usa Helicopter Attack (Light) Squadron 4

US Navy

HAL-4 Red Wolves
United States Naval Aviation

1976 to 1989    

Helicopter Attack (Light) Squadron 4
U.S. Naval Reserve HAL-4 was established on July 1st 1976 at Naval Air Station Norfolk, Virginia to provided aviation support for Naval Special Warfare (NSW, seals) and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams of the US Navy

Redesignated Helicopter Combat Support Special Squadron 4 ( HCS-4 ) October 1989

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1976/89NAS NorfolkKNGU

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1976/89HH-1K Iroquois

Construction Numbers for HAL-4 Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
6303 HH-1K 157179 : HAL-4. wfu 1988
6304 HH-1K 1970 157180 : US Navy; early 70s SAR a/c at NAS Jacksonville, FL; 1976-1988 HAL-4 /NW-20+
6305 HH-1K 157181 : HAL-4. NW-201. wfu 1988
6308 HH-1K 157184 : 1980s HAL-4 /NW-203; wfu 1989
- N61650 : conv to Garlick-Bell type; private at Tivoli, TX from Jun06
: JR Helicopter and Aircraft Services Inc at Houston, TX from May08
: Marine Aviation Museum Inc at Houston, TX from Aug12
: 31oct14 pictured during Wings Over Houston 2014, Texas
6318 HH-1K 1970 157194 : Mar89 pictured with HAL-4 at Evenes, Norway during Cold Winter exercise+
Northwest Helicopters N6166V : Northwest Helicopters at Olympia, WA from 1994; canc Feb04 as "destroyed" +
6322 HH-1K 1970 157198 : US Navy HAL-4 /NW-206; wfu 1989, to civ as N6166S
- N896RP : from 1996 ex 157198, N6166S; w/o 29jun00
6323 HH-1K 157199 : US Navy HAL-4 /NW-201; wfu 1989, to civ as N6166R
- N6166R : w/o 04apr96 at Vail, Washington; canc Jun02
6325 HH-1K 157201 : US Navy; 16apr76 noted as MASDC/7H0026; Mar89 pictured with HAL-4 at Ev+
State of California ? : VCSD from 1993, spares?
6213 UH-1L 1969 157854 : USN; pictured unk source date with HAL-3 or HAL-4; then E-137; wfu 1982; t+
US US Marine Corps
6180 UH-1E 154958 : navy HAL-4
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