japan Shirase Hikohan

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force

Artic Exploration Flight
Japanese Navy


The Shirase Hikohan is the Artic Exploration Flight that flies from the icebreaker JNS Shirase and reports directly to the Yokusuka Chihotai (Wing). It is based at Tateyama (RJTE). After retiring its S-61A/A-1 helicopters in 2005, it may have been temporarily disbanded pending delivery of the new KHI CH-101 helos currently undergoing evaluation at 51 Kokutai at Atsugi.

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1963/    Tateyama Naval Air BaseRJTE


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2010/    MCH-101
1963/    S-61

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
M61-002 HSS-2 1962 8001: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61002, ff?; del JMSDF as 8001 unk; w/o 05Oct67.
M61-004 HSS-2 1962 8002: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61004, ff?; del JMSDF as 8002 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-005 HSS-2 1962 8003: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61005, ff?; del JMSDF as 8003 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-006 HSS-2 1963 8004: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61006, ff?; del JMSDF as 8004 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-007 HSS-2 1963 8005: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-007, ff?; del JMSDF as 8005 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-009 HSS-2 1963 8006: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-009, ff?; del JMSDF as 8006 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-011 HSS-2 8007: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-011, ff?; del JMSDF as 8007 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-012 HSS-2 8008: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-011, ff?; del JMSDF as 8007 unk; w/o 16Jan67.
M61-013 HSS-2 8009: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-013, ff?; del JMSDF as 8009 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-014 HSS-2 8010: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-014, ff?; del JMSDF as 8010 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-015 HSS-2 8011: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-015, ff?; del JMSDF as 8011 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-016 HSS-2 8012: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-016, ff?; del JMSDF as 8012 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-017 HSS-2 8013: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-017, ff?; del JMSDF as 8013 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-018 HSS-2 8014: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-018, ff?; del JMSDF as 8014 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-019 HSS-2 8015: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-019, ff?; del JMSDF as 8015 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-020 HSS-2 8016: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-020, ff?; del JMSDF as 8016 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-021 HSS-2 8017: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-021, ff?; del JMSDF as 8017 unk; preserved?
M61-022 HSS-2 8018: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-022, ff?; del JMSDF as 8018 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-023 HSS-2 8019: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-023, ff?; del JMSDF as 8019 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-024 HSS-2 8020: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-024, ff?; del JMSDF as 8020 unk; wfu & soc unk.
8020: 1988 pictured on DD122 Hatsuyuki
M61-025 HSS-2 8021: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-025, ff?; del JMSDF as 8021 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-026 HSS-2 8022: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-026, ff?; del JMSDF as 8022 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-027 HSS-2 8023: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-027, ff?; del JMSDF as 8023 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-028 HSS-2 8024: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-028, ff?; del JMSDF as 8024 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-029 HSS-2 8025: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-029, ff?; del JMSDF as 8025 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-030 HSS-2 8026: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-030, ff?; del JMSDF as 8026 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-031 HSS-2 8027: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-031, ff?; del JMSDF as 8027 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-032 HSS-2 8028: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-032, ff?; del JMSDF as 8028 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-033 HSS-2 8029: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-033, ff?; del JMSDF as 8029 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-034 HSS-2 8030: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-034, ff?; del JMSDF as 8030 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-035 HSS-2 8031: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-035, ff?; del JMSDF as 8031 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-036 HSS-2 8032: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-036, ff?; del JMSDF as 8032 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-037 HSS-2 8033: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-037, ff?; del JMSDF as 8033 unk; w/o 30Mar80.
M61-038 HSS-2 8034: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-038, ff?; del JMSDF as 8034 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-039 HSS-2 8035: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-039, ff?; del JMSDF as 8035 unk; w/o 05Feb77.
M61-040 HSS-2 8036: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-040, ff?; del JMSDF as 8036 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-041 HSS-2 8037: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-041, ff?; del JMSDF as 8037 unk; w/o 19Aug77.
M61-042 HSS-2 8038: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-042, ff?; del JMSDF as 8038 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-043 HSS-2 8039: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-043, ff?; del JMSDF as 8039 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-044 HSS-2 8040: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-044, ff?; del JMSDF as 8040 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-045 HSS-2 8041: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-045, ff?; del JMSDF as 8041 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-046 HSS-2 8042: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-046, ff?; del JMSDF as 8042 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-047 HSS-2 8043: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-047, ff?; del JMSDF as 8043 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-048 HSS-2 8044: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-048, ff?; del JMSDF as 8044 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-049 HSS-2 8045: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-049, ff?; del JMSDF as 8045 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-050 HSS-2 8046: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-050, ff?; del JMSDF as 8046 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-051 HSS-2 8047: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-051, ff?; del JMSDF as 8047 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-052 HSS-2 8048: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-052, ff?; del JMSDF as 8048 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-053 HSS-2 8049: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-053, ff?; del JMSDF as 8049 unk; w/o 07Dec77.
M61-054 HSS-2 8050: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-054, ff?; del JMSDF as 8050 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-055 HSS-2 8051: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-055, ff?; del JMSDF as 8051 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-056 HSS-2 8052: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-056, ff?; del JMSDF as 8052 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-057 HSS-2 8053: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-057, ff?; del JMSDF as 8053 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-058 HSS-2 8054: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-058, ff?; del JMSDF as 8054 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-059 HSS-2 8055: Mitsubishi HSS-2 c/n M61-059, ff?; del JMSDF as 8055 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-060 HSS-2A 8056: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-060, ff?; del JMSDF as 8056 unk; wfu & soc unk.
8056: noted
M61-061 HSS-2A 8057: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-061, ff?; del JMSDF as 8057 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-062 HSS-2A 8058: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-062, ff?; del JMSDF as 8058 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-063 HSS-2A 8059: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-063, ff?; del JMSDF as 8059 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-064 HSS-2A 8060: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-064, ff?; del JMSDF as 8060 unk; w/o 19Mar80.
M61-065 HSS-2A 8061: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-065, ff?; del JMSDF as 8061 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-066 HSS-2A 8062: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-066, ff?; del JMSDF as 8062 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-067 HSS-2A 8063: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-067, ff?; del JMSDF as 8063 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-068 HSS-2A 8064: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-068, ff?; del JMSDF as 8064 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-069 HSS-2A 8065: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-069, ff?; del JMSDF as 8065 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-070 HSS-2A 8066: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-070, ff?; del JMSDF as 8066 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-073 HSS-2A 8067: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-073, ff?; del JMSDF as 8067 unk; wfu & soc unk; +
M61-074 HSS-2A 8068: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-070, ff?; del JMSDF as 8066 unk; wfu & preserved+
M61-076 HSS-2A 8069: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-076, ff?; del JMSDF as 8069 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-077 HSS-2A 8070: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-077, ff?; del JMSDF as 8070 unk; w/o 24May79.
M61-078 HSS-2A 8071: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-078, ff?; del JMSDF as 8071 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-079 HSS-2A 8072: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-079, ff?; del JMSDF as 8072 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-081 HSS-2A 8073: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-081, ff?; del JMSDF as 8073 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-082 HSS-2A 8074: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-082, ff?; del JMSDF as 8074 unk; wfu & preserved+
M61-083 HSS-2A 8075: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-083, ff?; del JMSDF as 8075 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-084 HSS-2A 8076: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-084, ff?; del JMSDF as 8076 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-085 HSS-2A 8077: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-085, ff?; del JMSDF as 8077 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-086 HSS-2A 8078: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-086, ff?; del JMSDF as 8078 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-087 HSS-2A 8079: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-087, ff?; del JMSDF as 8079 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-088 HSS-2A 8080: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-088, ff?; del JMSDF as 8080 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-089 HSS-2A 8081: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-089, ff?; del JMSDF as 8081 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-090 HSS-2A 8082: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-090, ff?; del JMSDF as 8082 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-092 HSS-2A 8083: Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-092, ff?; del JMSDF as 8083 unk; w/o 22Nov80.
M61-093 HSS-2B 8084: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-093, ff?; del JMSDF as 8084 unk; wfu & pre Komak+
M61-094 HSS-2B 8085: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-094, ff?; del JMSDF as 8085 unk; wfu & pre Tatey+
M61-095 HSS-2B 8086: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-095, ff?; del JMSDF as 8086 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-097 HSS-2B 8087: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-097, ff?; del JMSDF as 8087 unk; wfu & soc unk.
8087: 16Aug87 pictured with 122 Sqd on JDS Yamayuki (DD129) in Portsmouth Harbou+
M61-098 HSS-2B 8088: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-098, ff?; del JMSDF as 8088 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-099 HSS-2B 8089: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-099, ff?; del JMSDF as 8089 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-100 HSS-2B 8090: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-100, ff?; del JMSDF as 8090 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-101 HSS-2B 8091: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-101, ff?; del JMSDF as 8091 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-102 HSS-2B 8092: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-102, ff?; del JMSDF as 8092 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-103 HSS-2B 8093: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-103, ff?; del JMSDF as 8093 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-105 HSS-2B 8094: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-105, ff?; del JMSDF as 8094 unk; w/o 11Jun88.
M61-106 HSS-2B 8095: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-106, ff?; del JMSDF as 8095 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-107 HSS-2B 8096: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-107, ff?; del JMSDF as 8096 unk; wfu & soc unk.
8096: 16Aug87 pictured with 122 Sqd on JDS Matsuyuki (DD130) in Portsmouth Harbo+
8096: JMSDF; 1994 211 Kokutai
M61-108 HSS-2B 8097: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-108, ff?; del JMSDF as 8097 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-109 HSS-2B 8098: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-109, ff?; del JMSDF as 8098 unk; w/o 03Apr83.
M61-110 HSS-2B 8099: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-110, ff?; del JMSDF as 8099 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-112 HSS-2B 8100: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-112, ff?; del JMSDF as 8100 unk; w/o 27Mar86.
M61-113 HSS-2B 8101: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-113, ff?; del JMSDF as 8101 unk; wfu & preserved+
M61-114 HSS-2B 8102: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-114, ff?; del JMSDF as 8102 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-115 HSS-2B 8103: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-115, ff?; del JMSDF as 8103 unk; wfu & soc unk.
8103: JMSDF; 1994 51 Kokutai
M61-116 HSS-2B 8104: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-116, ff?; del JMSDF as 8104 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-117 HSS-2B 8105: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-117, ff?; del JMSDF as 8105 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-118 HSS-2B 8106: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-118, ff?; del JMSDF as 8106 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-120 HSS-2B 8107: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-120, ff?; del JMSDF as 8107 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-121 HSS-2B 8108: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-121, ff?; del JMSDF as 8108 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-122 HSS-2B 8109: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-122, ff?; del JMSDF as 8109 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-125 HSS-2B 8110: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-125, ff?; del JMSDF as 8110 unk; wfu & soc unk.
8110: JMSDF 1995 51 Kokutai
M61-126 HSS-2B 8111: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-126, ff?; del JMSDF as 8111 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-127 HSS-2B 8112: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-127, ff?; del JMSDF as 8112 unk; wfu & dumped Ka+
8112: JMSDF; 1994 211 Kokutai
M61-128 HSS-2B 8113: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-128, ff?; del JMSDF as 8113 unk; wfu & dumped Ka+
M61-129 HSS-2B 8114: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-129, ff?; del JMSDF as 8114 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-132 HSS-2B 8115: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-132, ff?; del JMSDF as 8115 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-133 HSS-2B 8116: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-133, ff?; del JMSDF as 8116 unk; wfu & dumped Ka+
8116: JMSDF 1995 211 Kokutai
M61-134 HSS-2B 8117: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-134, ff?; del JMSDF as 8117 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-135 HSS-2B 8118: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-135, ff?; del JMSDF as 8118 unk; wfu & dumped Ta+
M61-136 HSS-2B 8119: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-136, ff?; del JMSDF as 8119 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-137 HSS-2B 8120: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-137, ff?; del JMSDF as 8120 unk; wfu & dumped Ka+
8120: 06jan88 pictured on DD 122 Hatsuyuki
M61-138 HSS-2B 8121: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-138, ff?; del JMSDF as 8121 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-139 HSS-2B 8122: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-139, ff?; del JMSDF as 8122 unk; w/o 14Feb96.
8122: JMSDF; 1994 211 Kokutai
M61-141 HSS-2B 8123: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-141, ff?; del JMSDF as 8123 unk; noted 101 Kokut+
M61-142 HSS-2B 8124: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-142, ff?; del JMSDF as 8124 unk; wfu & preserved+
M61-143 HSS-2B 8125: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-143, ff?; del JMSDF as 8125 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-144 HSS-2B 8126: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-144, ff?; del JMSDF as 8126 unk; noted 101 Kokut+
M61-145 HSS-2B 8127: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-145, ff?; del JMSDF as 8127 unk; noted Omura Apr+
M61-146 HSS-2B 8128: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-146, ff?; del JMSDF as 8128 unk; w/o 14Feb96; du+
8128: JMSDF; 1994 211Kokutai
M61-147 HSS-2B 8129: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-147, ff?; del JMSDF as 8129 unk; noted Komatsush+
M61-148 HSS-2B 8130: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-148, ff?; del JMSDF as 8130 unk; noted Shimofusa+
8130: JMSDF; 1994 51 Kokutai; 1995 51 Kokutai
M61-149 HSS-2B 8131: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-149, ff?; del JMSDF as 8131 unk; noted 101 Kokut+
M61-150 HSS-2B 8132: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-150, ff?; del JMSDF as 8132 unk; w/o 10Jul93.
M61-152 HSS-2B 8133: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-152, ff?; del JMSDF as 8133 unk; noted Komatsush+
M61-153 HSS-2B 8134: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-153, ff?; del JMSDF as 8134 unk; noted Ominatu K+
8134: JMSDF; 1994 211Kokutai; 1995 211 Kokutai
M61-154 HSS-2B 8135: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-154, ff?; del JMSDF as 8135 unk; noted Omura Sep+
M61-155 HSS-2B 8136: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-155, ff?; del JMSDF as 8136 unk; noted Ominatu K+
M61-156 HSS-2B 8137: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-156, ff?; del JMSDF as 8137 unk; noted Shimofusa+
M61-157 HSS-2B 8138: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-157, ff?; del JMSDF as 8138 unk; wfu & preserved+
M61-158 HSS-2B 8139: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-158, ff?; del JMSDF as 8139 unk; noted Omura Kok+
M61-159 HSS-2B 8140: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-159, ff?; del JMSDF as 8140 unk; noted Omura Kok+
M61-160 HSS-2B 8141: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-160, ff?; del JMSDF as 8141 unk; noted Komatsush+
M61-161 HSS-2B 8142: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-161, ff?; del JMSDF as 8142 unk; noted 101 Kokut+
M61-162 HSS-2B 8143: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-162, ff?; del JMSDF as 8143 unk; noted Komatsush+
M61-163 HSS-2B 8144: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-163, ff?; del JMSDF as 8144 unk; noted Omura Kok+
M61-164 HSS-2B 8145: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-164, ff?; del JMSDF as 8145 unk; noted Komatsush+
M61-165 HSS-2B 8146: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-165, ff?; del JMSDF as 8146 unk; wfu & preserved+
M61-166 HSS-2B 8147: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-166, ff?; del JMSDF as 8147 unk; noted Ominatu K+
M61-167 HSS-2B 8148: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-167, ff?; del JMSDF as 8148 unk; noted Omura Kok+
M61-168 HSS-2B 8149: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-168, ff?; del JMSDF as 8149 unk; noted Komatsush+
M61-169 HSS-2B 8150: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-169, ff?; del JMSDF as 8150 unk; noted Ominatu K+
M61-170 HSS-2B 8151: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-170, ff?; del JMSDF as 8151 unk; noted Komatsush+
M61-171 HSS-2B 8152: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-171, ff?; del JMSDF as 8152 unk; noted Komatsush+
M61-172 HSS-2B 8153: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-172, ff?; del JMSDF as 8153 unk; noted Atsugi Ma+
M61-173 HSS-2B 8154: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-173, ff?; del JMSDF as 8154 unk; noted Komatsush+
M61-174 HSS-2B 8155: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-174, ff?; del JMSDF as 8155 unk; noted Komatsush+
M61-176 HSS-2B 8157: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-176, ff?; del JMSDF as 8157 unk; noted Ominato K+
8157: JMSDF 1995 211 Kyoiku Kokutai
M61-177 HSS-2B 8158: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-177, ff?; del JMSDF as 8158 unk; noted Atsugi Ap+
8158: JMSDF 1995 51 Kokutai
M61-179 HSS-2B 8160: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-179, ff?; del JMSDF as 8160 unk; noted Ominato K+
8160: JMSDF 1995 51 Kokutai
M61-180 HSS-2B 8161: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-180, ff?; del JMSDF as 8161 unk; noted Komatsush+
8161: JMSDF 1995 51 Kokutai
M61-181 HSS-2B 8162: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-181, ff?; del JMSDF as 8162 unk; noted Ominato K+
M61-182 HSS-2B 8163: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-182, ff?; del JMSDF as 8163 unk; noted Ominato K+
M61-183 HSS-2B 8164: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-183, ff?; del JMSDF as 8164 unk; noted Atsugi Ma+
M61-184 HSS-2B 8165: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-184, ff?; del JMSDF as 8165 unk; wfu & preserved+
M61-185 HSS-2B 8166: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-185, ff?; del JMSDF as 8166 unk; w/o 04Mar94.
M61-186 HSS-2B 8167: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-186, ff?; del JMSDF as 8167 unk; noted Ominato K+
8167: JMSDF 1995 124 Kokutai
M61-008 S-61A 1963 8181: Mitsubishi S-61A c/n M61-008, ff?; del JMSDF as 8181 unk; noted o/b icebre+
M61-010 S-61A 1963 8182: Mitsubishi S-61A c/n M61-010, ff?; del JMSDF as 8182 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-071 S-61A 8183: Mitsubishi S-61A c/n M61-071, ff?; del JMSDF as 8183 unk; noted at Tateyam+
M61-075 S-61A-1 1968 8184: Mitsubishi S-61A-1 c/n M61-075, ff?; del JMSDF as 8184 unk; noted stored i+
M61-187 S-61A-1 8185: Mitsubishi S-61A-1 c/n M61-187, ff?; del JMSDF Shirase Hik/21 Kokutai as 8+
M61-175 S-61A-1 8186: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-175 (JMSDF 8156) converted on production line to+
M61-178 S-61A-1 8187: Mitsubishi HSS-2B c/n M61-178 (JMSDF 8159) converted on production line to+
KHI03 CH-101 2008 8191: KHI Merlin CH-101, c/n KHI03, f/f ?; d/d to JMSDF as 8191/91 Sep08; xfer 1+
KHI04 CH-101 2009 8192: KHI Merlin CH-101, c/n KHI04, f/f ?; d/d to JMSDF as 8192/92 May09; xfer 1+
8192: 24sep11 pictured aboard the Japanese Antarctic survey vessel Shirase
KHI11 CH-101 2013 8193: JMSDF CH-101; 2013 111 Kok asg Shirase Hikohan
8193: w/o 17aug17 while hovering over the Seaplane Ramp at Iwakuni Airbase durin+
KHI01 mch-101 2006 8651: AW Merlin Mk.518, c/n 50138, reg G-17-518, f/f 15/02/2005; asgd AW temp re+
KHI02 mch-101 2006 8652: AW Merlin Mk.518, c/n 518002, f/f?; del to Japan 23Mar07; KHI Merlin MCH-1+
KHI05 mch-101 2010 8653: KHI MCH-101 Merlin, f/f?; d/d to JMSDF as 8653 Nov10; xfer 111 Kok. 09Mar1+
KHI06 mch-101 2011 8654: KHI MCH-101 Merlin, f/f?; d/d to JMSDF as 8654 07Mar11; xfer 111 Kok. 29Ma+
KHI07 mch-101 2011 8655: KHI MCH-101 Merlin, f/f?; d/d to JMSDF as 8655 29Sep11; xfer 111 Kok. 29Se+
KHI08 mch-101 2013 8656: JMSDF MCH-101; 2013 111 Kok
KHI09 mch-101 8657: JMSDF MCH-101
KHI10 mch-101 8658: JMSDF MCH-101
KHI12 mch-101 8659: JMSDF MCH-101
KHI13 mch-101 8660: JMSDF MCH-101
m61-072 S-61AH 8941: Mitsubishi S-61AH, c/n M61-072, ff?; del JMSDF as 8941 unk; wfu Oct02; nos+
M61-080 S-61AH 8942: Mitsubishi S-61AH, c/n M61-080, ff?; del JMSDF as 8942 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-091 S-61AH 8943: Mitsubishi S-61AH, c/n M61-091, ff?; del JMSDF as 8943 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-096 S-61AH 8944: Mitsubishi S-61AH, c/n M61-096, ff?; del JMSDF as 8944 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-104 S-61AH 8945: Mitsubishi S-61AH, c/n M61-104, ff?; del JMSDF as 8945 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-111 S-61AH 8946: Mitsubishi S-61AH, c/n M61-111, ff?; del JMSDF as 8946 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-119 S-61AH 8947: Mitsubishi S-61AH, c/n M61-119, ff?; del JMSDF as 8947 unk; wfu & soc unk.
8947: JMSDF 1995 Kanoya ARS
M61-123 S-61AH 8948: Mitsubishi S-61AH, c/n M61-123, ff?; del JMSDF as 8948 unk; wfu & dumped O+
M61-124 S-61AH 8949: Mitsubishi S-61AH, c/n M61-124, ff?; del JMSDF as 8949 unk; wfu & stored O+
8949: JMSDF 1995
M61-130 S-61AH 8950: Mitsubishi S-61AH, c/n M61-130, ff?; del JMSDF as 8950 unk; wfu & soc unk.
M61-131 S-61AH 8951: Mitsubishi S-61AH, c/n M61-131, ff?; del JMSDF as 8951 unk; wfu & dumped O+
M61-140 S-61AH 8952: Mitsubishi S-61AH, c/n M61-140, ff?; del JMSDF as 8952 unk; wfu & soc Iwo +
M61-151 S-61AH 8953: Mitsubishi S-61AH, c/n M61-151, ff?; del JMSDF as 8953 unk; wfu & soc Iwo +
198 C/N found in this Organisation.

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