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22 squadron
Formed at Fort Grange, Gosport on 1 Sep 1916 from a nucleus of 13 Squadron, 22 Squadron undertook a variety of tasks before its famous Search and Rescue Helicopter role began at RAF Thorney Island (EGYT) in Feb 1955 with the Sycamore. Since then, the Unit has operated the Whirlwind HAR.10, Wessex HC.2 and the Sea King HAR.3/3A in up to 4 Flights around Britains coast. In early 2004, 22 Squadron provided SAR services from A Flt at RMB Chivenor (EGDC), B Flt at AAC Wattisham (EGUW) and C Flt at RAF Valley (EGOV).
The transition from Whirlwind to Wessex completed in mid Dec 1981 for A Flight at Chivenor; Whirlwind HAR.10 XD186 and XP344 were replaced by Wessex HAR.2 XV724 and XV730.
B and C Flt were relieved of their SAR responsibilities on 30 Jun 2015, when the service was assumed by Bristow from the MCA Lydd and MCA Caernarfon bases (respectively), the next day. A Flt at RMB Chivenor stood down on 4 Oct 2015 when the new service commenced from MCA St Athan.

I was a Crewman with Sycamores at Chivenor 1955, then spent 2 years at Leconfield on the then new Whirlwinds

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1994/15AAC WattishamEGUW
1992/97Newquay Cornwall Airport (RAF St Mawgan)EGHQ
1988/94RAF ColtishallEGYC
1982/85RAF ColtishallEGYC
1979/88RAF LeconfieldEGXV
1976/93RAF LeucharsEGQL
1976/88Kent International / ManstonEGMH
1974/76Thorney IslandEGYT
1973/76RAF ColtishallEGYC
1964/73Thorney IslandEGYT
1961/69Kent International / ManstonEGMH
1958/15RMB ChivenorEGDC
1956/74Newquay Cornwall Airport (RAF St Mawgan)EGHQ
1955/15RAF ValleyEGOV
1955/59Thorney IslandEGYT
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1994/15sea king
1974/97Wessex HC.2

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
wa 29 har.4 1954 XD186 : RAF f/f Aug 1954, d/d Nov 1954 to 155 Sq; crashed 11 Sep 1958 and for repa+
wa 42 har.4 1954 XJ426 : Ditched while with 22 Sq, following fire indications, off Lundy Is 22 Aug +
wa101 har.2 1955 XJ730 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.2, c/n WA101, ff: 26Nov55; del Royal Air Force as X+
wa342 har10 1961 XP299 : A&AEE Jul 1961 to Apr 1962; Westlands Apr 1962 to Sep 1966; CFS-H /W-H Sep+
wa365 har10 1962 XP349 : Ditched in harbour and w/o following engine failure, 13 Dec 1972 while wit+
wa367 har10 1962 XP351 : f/f 22 Feb 1962, d/d 07 Mar 1962, 22 Sq Mar 1962 to May 1968, RNAY Fleetla+
: 22 Sq May 1973 to Sep 1976, SARTU on 2 Nov 1976 until Feb 1979, 2 FTS Feb +
Ministry of Defence (MoD) XP351 : to MoD(PE) 30 Nov 1972 for trials until May 1973.
wa371 har10 1962 XP355 : RAF Central Flying School (CFS) March 1962; by 1965 22 Squadron in the Air+
- G-BEBC : Milard Car Services Ltd, London reg 25Jun76; canc as Positively wfu 05Dec+
- XP355 : 04Mar11 pictured preserved at the City of Norwich Aviation Museum
wa377 har10 1962 XP361 : ex 22Sq A Flt, pushed onto the Chivenor fire dump on 3 Nov 1982.
wa122 hc.2 1963 XR497 : RAF d/d 28feb63; SAR duty at RAF Valley with 202 Sq by 1977; 22 Sq by Au+
: 202 Sqn was NEVER at RAF Valley, However 22 Sqn was
Uruguayan Air Force 076 : FAU d/d 20jun02; ex RAF XR497; sep02 in service with EA5
: Pictured (bot) in Uruguay during firefighting duties, very good machine!
wa126 hc.2 1963 XR501 : noted at RAF Leuchars air show 02sep78 with 22Sqn
wa129 hc.2 1963 XR504 : to 22Sq A Flt, replacing XV730/BW, 18 Mar 1982, until herself replaced wit+
: RAF Wessex HC.2; 1984 22Sqn.
: SAR duty at RAF Leuchars air show sep84 with B Flt 22Sqn
wa140 hc.2 1964 XR518 : RAF in July 1991 22Sqn.
: 1992 pictured in SAR livery with 22 Sqd B Flight at RAF Leuchars BoB day
wa142 hc.2 1964 XR520 : 29jul92 pictured as SAR type with 22 Sqd A Flight at RAF Chivenor
wa150 hc.2 1964 XR528 : Sep76 based at Leuchars with 22Sqn
- XR528 : preserved at Moravia, Kinloss, museum by Aug17
: 28aug17 at Morayvia, Kinloss, Scotland for display after renovation
wa528 hc.2 1966 XT601 : ff 13 Mar 1966, dd 18 Jun 1966, Wessex SAR Flt. Muharraq by Dec 1967, 72 S+
: RAF; 13+14jun92 22Sqn.
: 29jul92 pictured as SAR type with 22 Sqd A Flight at RAF Chivenor
wa529 hc.2 1967 XT602 : 20aug94 pictured with 22sqn with altered markings at RAF Lossiemouth durin+
wa531 hc.2 1966 XT604 : ff 7 Jul 1966, dd 2 Aug 1966 to RAF. Wessex HAR.2  78Sq, Muharraq SAR+
- XT604 : To Air & Ground Aviation (Staffordshire). Acquired by M Lindsey 2002 a+
: preserved at East Midlands Aeropark
wa538 hc.2 1966 XT670 : 1984 22Sqn
: SAR duty, yellow colour scheme with B Flt 22 Sqn at RAF Leuchars air show +
wa548 hc.2 1967 XT680 : Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA548, f/f: 20/03/1967; del Royal Air Force as X+
: 22 Sq by Sep 1981 still May 1984, 84Sqd/\Diamondsby 2002 - Jan 2003 retire+
- XT680 : 2011 pictured stored at Taranaki, New Zealand warehouse
wa615 hc.2 1967 XV720 : Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA615, f/f:?; del Royal Air Force as XV720, 02/0+
: Sep76 based at Leuchars with 22Sqn
: 22Sq A Flt by Jan 1986. Performed the last ever Air Sea Rescue exercise wi+
- XV720 : Arrived May 2014 at LaserGaming near Abingdon.
: 14feb15 Laser Gaming, High Ropes Oxford
wa624 hc.2 1968 XV729 : 22Sq A Flt on 8 Nov 1982, replacing XR504.
- 9G-AEL : Nov17 at Biggin Hill, owner possible The Wessex Club Limited; to be confi+
wa625 hc.2 1968 XV730 : arrived 4 Nov 1981 from Fleetlands, for 22Sq A Flt, until 19 Mar 1982. Rep+
: 22 Sq by Sep 1984 still Sep 1986, 84 Sq/Clubs by 1999 - Jan 2003 retired a+
: 06jul88 In my flying log as 22 Sqn 'C' Flight RAF Valley
- XV730 : 2011 pictured on right of XT680 stored at Taranaki, New Zealand warehouse
wa 851 har.3 1977 XZ585 : RAF d/d Jan78; RAF SKTU by Dec 1980; 202 Sq by 1986; Crashed on high grou+
- XZ585 : Dec17 at 764 Sqn HMS Sultan; Has been subject to flight servicing and grou+
wa 852 har.3 1977 XZ586 : ex 1564 Flt Sep 2009; 22Sq /B by Oct 2009; 22Sq E Flt by Jul 2010
wa 855 har.3 1978 XZ589 : 2000 HAR.3 type 22Sqn.
wa 858 har.3 1978 XZ592 : 11jul14 pictured (pic2) as 22Sqn /H at RAF Fairford during RIAT 2014
- XZ592 : preserved on static display at Morayvia Science and Technology Centre, Kin+
wa 860 har.3 1978 XZ594 : 16jul06 pictured (pic1) as 22Sqd /J at RAF Fairford
wa 861 har.3 XZ595 : RAF in 2007 /K 22Sqn.C Flt.
wa 863 har.3 1978 XZ597 : 11jul09 pictured as 22Sqd /M at RNAS Yeovilton
wa 947 har.3 1985 ZE368 : dd 3 Jun 1985 202 Sq by 1986 still 1988; 22 Sq C Flt (Wattisham) by Jun 1+
: RAF; 2000 22Sqn.; 2003 202Sqn.
- ZE368 : 17feb16 sold, gone to Durham
: 10aug16 at mini moo's farm, Edmondsley, Durham. DH7 6EY
wa1006 har.3a 1995 ZH540 : RAF; 29apr11 22 sq B Flt from Wattisam made a flypast during the Royal We+
Royal Norwegian Air Force ZH540 : acquired for sacrifical spares for RNoAF Mk.43 fleet, to Sola on 11 Nov 20+
wa1007 har.3a 1995 ZH541 : Boscsombe Down by Jul 1995;22 Sq A Flt (Chivenor) by Feb 1999; 22 Sq B Flt+
: Fleetlands; 22 Sq A Flt/V by Oct 2009, replacing ZH542.
Royal Norwegian Air Force ZH541 : to Norway Dec 2015, as a source of spares
wa1008 har.3a 1996 ZH542 : 22 Sq A Flt/W during Aug 2004, as Rescue 169.
: 31aug09 pictured (top) with 22Sqd at Royal National Lifeboat Institution +
: to SK AMG /W Oct 2009 (replaced on 22 Sq A Flt strength by ZH541/V).
: 22 Sq A Flt at RMB Chivenor up to mid Nov 2015.
Belgian Air Force - : Belgian Air Force as spares source, d/d 24nov15 Koksijde
wa1009 har.3a ZH543 : RAF HAR.3A; 11feb10 pictured with 22 Sqd at RAF Northolt
Royal Norwegian Air Force ZH543 : acquired for sacrifical spares for RNoAF Mk.43 fleet, to Sola on 11 Nov 20+
wa1010 har.3a ZH544 : RAF in 2007 22Sqn. C Flt.
: 24jul13 pictured (bot) as 22 Sqn Sierra 170 at RNAS Culdrose
Royal Norwegian Air Force ? : acquired for sacrifical spares for RNoAF Mk.43 fleet ?
- ZH544 : Jul17, Although it was reported at the time of its retirement this aircraf+
Pakistan Navy - : 01nov17 ZH544 flew for the first time in 2 1/2 years after a D1 minor pack+
wa1011 har.3a ZH545 : 2jun98 22Sqn visit Elmpt Station, Germany
: 1998 B Flt. 22Sqn ; 2009 A Flt. 22Sqn /Z
: 11jul09 as 22Sq / Z on static display at Yeovilton Air Day 2009
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16-aug-0416-aug-04 Boscastle Flood Disaster
03-nov-6203-nov-62 Rescue from Trawler Jeanne Gougy

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