ecuador Ala de Combate 22

Fuerza Aerea Ecuatoriana

22nd Combat Wing
Ecuadorian Air Force


FAE helicopter unit is based at Simon Bolivar Air Base and has two squadrons: 2211th flying Alouettes and 2212th flying TH-57

2211 Sqdn Is flying 7 Dhruv from HAL India since 2009

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1990/nowTH-57A Sea Ranger
1974/04sa330 puma
1972/??alouette iii

Construction Numbers (Not all in unit) Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
1226 sa330f FAE-226: FAE d/d 1974; test serial F-WKQD; w/o unk
1227 sa330f 1974 FAE-227: FAE d/d 1974; test serial F-ZKBL; w/o 24dec76; repaired sold as F-WIPC,I-E+
Elitos I-EHPE: Elitos; ex FAE-227, I-EHPD
- JA6732: ex I-EHPD; to ZS-RNK
Starlite Helicopters ZS-RNK: Starlite; SA.330J type; ex JA6732
2367 sa319b FAE-367: FAE; w/o 13feb09 crashed; Wreckage stored at Quito
2395 sa316b FAE-395: w/o unk
2396 sa316b FAE-396:
2391 sa319b FAE-397: Air force, ex HC-BKU
- ?: Oct13 seen as wreck at Tauranga, New Zealand
- HC-BKU: Ecuador, to Gov
- ?: Jan15 on display in play area at Classic Flyers Museum Tauranga
2392 sa319b FAE-398: ex HC-BKV
5001 th-57a FAE-401: BuNo 157355?. w/o unk
United States Naval Aviation 157355: to Ecuador as FAE401
5004 th-57a FAE-402: BuNo 157358
FAE-402: w/o 28feb09
FAE-402: pictured preserved at the entrance of Simon Bolivar air force base in Guay+
United States Naval Aviation 157358: to Ecuador as FAE402
5005 th-57a FAE-403: BuNo 157359
United States Naval Aviation 157359: to Ecuador as FAE403
5006 th-57a FAE-404: BuNo 157360. dam feb99. repaired. w/o 14mar01
United States Naval Aviation 157360: to Ecuador as FAE404
5014 th-57a FAE-405: BuNo 157368. w/o 18feb99
United States Naval Aviation 157368: to Ecuador as FAE405
5015 th-57a FAE-406: BuNo 157369. w/o 2008?
United States Naval Aviation 157369: to Ecuador as FAE406
5017 th-57a FAE-407: BuNo 157371
United States Naval Aviation 157371: to Ecuador as FAE407
5020 th-57a FAE-408: FAE, ex BuNo 157374; 17oct15 pictured during air show at Guayaquil
United States Naval Aviation 157374: to Ecuador as FAE408
5023 th-57a FAE-409: BuNo 157377
United States Naval Aviation 157377: to Ecuador as FAE409
5026 th-57a FAE-410: BuNo 157380
United States Naval Aviation 157380: to Ecuador as FAE410
5029 th-57a FAE-411: BuNo 157383. w/o 12apr96
United States Naval Aviation 157383: to Ecuador as FAE411
5039 th-57a FAE-412: BuNo 157393
United States Naval Aviation 157393: to Ecuador as FAE412
DS86 dhruv 2008 FAE-601: FAE-601 VIP Presidential aircraft d/d Feb09
FAE-601: w/o 20feb14 crashed at San Roque, Huigra, Chimborazo when going to pickup +
DS87 dhruv FAE-602: FAE
DS91 dhruv FAE-603: FAE 2009, grey livery
FAE-603: w/o 13jan15 to be confirmed
DS88 dhruv FAE-604: FAE 2009
FAE-604: w/o 27oct09 at Quito during 89 aniversary ceremony Ecuador Air Force
DS90 dhruv FAE-605: FAE; w/o 27jan15 Tena
DS93 dhruv FAE-606: FAE
DS94 dhruv FAE-607: FAE
DS95 dhruv FAE-608: FAE, to repl 604
1967 sa316b FAE-967: FAE d/d 1972. w/o unk
1969 sa316b FAE-969: FAE d/d 1972. w/o unk
1971 sa316b FAE-971: FAE d/d 1972
1975 sa316b FAE-975: FAE d/d 1972. w/o 04jun77
1977 sa316b FAE-977: FAE d/d 1972. w/o unk
1982 sa316b FAE-982: FAE d/d 1972. w/o 10mar77
5031 th-57a FAE?: BuNo 157385. spares?
United States Naval Aviation 157385: to Hurst Teledyne. to Ecuador
5034 th-57a FAE?: BuNo 157388. spares?
United States Naval Aviation 157388: o Hurst Teledyne. to Ecuador
5038 th-57a FAE?: BuNo 157392. spares?
United States Naval Aviation 157392: to Hurst Teledyne. to Ecuador
36 C/N found in this Organisation.

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