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1966 to present    

  • Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 267 US Marine Corps
  • hmla-267 mcas futenmaAH-1Z & UH-1Y at MCAS Futenma, Okinawa, Dec. 2, 2016

Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 267

1966-1987 badge
The Stingers, tail code UV, was organized as HML-267 at MCAF Camp Pendleton, an outgrowth of VMO-5 in December 1966. VMO-5 was slated to receive all fixed wing OV-10A s at the time, so HML-267 received the UH-1E inventory from VMO-5. In 1987 with the reception of AH-1Ws became HMLA-267

On 2009 they made history with the maiden deployment of the UH-1Y Huey and by 2012 they transitioned completely from the AH-1W to the AH-1Z Viper

I was assignned to HML-267 as a PFC 6112/6124 in the fall of 1972 after completing training with TME33 on the same airfield. Our housing was in old WWII barracks in Area 14 just below the hill where Camp Pendleton's Red-Line Brig was located. It was a real pain in teh rear getting to "Champo Flats" and the flight-line. The bus schedule wasn't user friendly, and if you were young and without a car, were dependant upon it. I was first assigned to the "Check Crew" to receive more OJT, them moved to flight line. I received overseas orders in Feb 1973 and headed to Okinawa (HML-367 & H&MS-36) I also spent time aboard the USS Tripoli and Inchon. I returned to MCAS Yuma where I became the NATOPS crewchief Eval/Inst for SAR and ultimately returned to HML-267 and HML 167 in 1975 for training as we (Yuma) prepared to receive the UH-1N. I enjoyed my time with HML-267. The time has faded many memories but several stick out. One day (early 1973) HML-269 rolled an AH-1J Cobra over just off our flight line. I also remember the senior NCO for the Check crew broke both wrists playing combat volleyball over lunch in front of the hanger....he soon learned who his buddies were as with both hands in casts- needed assistance in the rest room! I often crewed weekend cross-country trips....most often to Yuma. I had fun on those trips and was probably one reason I requested stationing there upon return from Okinawa. The big reason was the small Search and Rescue unit stationed there. I also helped out in the ALSE hop. Since I could sew, I was asked to assist make the HML-267 aircraft VIP seat coverings. I got out of the Marines in 1976 to complete college. in 1980 I joined the AZNG as a crewchief (3/4 of us were former Marines) I attended Army Rotary Winged Flight School in 82-83 and retired with 38 years of service (25 active) in Mar 2010. I had 1400 hours of crewchief time and 4000+ as a pilot. My last aircraft was the Apache Long Bow.
I may have been with you. My name Larry Bettinelli (Zeke) I was a 1st lt at the time in HML 267 at the same time you where there. I was also in 462 the composite squadron on the USS Tripoli, New Orleans and the USS Okinawa With 362 in Op Eagle Pull I'm Looking for some information concerning a Medivac I did from 29 palms to North Island In Oct73
1966-1969, I was with VMO-5, HML-267 I loved this units. I miss my brothers who I went to rescue after a training mission and didn't make it. I think of you all the time and miss you. NCOIC of the T53-L11 Jet Engine shop and crew chief. If anybody remembers this accidents please email me. Sgt. H D Leal
1971-1977, I was in HML 267 before the new hangar was built crew chief uh-1e single engine, mine was 00

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News of Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 267

New Aux Fuel Tanks for UH-1Y and AH-1Z, 17-Mar-17 : Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron HMLA-267 used new auxiliary fuel tanks in the AH-1Z Viper and UH-1Y Venom for a 25% range increase during recent flights based from Okinawa, Japan

Calling for Back Up: Close-Air Support, 10-Jun-16 : Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron HMLA-267 “Stingers” conducted a close-air-support training mission at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms in California

Helicopter Rope Suspension Technique, 12-May-16 : U.S. Marines performed Helicopter Rope Suspension Training (HRST) from UH-1Y Venom at Camp Pendleton, CA

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1966/    MCAS Camp PendletonKNFG


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2009/    UH-1Y Venom
1987/    209 ah-1 cobra
1966/76UH-1E Iroquois

List of aircraft

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List of Aircraft for HMLA-267 / HML-267
C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
6052 UH-1E 1965 151858 : USMC d/d Jun65 MCAS New River, NC; Jun65-Feb67 VMO-1 MCAS New River, NC; +
US Forest Service N121FC : US Forest Service 1987-2002
6202 UH-1E 155347 : HML-267 w/o 25jul69
6209 UH-1E 155354 : HML-267 w/o 21oct70;
31405 UH-1N 158234 : HMLA-267 UV-31
31678 UH-1N 159202 : HMM-165 YW-30; 2009 HMLA-267
31681 UH-1N 159205 : HMM-166 /YX-32; 2009 HMLA-267 /UV-40
31684 UH-1N 159208 : 2009 HMLA-267 UV-31
31702 UH-1N 159692 : HMM-161 YR-30. HMLA-267 w/o 19feb95 USS Essex (LHD-2). c/n not confirmed
31704 UH-1N 159694 : HMLA-267 UV. w/o 16nov94. c/n not confirmed
31719 UH-1N 160169 : 30apr09 pictured as HMLA-267/UV-37 at Camp Pendleton, California
31722 UH-1N 160172 : USMC; 1988 SAR helo of New Orleans (LPH-11); 2008 UV-41/HMLA-267
31727 UH-1N 160177 : 2010 HMLA-267
31728 UH-1N 160178 : USMC; 1988 as YQ-41/HMM-268 on USS New Orleans (LPH-11); w/o 19oct90 as UV+
31756 UH-1N 160621 : 01jun10 pictured as HMLA-267 /UV-39 on USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD-6) off th+
31757 UH-1N 160622 : USMC; w/o 19oct90 as UV-?/HMLA-267 attached to HHM-164 off Oman collided w+
26940 ah-1t 160818 : USMC; conv AH-1W c/n 29105; HMLA-267 w/o 30jul99
26906 ah-1t 161020 : USMC; conv AH-1W; HMLA-267 w/o 05apr03
26266 ah-1w 163941 : USMC; 07jun11 pictured as AH-1W type HMLA-267 /UV-28 at Combat Outpost Alc+
26278 ah-1w 163953 : Oct95 AH-1W type HMLA-267./UV-15
55104 UH-1Y 167796 : USMC; apr12 HMLA-267./UV-08
ah-1z 167809 : 12oct12 pictured (bot) as HMLA-267 /UV-41 at Yuma, AZ
ah-1z 167810 : 15apr13 pictured as HMLA-267 /UV-42 at MCAS Yuma, AZ
UH-1Y 167995 : USMC; Nov10 as HMLA-267 /UV-33
UH-1Y 167997 : USMC; Feb12 new HMLA-267 /UV-35
UH-1Y 167999 : USMC; Apr13 HMLA-267 /UV-01
: Dec14 as HMLA-267 /01 at MCAS Yuma, AZ
ah-1z 168050 : USMC; 2012 HMLA-267 /UV-46
UH-1Y 168319 : USMC; 15apr13 pictured as HMLA-267 /UV-08 at MCAS Yuma, AZ
ah-1z 168399 : USMC; 2012 HMLA-267 /UV-45
UH-1Y 168412 : USMC; 2012 HMLA-267 /UV-09
: May13 HMLA-267 /UV-09
ah-1z 168419 : USMC; 2012 HMLA-267 /UV-49
ah-1z 168421 : USMC; Sep13 HMLA-267 /UV-50
UH-1Y 168503 : 09may16 as HMLA-267 /UV-12 training fast rope at Camp Pendleton
ah-1z 168519 : USMC; 2013 HMLA-267 /UV-53
ah-1z 168526 : USMC; Feb16 HMLA-267 /UV-40
: 10jun16 as HMLA-267 /UV-40 in close air support training at Twentynine P+
UH-1Y 168789 : USMC; Oct14 HMLA-267 /UV-07
ah-1z 168799 : USMC; Nov14 HMLA-267 /UV-55


may-11nov-11AF ISAF

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