australia 816 squadron

Fleet Air Arm (RAN)

HU-816 :

1945 to present    

816 squadron
Formed in Oct 1939 as a Royal Navy unit, it transferred to RAN control in Aug 1948 when it reformed at RNAS Eglinton with Fireflies as part of the 20th Carrier Air Group. Reformed 9 Feb 1984 at Nowra (YSNW) as a rotary wing unit with Wessex 31B, stripped of their anti-submarine equipment, in the Utility and Army Support role. Disbanded in Jun 1987. Reformed Jul 1992 from the Seahawk Introduction and Transition Unit (SITU) with the Sikorsky S-70 Seahawk.

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News about this Rotary Wing Unit :

Royal Australian Navy Retires S-70B-2 and AS350, 01-Dec-17 : The Royal Australian Navy formally retired the S-70B-2 Seahawk and AS350BA Squirrel from 723 and 816 Squadrons during a ceremony at Nowra

MH-60R Seahawk Trials on HMAS Hobart, 22-Nov-17 : The Royal Australian Navy completed ‘Guided Missile Destroyer and MH-60R Seahawk Deck Handling Trial’ with new ship HMAS Hobart

24th and Final MH-60R Seahawk to Australia, 28-Jul-16 : The 24th, and final, MH-60R Seahawk was delivery to the Royal Australian Navy. The Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program was started in June 2011 to replace the S-70B2



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2015/nowMH-60R Seahawk
1992/17S-70B-2 Seahawk

Construction Numbers (Not all in unit) Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
70-461 s-70b-2 N24-001: RAN (8)70. ex N7265H
N24-001: Preserved on display at the Fleet Air Arm Museum, Nowra by Jan16
70-464 s-70b-2 N24-002: RAN (8)71. ex N72669
70-468 s-70b-2 N24-003: RAN (8)72. ex N72666
N24-003: Known as Christine
N24-003: preserved at Australian War Memorial in Canberra from Dec17
70-475 s-70b-2 N24-004: RAN (8)73. ex N72671
70-476 s-70b-2 N24-005: RAN (8)74. ex N72662
70-480 s-70b-2 N24-006: RAN (8)75. ex N72664
70-486 s-70b-2 N24-007: RAN (8)76, ex N72662
N24-007: Oct06 816Sqn./76 homebase
70-489 s-70b-2 N24-008: RAN (8)77. ex N72664
70-490 s-70b-2 N24-009: RAN (8)78, test serial N72667; Dec89 to Nowra Seahawk Introductory Traini+
N24-009: Nov15 pictured deploying sonar buoy during Anti-Submarine (ASW) exercise o+
70-591 s-70b-2 N24-010: RAN 879
70-595 s-70b-2 N24-011: RAN (8)80 Skeletor
N24-011: 15jul13 816Sqn./80 embarked HMAS Perth FFH 157
N24-011: 13nov16 pictured on HMAS Arunta (FFH 151) departed HMAS Stirling naval ba+
N24-011: final flight in Bahrain with 816 Sq/Arunta Flt. 13 Apr 2017. Dismantled fo+
70-597 s-70b-2 N24-012: RAN (8)81
N24-012: RAN 816Sqn./881; 2005 deployed aboard HMAS Anzac FFH 150. Participated wit+
70-599 s-70b-2 N24-013: RAN (8)82
70-601 s-70b-2 N24-014: RAN (8)83
N24-014: Oct06 816Sqn./83 homebase
70-604 s-70b-2 N24-015: RAN (8)84
70-609 s-70b-2 N24-016: RAN (8)85
70-4029 mh-60r 2013 N48-001: RAN /(9)01 BuNo 168814 f/f Jun13, pictured Stratford, Connecticut, USA
N48-001: RAN d/d 10dec13
N48-001: 27apr15 with 725 Squadron at Nowra
70-4037 mh-60r 2013 N48-002: RAN /(9)02 BuNo 168815 d/d 10dec13
70-4049 mh-60r 2014 N48-003: RAN /(9)03 BuNo 168816 from Oct14
N48-003: Feb15 first Romeo embarked. HMAS Perth at Sydney
70-4058 mh-60r 2014 N48-004: RAN /(9)04 BuNo 168817 from Oct14
70-4333 mh-60r N48-005: RAN /(9)05 BuNo 168818; Oct14 at NAS Jacksonville, FL
N48-005: 24feb15 on static display at Avalon 2015
70-4347 mh-60r N48-006: RAN /(9)06 BuNo 168819
70-4354 mh-60r N48-007: RAN /(9)07 BuNo 168820
N48-007: Nov07 video departing HMNZS Canterbury (L421) during Exercise Mahi Tang+
70-4360 mh-60r N48-008: RAN /(9)08 BuNo 168821; Mar16 pictured during ASW exercises with HMAS Rank+
N48-008: embarked on HMAS Canberra during Open House celebration in Sydney
70-4364 mh-60r N48-009: RAN /(9)09 BuNo 168822
mh-60r N48-010: RAN /(9)10 BuNo 168823
mh-60r N48-011: RAN /(9)11 BuNo 168824
70-4426 mh-60r N48-012: RAN /(9)12 BuNo 168825
mh-60r N48-013: RAN /(9)13 BuNo 168826
70-4438 mh-60r N48-014: RAN /(9)14 BuNo 168827
70-4452 mh-60r N48-015: RAN /(9)15 BuNo 168828
70-4459 mh-60r N48-016: RAN /(9)16 BuNo 168829
70-4462 mh-60r N48-017: RAN /(9)17 BuNo 168830
70-4465 mh-60r N48-018: RAN /(9)18 BuNo 168831
70-4811 mh-60r N48-019: RAN /(9)19 BuNo 168832
70-4814 mh-60r N48-020: RAN /(9)20 BuNo 168833
70-4816 mh-60r N48-021: RAN /(9)21 BuNo 168834
70-4818 mh-60r N48-022: RAN /(9)22 BuNo 168835
mh-60r N48-023: RAN /(9)23 BuNo 168836
mh-60r 2016 N48-024: RAN /(9)24 BuNo 168837 from 12sep16
wa200 has.31 1962 N7-200: Built at Yeovil, f/f 9 Aug 62, d/d RAN 4 Sep 62. Initially wore code 880, +
N7-200: Westland Wessex HAS.31, c/n WA200, f/f 09/08/62; del RAN as Wessex HAS.31,+
N7-200: took part in relief operations as HS-817/810, from HMAS Melbourne.
wa201 has.31 1962 N7-201: Westland Wessex HAS.31A, c/n WA201, f/f:14/08/62; del RAN as N7-201, 881, +
wa202 has.31 1962 N7-202: Westland Wessex HAS.31A, c/n WA202, f/f:31/08/62; del RAN as N7-202, 882, +
N7-202: took part in relief operations as HS-817/812, from HMAS Melbourne.
- N7-202: to Darwin Aviation Museum as one of the founding exhibits, in Navy colours as N7-202/(8)12. After a ...
wa203 has.31 1962 N7-203: Westland Wessex HAS.31A, c/n WA203, f/f:26/09/62; del RAN as N7-203, 883, +
wa204 has.31 1962 N7-204: Westland Wessex HAS.31A, c/n WA204, f/f:22/10/62; del RAN as N7-204, 884, +
wa205 has.31 1962 N7-205: Westland Wessex HAS.31, c/n WA205, f/f 26/10/62; del RAN as N7-205, 885, u+
wa206 has.31 1962 N7-206: Westland Wessex HAS.31A, c/n WA206, f/f:15/11/62; del RAN as N7-206, 886, +
wa207 has.31 1962 N7-207: Westland Wessex HAS.31A, c/n WA207, f/f:20/11/62; del RAN as N7-207, 887, +
wa208 has.31 1962 N7-208: Westland Wessex Mk.31A, c/n WA208, f/f:28/11/62; del RAN as N7-208, 818, 2+
wa209 has.31 1962 N7-209: Westland Wessex Mk.31A, c/n WA209, f/f:15/12/62, del RAN as N7-209, 819, 1+
N7-209: Burnt at Nowra fire dump
N7-209: Maintenance crew also aboard during the ditching were: LSATA Greg Edwards +
wa210 has.31 1962 N7-210: Westland Wessex Mk.31, c/n WA210, f/f:20/12/62, del RAN as 820, unk; Withd+
wa211 has.31 1963 N7-211: Westland Wessex Mk.31A f/f 14jan63; RAN d/d 02dec63 as N7-211 /821; w/o +
N7-211: 1969 ditching, if my memory serves me correct, there was an naval exercise+
wa212 has.31 1963 N7-212: Westland Wessex Mk.31A, c/n WA212, f/f:18/01/63; del RAN as N7-212, 822, 1+
- N7-212: preserved at Richard Winterburn aircraft museum at Heathcote Vic
wa213 has.31 1963 N7-213: Westland Wessex Mk.31A, c/n WA213, f/f:18/02/63; del RAN as N7-213, 823, 0+
wa214 has.31 1963 N7-214: Westland Wessex Mk.31A, c/n WA214, f/f:18/02/63; de; RAN as N7-214, 824, +
- N7-214: Nov17 at Caboolture, QLD stored outside
wa215 has.31 1963 N7-215: Westland Wessex Mk.31A, c/n WA215, f/f:07/03/63; del RAN as N7-215, 825, 1+
N7-215: This aircraft did not crash at night!
N7-215: I flew out to the rig on 825 with my team (SASR) for a familiarisation of +
N7-215: Airframe preserved at Schneider Collection, Rupanyup, by Mar 2008
wa216 has.31 1963 N7-216: Westland Wessex Mk.31A, c/n WA216, f/f:14/03/63; del RAN as N7-216, 826, 2+
N7-216: Preserved at Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney by 2008
wa217 has.31 1963 N7-217: Westland Wessex Mk.31A, c/n WA217, f/f:08/04/63; del RAN as N7-217, 827, 2+
N7-217: On loan to Queensland Air Museum at Caloundra in March 2002, Still present+
wa218 has.31 1963 N7-218: Westland Wessex Mk.31A, c/n WA218, f/f:09/04/63; del RAN as N7-218, 828, 2+
wa219 has.31 1963 N7-219: Westland Wessex Mk.31A, c/n WA219, f/f:24/04/63; del RAN as N7-219, 829, 0+
- N7-219: at Dubbo Military Museum, until collection auctioned off in Nov 2006.
wa220 has.31 1963 N7-220: Westland Wessex Mk.31A, c/n WA220, f/f:09/05/63; del RAN as N7-220, 830, 2+
wa221 has.31 1963 N7-221: Westland Wessex Mk.31A, c/n WA221, f/f:23/05/63; del RAN as N7-221, 831, 2+
- N7-221: to Fleet Air Arm Museum, Nowra in Navy colours as N7-221/836.
wa222 has.31 1963 N7-222: Westland Wessex Mk.31A, c/n WA222, f/f:21/06/63; del RAN as N7-222, 832, 2+
wa223 has.31 1963 N7-223: Westland Wessex Mk.31A, c/n WA223, f/f:22/07/63; del RAN as N7-223, 833, 0+
wa224 has.31 1963 N7-224: Westland Wessex Mk.31A, c/n WA224, f/f:06/08/63; del RAN as N7-224, 834, 2+
N7-224: Preserved at SAAM, Port Adeliade since at least 2000. Still there Mar 2008+
wa225 has.31 1963 N7-225: Westland Wessex Mk.31A, c/n WA225, f/f:13/08/63; del RAN as N7-225, 835, 0+
wa226 has.31 1963 N7-226: Westland Wessex Mk.31A, c/n WA226, f/f:16/08/63; del RAN as N7-226, 836, 0+
67 C/N found in this Organisation.


04-oct-1305-oct-13 International Fleet Review Sydney 2013
24-jun-0528-jun-05UK Fleet Review: Trafalgar 200
01-jan-90 Operation MANITOU
04-oct-8605-oct-86 Fleet Review: 75th anniversary of RAN

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