18feb71
4006 oh-13s ES716: Hellenic Army; FMS 69-19626; d/d 18feb71
4007 oh-13s ES717: Hellenic Army; FMS 69-19627; d/d 18feb71; f/f 16mar71 as ES717
4008 oh-13s ES718: Hellenic Army; FMS 69-19628; d/d 18feb71; f/f 20mar71 as ES718
4009 oh-13s 1971 ES719: Hellenic Army; FMS 69-19629; d/d 18feb71; f/f 15mar71 as ES719; w/o 08nov7+
4010 oh-13s ES720: Hellenic Army; FMS 69-19630; d/d 10may71
4011 oh-13s ES721: Hellenic Army; FMS 69-19631; d/d 10may71
4012 oh-13s ES722: Hellenic Army; FMS 69-19632; d/d 10may71
4013 oh-13s 1971 ES723: Hellenic Army; FMS 69-19633; d/d 10may71
2096 oh-13h ES725: Hellenic Army; BuNo 57-1858 second hand; 29nov71 ff
Spanish Air Force HE.7A-36: H-13H-BF; ex ES725; w/o 06jul84
2171 oh-13h ES728: Hellenic Army; H-13H-BF US Army BuNo 57-6242 second hand; d/d 13dec71
2145 oh-13h ES734: Hellenic Army Aviation FMS BuNo 57-6216
1883 oh-13h ES737: Hellenic Army Aviation FMS 56-2171; 10sep96 last flight with 3TEAS at Ale+
9279 uh-1d ES810: FMS BuNo 66-17085
4735 uh-1d ES811: Hellenic Army; FMS BuNo 65-9691; 17may11 pictured with 1TEAS at Stefanovik+
5590 uh-1d ES812: FMS BuNo 66-1107
5263 uh-1d ES813: Hellenic Army; FMS BuNo 66-0780; 17may11 pictured with 1TEAS at Stefanovik+
9192 uh-1d ES814: FMS BuNo 66-16998
5297 uh-1d es815: FMS BuNo 66-0814
10587 uh-1h ES816: Hellenic Army Aviation; FMS BuNo 68-15657; 03dec10 pictured with 3TEAS at +
5634 uh-1d ES817: FMS BuNo 66-1151
10685 uh-1h ES818: FMS BuNo 68-15755
US Army Aviation 68-15755: crewed this machine with 12 aviation group hq jan-feb 1970 RVN Bill hayes Vacaville Ca
4820 uh-1d ES819: FMS BuNo 65-9776; 01dec10 pictured with 1TEAS at Alexandria/Imathia
10698 uh-1h ES820: FMS BuNo 68-15768
10830 uh-1h ES821: Hellenic Army; FMS BuNo 68-16171; 14may08 pictured with 1TEAS in front of +
8681 uh-1d ES822: FMS BuNo 66-16487. 3 TEAS w/o 18mar08
8804 uh-1d ES823: FMS BuNo 66-16610
9041 uh-1d ES824: FMS BuNo 66-16847
9123 uh-1d ES825: FMS BuNo 66-16929
9270 uh-1d ES826: FMS BuNo 66-17076
10002 uh-1h ES827: FMS BuNo 67-17804
9570 uh-1h ES828: FMS BuNo 67-17372
US Army Aviation 67-17372 : This aircraft was originaly assigned to the 70th Avn Det in Korat Thailand in 1968
US Army Aviation 67-17372: US Army; 1983 203 AvCo
9744 uh-1h ES829: Hellenic Army, ex 67-17546
US Army Aviation 67-17546: US Army d/d May68; Assigned to 71st Assault Helicopter Co at Chulai Vietnam Jun68 with 0 hours; End ...
9934 uh-1h ES830: Hellenic Army; FMS BuNo 67-17736; 17may11 pictured at SAS (aviation school+
9976 uh-1h ES831: FMS BuNo 67-17778
10097 uh-1h ES832: Hellenic Army; FMS BuNo 67-19491; 17may11 pictured at SAS (aviation school+
10143 uh-1h ES833: FMS BuNo 67-19537. w/o unk
5432 uh-1d ES834: Hellenic Army Aviation; UH-1D-BF FMS BuNo 66-0949; conv UH-1H; 14may09 pic+
5641 uh-1d ES835: Hellenic Army; Bell UH-1D-BF FMS BuNo 66-1158; conv to UH-1H; 14may08 pict+
5994 uh-1d ES836: Hellenic Army Aviation; FMS BuNo 68-16300; 03dec10 pictured with 3TEAS at +
8852 uh-1d ES837: FMS BuNo 66-16658
9936 uh-1h ES838: FMS BuNo 67-17738
5591 uh-1d ES839: FMS BuNo 66-1108
ES839: 14Oct14 UH-1H type 2TEAS
178 C/N found in this Organisation.

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