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1995/nowMO Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal
1988/nowShun Tak HeliportVHST
1988/nowCN Shenzhen BaoanZGSZ
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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
76-0497 s-76c 1998 B-HJR: S-76C+ Sky Shuttle 1998~2009
Eagle Copters C-GOEV: Eagle Copters Apr12-Feb15
Costa do Sol Taxi Aereo PR-EAE: Costa do Sol Taxi Aereo Mar14
Erickson -: Erickson Inc for leasing
76-0521 s-76c 2001 B-KCC: Sky Shuttle Helicopters, noted 2009
- N9017M: Helicopter Hong Kong Ltd at Newson, MA Apr/May 2002
- VH-BKS: Australia, to HL9489
Helikorea HL9489: HeliKorea, South Korea, noted 2013
- B-KCC: Helicopter Hong Kong Ltd, noted 2003
- B-KCC: Heli Express / East Asia Airlines, noted 2005-2008
- HL-9489: Dec15-Nov16, sold Sikorsky S76C+ 2001; Engines and Airframe on PBH, Utility Configured , Honeywell ...
31238 aw139 B-KHM: Sky Shuttle d/d nov09
31243 aw139 B-KHN: Sky Shuttle d/d jul09
76-0474 s-76c 1997 B-MHF: East Asia Airlines/Sky Shuttle, ferry as CS-MHF, Oct97-2009
Eagle Copters C-GOEJ: Eagle Copters from Apr12
Eagle Copters C-GOEJ: 15oct14 at Calgary
76-0475 s-76c 1997 B-MHG: S-76 ; East Asia Airlines/Sky Shuttle Oct97-2009, ferry as CS-MHG
Eagle Copters C-GOEP: Eagle Copters from Apr12
Eagle Copters C-GOEP: 02jan15 at Calgary, Alberta
76-0476 s-76c 1997 B-MHH: East Asia Airlines/Sky Shuttle, ferry ex CS-MHH, Oct97-2009
31220 aw139 B-MHI: Sky Shuttle d/d dec08
31222 aw139 B-MHJ: Sky Shuttle d/d dec08; 03jul10 ditched into the Hong Kong harbour, no fata+
31229 aw139 B-MHK: Sky Shuttle d/d feb09
31230 aw139 B-MHL: Sky Shuttle d/d mar09
B-MHL: 2015 pictured featuring SWAT helicopter in Blackhat movie
47559 222ut 1987 CS-HMA: Sky Shuttle; 1997 to N222UT
State of California N222UT: CALSTAR, ex CS-HMA
- JA9656: Bell 222UT, cn47559, ff:?; del Japan as JA9656, unk
- CS-MHA: rereg Macau as CS-MHA, unk
47156 222B CS-HMB: Sky Shuttle; ex N3216W; wfu 1997
Bell Helicopter N3216W: Bell 222B cn47156, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N3216W, unk
- JA9944: xfer Japan as JA9944, unk
- CS-MHB: reg Portugal as CS-MHB, unk
47561 222ut 1987 CS-HMC: Sky Shuttle, reser CS-MHC
State of California N222RX: California Shock Trauma Air Rescue (CALSTAR) Aug98-Jun14
- JA9657: Japan, to CS-HMC
- CS-MHC: Macau, to N222RX
- N222RX: private at Madera, CA Jun/Oct 2014
- N222RX: Pacific Helicopters Services Llc at Puunene, HI from Nov14
14 C/N found in this Organisation.

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