brazil 2º Esquadrão de Helicópteros de Emprego Geral

Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil

HU-2 : 2nd Multipurpose Helicopter Squadron
Brazilian Navy

1986 to present    

hu-2 marinha brasil

Established September 18, 1986, the Esquadrão de Helicópteros de Emprego Geral HU-2 started first as unit ( Núcleo ) on March 1987 to finally became operational on February 1988. Equipped with AS332 Super Pumas (UH-14) is the air support unit for the Brazilian Marines ( Fuzileiros Navais ) but also served as VIP, logistical support VERTREP, firefighting and medevac. These helicopters routinely embarked on aircraft carriers NAeL Minas Gerais (A-11) and NAe São Paulo (A-12) and the amphibious assault ship NDM Bahia (G-40). From 2010 they started receiving the locally assembled EC725 Caracal: 8 UH-15 Super Cougar, 5 AH-15B ASuW / ECM and 3 UH-15C CSAR.

On December 2017, during the amphibious assault training exercise Operação Dragão XXXVIII, the squadron completed its 1000th shipboard landing

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News of 2º Esquadrão de Helicópteros de Emprego Geral

NDM Bahia Holds First Aviation Safety Inspection, 12-Sep-16 : Brazilian navy new LPD ship NDM Bahia (ex French Siroco) conducts first aviation safety qualification with the EC725 / H225M helicopter

Brazilian Navy EC725 Performing Medevacs, 09-Jun-16 : The Brazilian navy EC725 / H225M helicopters performed emergency aeromedical evacuations last May


1986/    Sao Pedro da AldeiaSBES


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2010/    EC725 Caracal
1987/    AS332F1 Super Puma

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
2121 as332f1 N-7070: Marinha UH-14 type. d/d 1987; Feb10 pictured (top) with President Lula in +
2112 as332f1 N-7071: Marinha UH-14 type d/d 1987
2118 as332f1 N-7072: Marinha UH-14 type; w/o 18sep90 crash from aircraft carrier Minas Gerais
2217 as332f1 N-7073: Marinha UH-14 type
2225 as332f1 N-7074: Marinha UH-14 type
2227 as332f1 N-7075: Marinha UH-14 type
2766 ec725 2010 N-7101: Marinha UH-15 type d/d 25oct10, test serial F-ZWBS; HU-2 /01
Eurocopter France F-ZWBS: Eurocopter EC725BR-B BRA003, to N-7101
ec725 2012 N-7102: Marinha /02 BRA008 UH-15 type d/d Sep12 HU-2
Helibras ?: Helibras BRA008 Marinha UH-15 type
ec725 N-7103: Marinha /03 BRA012 UH-15 type Jun14 HU-2
Helibras ?: Helibras BRA012 Marinha UH-15 type
ec725 N-7104: Marinha /04 BRA015 UH-15 type d/d 16May15
N-7104: 20nov15 picture supporting fuzileiros navais (brazilian marines) during UN+
2891 ec725 N-7105: Marinha /05 BRA016 UH-15 type Jun14 HU-2
Helibras ?: Helibras BRA016 Marinha UH-15 type
ec725 N-7106: Marinha /06 BRA017 UH-15 d/d 13jun14 HU-2; first fully Brazilian Caracal
Helibras ?: Helibras BRA017 Marinha UH-15 type
2867 ec725 N-7107: Marinha /07 o/o
Helibras ?: Helibras BRA019 Marinha UH-15 type
Airbus Helicopters France F-ZWDS: 02feb15 seen at Marseilles Brazillian Navy registration N-7107 07
Airbus Helicopters France F-ZWDS: May15 used in Poland Armed Forces tests
Airbus Helicopters France F-ZWDS: 11jun15 pictured arriving LeBourget for Paris airshow 2015
Airbus Helicopters France F-ZWDS: c/n seems to be 2867, equiped with the APU Option by Apr15
ec725 2017 N-7201: Marinha d/d 14jun17 HU-2, 1st of 3 in CSAR confguration; pictured
14 C/N found in this Organisation.

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