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658 squadron
Formed on 30 Apr 1943 as an Air Observation Post unit at Old Sarum, it went to France shortly after D-Day and moved through Holland and Germany. It moved back to the UK prior to embarkation for India and was eventually disbanded at Hakimpet on 1 Apr 1947.
A detachment was sent to Northern Ireland between Nov 1976 and Feb 1977. Within 4 Regiment in BAOR, on 1 Dec 1978 the unit was renamed 664 Squadron.

Reformed from 8 Flight on 1 Sep 2013.

II served with 658 Squadron in Minden Germany from 1972 to 75 we had 6 bell 47 at that time, I was 14/20th Kings Hussars until the official launch of the AAC in 1974 when i transfered. Half of the Squadron served in Northern Ireland Long Kesh with half from 655 Squadron, in October 1974 Long Kesh was burnt to the ground. The mass breakout was filmed by our helicopters above the flames the video has not yet surfaced. I also served in Sharjah Persian Gulf with 13 flt. in 1970 which changed to 668 Squadron AAC

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1995/09AAC NetheravonEGDN
1976/77Long Kesh
1969/78DE Minden
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2013/nowAS365N3 Dauphin 2

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