germany marineflieger-geschwader 3


MFG3 : naval aviation wing 3
German Navy

1958 to present    

Unit History:

marineflieger-geschwader 3
Stationed at Nordholz, operates super lynx from german navy frigates

18jul63 - Marinefliegergeschwader 3 (Naval Air Wing 3) established.
01apr64 - Official formation in Kiel-Holtenau.
15jan65 - Nordholz Air Base became home of MFG3 (NAW 3).
09jul67 - MFG 3 (NAW 3) named Graf Zeppelin.
01oct81 - 3.Staffel (3.Sqd) with Sea Lynx formed
07may97 - Official Opening Naval Air and Air Ship (Zeppelin) Museum at Nordholz Air Base.
01jul99 - 85 Years Nordholz Air Base and 35 Years MFG 3 Annivarsary.
01apr00 - Landing of the first 4 Super Lynx Mk.88a.

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2000/nowSuper Lynx mk88a
1981/00Lynx mk88

Construction Numbers in this Organisation: (Not all in this unit) Help Us    

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrganisationIn other Org
    220 mk88     83+01: ex G-BIHJ. w/o 03dec93
    223 mk88     83+02: wfu. ex G-BIHK. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 422
    422 mk88a     83+02: Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 223. United Nations markings
    223 mk88     83+02: MFG; 13aug95 MGF3 Flugtag im Nordholz
    225 mk88     83+03: wfu. ex G-BIHL. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 404
    404 mk88a     83+03: Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 225
    225 mk88     83+03: MFG; 13aug95 MGF3 Flugtag im Nordholz
    231 mk88     83+04: wfu. ex G-BIHM. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 427
    427 mk88a     83+04: Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 231, teset serial G-BIHM
    83+04: MFG in mar2010 deployed aboard FGS Augsburg F213
    231 mk88     83+04: MFG; 13aug95 MGF3 Flugtag im Nordholz
    246 mk88     83+05: wfu. ex G-17-25. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 419
    419 mk88a     83+05: Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 246
    246 mk88     83+05: MFG; Apr98 MFG-3 embarked FGS Lübeck (F214) STANAVFORMED
    252 mk88     83+06: wfu. ex G-17-26. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 414
    414 mk88a     83+06: Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 252. United Nations marking
    83+06: 23jun12 pictured at RNAS Yeovilton Air Day, UK
    421 mk88a     83+07: Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 258
    258 mk88     83+07: MFG; 28sep95 MFG3 visit Laarbruch
    83+07: wfu. ex G-17-27. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 421
    261 mk88     83+08: ex G-17-28. w/o 30oct99
    263 mk88     83+09: wfu. ex G-17-29. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 412
    412 mk88a     83+09: Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 263. Special c/s 25 Years Annivarsary Lynx at MFG3, +
    83+09: MFG; 10sep06 MFG3 special c/s Tag der Heeresflieger
    263 mk88     83+09: MFG; Apr98 MFG-3 embarked FGS Lübeck (F214) STANAVFORMED
    266 mk88     83+10: wfu. ex G-17-30. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 429
    429 mk88a     83+10: Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 266
    269 mk88     83+11: wfu. ex G-17-31. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 417
    83+11: MFG; 13aug95 MGF3 Flugtag im Nordholz
    417 mk88a     83+11: Marineflieger; 16-20may06 MFG3 Berlin air show
    83+11: Marineflieger; MFG-3 Mk88A type rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 269; 09jul11 picture+
    272 mk88     83+12: wfu. ex G-17-32. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 428
    428 mk88a     83+12: Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 272. United Nations markings
    83+12: MGF on 20mar2010 returned from Djibouti. Operation Enduring Freedom. Arriv+
    326 mk88     83+13: wfu. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 423
    423 mk88a     83+13: Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 326. United Nations markings
    326 mk88     83+13: 2008 preserved Kassel
    327 mk88     83+14: MFG; 13aug95 MGF3 Flugtag im Nordholz
    83+14: w/o 16feb00 crashed into the Caribbean Sea, 32km W off Curacao, Netherland+
    430 mk88a     83+15: Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 341
    341 mk88     83+15: MFG; 13+14jun92 MFG3
    83+15: MFG; 13aug95 MGF3 Flugtag im Nordholz
    83+15: wfu. ex ZG867. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 430
    342 mk88     83+16: ex ZG868. w/o 30jan94
    343 mk88     83+17: wfu. ex ZG869. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 415
    415 mk88a     83+17: Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 343
    344 mk88     83+18: wfu. ex ZG870. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 420
    420 mk88a     83+18: Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 344
    345 mk88     83+19: wfu. ex ZG871. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 413
    413 mk88a     83+19: Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 345
    345 mk88     83+19: MFG; 13aug95 MGF3 Flugtag im Nordholz
    413 mk88a     83+19: Marineflieger; 23jun12 MFG3 noseart RATTLEHEAD
    388 mk88a     83+20: MArineflieger, uk test serial ZJ535
    83+20: 14jun13 pictured (top) with 100 Jahre Marineflieger mrks (Germany 100 yea+
    83+20: 13jul13 flying over broadstairs, it attended Yeovilton air show then fle+
    83+20: 21jul13 pictured (bot) at RIAT 2013 RAF Fairford, UK
    389 mk88a     83+21: ex ZJ536
    83+21: MFG on 20mar2010 returned from Djibouti. Operation Enduring Freedom. Arriv+
    391 mk88a 2000     83+22: ex ZJ537. United Nations
    83+22: MFG in mar2010 deployed aboard FGS Augsburg F213
    392 mk88a     83+23: ex ZJ538
    393 mk88a     83+24: Marineflieger, uk serial ZJ539
    83+24: Jul10 pictured at RNAS Yeovilton Air Day 2010 with a Pirates of the Caribb+
    83+24: 29may14 on-board FGS Luebeck (F214) for FOST training in Plymouth, UK
    396 mk88a     83+25: ex ZJ540
    397 mk88a     83+26: ex ZJ541
    41 C/N found in this Organisation.

Participated in operations :

23-jun-1223-jun-12 Fly out MFG-5 Kiel
20-jun-0525-jun-05 SAR meet 2005

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