france DAG Tarbes

Gendarmerie Nationale

Detachment Aerien Gendarmerie Tarbes
French National Gendarmerie
Part of SAG Toulouse

1963 to present    

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1963/nowTarbes LaloubèreLFDT

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1972/06alouette iii
1963/72alouette ii

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
2009 sa319b 2009: Gendarmerie/JBL; May08 pictured preserved at Le Bourget
2022 sa318c F-MJAG: Gendarmerie; 09feb78 pictured at Bron
9008 ec145 2002 F-MJBA: Gendarmerie/JBA
F-MJBA: Oct03 SAG Villacoublay FM-JBA
9014 ec145 2002 F-MJBB: Gendarmerie Nationale FM-JBB
F-MJBB: Oct03 SAG Villacoublay
F-MJBB: 2010 pictured at Tarbes Laloubere; 2011 DAG Tarbes
9018 ec145 2003 F-MJBC: Gendarmerie Nationale FM-JBC
F-MJBC: Oct03 SAG Villacoublay
F-MJBC: Gendarmerie/JBC; 19may07 pictured at Ajaccio
9019 ec145 2003 F-MJBD: Gendarmerie Nationale FM-JBD
F-MJBD: Oct03 SAG Villacoublay
F-MJBD: 19jun11 pictured at meeting aerien aerodrome le luc
9025 ec145 2003 F-MJBE: Gendarmerie
F-MJBE: 09apr15 Modane, Savoie, southeastern France
9035 ec145 2003 F-MJBF: Gendarmerie
9036 ec145 2003 F-MJBG: Gendarmerie
1211 se3130 F-MJBH: Gendarmerie; JBH; w/o 21jan85 after hard landing on mountains
9037 ec145 2003 F-MJBH: Gendarmerie /JBH; 14jul10 Flew in parade quatorze juillet 2010.
F-MJBH: 14jul11 Flew in parade quatorze juillet 2011
F-MJBH: w/o 20may16 crashed in Cauterets, High Pyrénées. Rotor clipped a cliff a+
9127 ec145 2007 F-MJBI: Gendarmerie/JBI
F-MJBI: Participated in Bastille Day flypast 14 Jul 2009, with GN
F-MJBI: 21aug17 pictured (pic2) at Perpignan
9140 ec145 2008 F-MJBJ: Gendarmerie
9162 ec145 2008 F-MJBK: Gendarmerie
1678 sa319a F-MJBK: Gendarmerie
2280 sa318c F-MJBK: Gendarmerie c/n 2280/M419 w/o 16jul78
9162 ec145 2008 F-MJBK: SAG Chamonix
9113 ec145 2007 F-MJBM: Gendarmerie
F-MJBM: Jan12 SAG Cayenne, Guyane
2033 sa319b F-MJBN: Gendarmerie /JBN; 2003 SAG Lyon
9124 ec145 2007 F-MJBO: Gendarmerie
F-MJBO: Jan12 SAG Saint Denis, La Reunion
9169 ec145 2008 F-MJBR: Gendarmerie /JBR
F-MJBR: 14jul12 flew in parade Quatorze Juillet 2012
F-MJBR: 14jul13 SAG Villacoublay./JBR flew in parade Quatorze Juillet 2013
F-MJBR: 14jul17 as /JBR pictured (pic2) leading the Gendarmerie section of the hel+
Eurocopter Germany D-HMBI: Eurocopter Germany, to F-MJBR
9173 ec145 2008 F-MJBT: Gendarmerie./JBT
Eurocopter Germany D-HMBC: Eurocopter toward F-MJBT
Eurocopter Germany D-HMBC: Eurocopter; 16+17aug08 Kecskemet air show full Gendarmerie c/s
2125 sa319b F-MJBV: Gendarmerie Nationale FM-JBV; 2003 DAG Hyeres
F-MJBV: Oct03 SAG Hyeres
1120 se3160 F-MJBW: Gendarmerie Nationale FM-JBW
F-MJBW: Oct03 SA319B type SAG Villacoublay
1693 sa316b F-MJBX: Gendarmerie Nationale FM-JBX
F-MJBX: Oct03 SA319B type SAG Villacoublay
24 C/N found in this Organisation.

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