switzerland lufttransportstaffel 6

Schweizer Luftwaffe

LtSt.6 : air transport squadron 6
Swiss Air Force

1967 to present    

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2001/    AS532UL Cougar

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
2522 as532ul 2001 T-331: Swiss Air Force TH98 AS532UL Cougar type, VIP
T-331: 11oct12 pictured at Axalp. Notice air conditioner box behind pilot window
2527 as532ul T-332: AS532UL. 2527/MIS018 Swiss AF type: TH98. LtSt.6
T-332: 11oct12 pictured during Flieger-demonstration at Axalp
2521 as532ul 2000 T-333: AS532UL. 2521/MIS016 Swiss AF type: TH98. LtSt.6
T-333: 03jun13 pictured (pic1) at Alpnach
T-333: 31aug13 pictured (pic2) at Jesolo Venice Italy International Air Show
2534 as532ul T-334: 11oct12 pictured at Axalp
2537 as532ul T-335:
T-335: 01-09Oct15 at TLP 2015-3 Albacete from 14Sep-09Oct 2015 participant
2541 as532ul T-336: AS532UL. 2541/MIS021 Swiss AF type: TH98. LtSt.6
T-336: 10sep06 (no badge) Tag der Heeresflieger
2542 as532ul 2001 T-337: AS532UL. 2542/MIS022 Swiss AF type: TH98. LtSt.6
2545 as532ul T-338: AS532UL. 2545/MIS023 Swiss AF type: TH98. LtSt.6; pictured during Axalp 20+
T-338: w/o 28sep16 cduring takeoff from a mountain landing site. Hit power line. +
2551 as532ul 2002 T-339: AS532UL. 2551/MIS024 Swiss AF type: TH98. LtSt.6
T-339: May07 pictured (pic1) with Lufttransportstaffel 6 at Alpnach
T-339: 17jan17 pictured (pic2) at World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos
2554 as532ul T-340: AS532UL. 2554/MIS025 Swiss AF type: TH98. LtSt.6
T-340: 01jul12 pictured (top, middle) at RAF Waddington, UK
T-340: 06sep14 pictured (bot) at Payerne
2559 as532ul 2002 T-341: AS532UL. 2559/MIS026 Swiss AF type: TH98. LtSt.6
T-341: w/o 30mar11 at Maderanertal, Canton of Uri at 2300 m of altitude. Crew re+
2560 as532ul T-342: AS532UL. 2560/MIS027 Swiss AF type: TH98. LtSt.6
12 C/N found in this Organisation.

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