finland Utin Jääkärirykmentti


UtJR : Utti Jaeger Regiment
Finnish Army

1997 to present    

nh90 finnish special forces

As well as the duties of an Army Regiment, the Utti Jaeger Regiment also include the Finnish Defence Forces Helicopter Battalion, Paratrooper School, Military Police School and the Logistics Centre. The Regiment was formed on 1 Jan 1997 at Utti (EFUT). The Helicopter Battalion consists of a HQ Company, 2 Helicopter Companies and an engineering support Company.

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News about this Rotary Wing Unit :

Finland’s NH90 Reaches 10.000 Flight Hours, 10-Nov-16 : Finnish Army’s NH90 fleet reached 10,000 flight hours. On a world scale the number of flying hours is the fourth largest



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2008/nowNH90 TTH
1997/nowMi-8 Hip (1st Gen)
? to ?369 / 500 / H-6

Construction Numbers (Not all in unit) Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
63-1200D 369d HH-4: Army H500D; ex OH-HAV
63-1201D 369d HH-5: Army H500D, ex OH-HAY
1138D 369d HH-6: Army H500D; ex SE-JAA
133 01 mi-8t HS-1: c/n 133 01 / 13301; Army d/d 31may73; preserved museum Helsinki Vanta
HS-1: On display at Finnish Aviation Museum. Arrived May 1988.
133 07 mi-8t HS-11: c/n 133 07 / 13307; Army d/d 14oct81; to OH-HVA; rtn to 1.HK
Finnish Border Guard OH-HVA: Border Guard, rtn HS11
133 08 mi-8t HS-12: c/n 133 08 / 13308; Army d/d 16dec81; w/o 13apr82; ground trainer at Vekar+
HS-12: w/o 13apr82, destroyed in accident
133 09 mi-8t HS-13: c/n 133 09 / 13309; Army d/d 23mar82; to OH-HVB; rtn 1.HK
Finnish Border Guard OH-HVB: Border Guard, rtn HS13
133 10 mi-8t HS-14: c/n 133 10 / 13310; Army d/d 15aug83; to OH-HVC; rtn and wfu 2008
Finnish Border Guard OH-HVC: Border Guard, rtn HS-14
133 02 mi-8t HS-2: c/n 133 02 / 13302; Army d/d 28may73
133 03 mi-8t HS-3: c/n 133 03 / 13303; Army d/d 28aug74; ground instruction at Kouvola Vocati+
133 04 mi-8t HS-4: c/n 133 04 / 13304; Army d/d 04sep74; Pori school
133 05 mi-8ps HS-5: c/n 133 05 / 13305; Army d/d 23dec78; preserved lahti-vesivehmaa museum
133 06 mi-8ps HS-6: c/n 133 06 / 13306; Army d/d 11jan79; preserved lahti-vesivehmaa museum
HS-6: 10sep06 hekop Tag der Heeresflieger
1005 NH90 TTH NH-201: 1005/TFIA01; F-ZWTF
1011 NH90 TTH NH-202: 1011/TFIA02, KH-202 reser to NH-202 d/d Apr08
1021 NH90 TTH 2007 NH-203: 1021/TFIA03; F-ZWTN; 2008 1.HK
1023 NH90 TTH NH-204: 1023/TFIA04 d/d Sep08
1044 NH90 TTH NH-205: 1044/TFIA05 d/d May09
1051 NH90 TTH NH-206: 1051/TFIA06 d/d Dec08
1060 NH90 TTH NH-207: 1060/TFIA07; 03jun12 MAAVOIMAT pictured at Linköping-Malmen "Flygdag" air+
1069 NH90 TTH NH-208: 1069/TFIA08 d/d May10
1084 NH90 TTH NH-209: 1084/TFIA09 d/d Jan11
NH-209: 17jul13 1.HK after stop heading Fairford air show
NH-209: 21jul13 pictured at RIAT 2013 RAF Fairford, UK
1089 NH90 TTH NH-210: 1089/TFIA10 d/d Jul12
NH-210: 10jul12 pictured during HB2012 at Ovar airbase, Portugal
1098 NH90 TTH NH-211: 1098/TFIA11 d/d Jun11
NH-211: Jul12 HB2012 at Ovar airbase, Portugal
1185 NH90 TTH NH-212: 1185/TFIA12 d/d May12
1210 NH90 TTH NH-213: 1210/TFIA13 d/d May13
1211 NH90 TTH NH-214: 1211/TFIA14 d/d May12
NH-214: 10jul12 pictured during HB2012 at Ovar airbase, Portugal
NH-214: 17jul13 1.HK after stop heading Fairford air show
1212 NH90 TTH NH-215: 1212/TFIA15 d/d Jul12
1213 NH90 TTH NH-216: 1213/TFIA16 d/d Mar13
1214 NH90 TTH NH-217: 1214/TFIA17 d/d May14
1259 NH90 TTH NH-218: 1259/TFIA18
1260 NH90 TTH NH-219: ?/TFIA19
1261 NH90 TTH NH-220: ?/TFIA20
1262 NH90 TTH NH-221: TFIA21 d/d Jun16 at Kuopio
34 C/N found in this Organisation.


04-jul-1218-jul-12PT Hot Blade 2012

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