united kingdom 664 squadron

Army Air Corps

Part of 4 Regiment, AAC

1944 to present    

664 squadron
Initially formed as an RCAF Air Observation Post unit with Auster IV and Auster V at Andover. After disbandment in Germany on 31 May 1946, it was reformed as an Auxilliary unit on 1 Sep 1949 managing Nos. 1964, 1965, 1969 and 1970 Flights - all of which disbanded again on 10 Mar 1957.
Reformed in the UK on 24 Oct 1969 as part of 3 Div Aviation Regiment supporting Airborne forces; indeed between 1971 and 1978 it was known as 664 Para Squadron.

It was re-assigned to British Army of the Rhine in 1978 as part of 4 Regiment. While stationed at Minden, the unit maintained a small detachment of Scout in Belize between Apr 1980 (relieving 656 Squadron) and 1982. In Jan 1983, 664 resumed its independence from Minden, in direct support of 1 (BR) Corps (itself at Bielefeld). Around 1989 the unit with its Gazelle AH.1 became part of 4 Regiment, until Mar 1992 when it returned to the UK.

The unit moved its Apache AH.1 from Dishforth to Wattisham and became part of 4 REGT on 31 Aug 2007, as part of the AAC restructuring to single model Regiments.

In the 1970s 664 Squadron was the Parachute Squadron based at Farnborough in support of the Parachute Regiment. The squadron had 6 Bell 47 Sioux AH1 and 6 Westland Scout AH1 helicopters.
The a/c at that time were Sioux AH-1: XT163,XT164,XT250,XT553,XT562,XT800. Scout AH-1: XR636,XR639,XR616,XR618,XP853 - the latter replacing XR636 which was written off in a fatal crash in Northern Ireland on 12 April 1974

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2007/nowAAC WattishamEGUW
1992/07AAC DishforthEGXD
1983/92DE Minden
1980/82BZ Philip S W Goldson International Airport (PGIA)MZBZ
1978/83DE Minden
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2007/nowWAH-64 Apache

Construction Numbers for 664Sqn Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
1502 ah.1 1976 XZ292 : AAC Gazelle AH1 built by Westland in 1992 664Sqn.
1525 ah.1 XZ300 : AAC Gazelle AH.1 built by Westland; 1986 664Sqn; w/o 14feb97 during traini+
1713 ah.1 1978 XZ347 : 13+14jun92 664Sqn./T desert c/s gulf war
357 ah9 1992 ZG918 : AAC in 1993 664Sqn. ; 1998 659Sqn. ; 2006 1Reg.
wah7 wah-64 ZJ172 : AAC DU007/WAH7 in 2006 664Sqn./4Reg.
wah18 wah-64 ZJ183 : AAC DU018/WAH18 in 2006 664Sqn./4Reg.
wah43 wah-64 ZJ209 : AAC DU043/WAH43; Feb04 asg 664Sqn. AAC Dishforth
wah64 wah-64 ZJ230 : Feb04 asg 664Sqn. AAC Disforth
wah66 wah-64 ZJ232 : Feb04 asg 664Sqn. AAC Disforth
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jan-14sep-14AF Operation Herrick
may-12sep-12AF Operation Herrick
may-10sep-10AF Operation Herrick
may-08sep-08AF Operation Herrick
may-07sep-07AF Operation Herrick
sep-06jan-07AF Operation Herrick
jun-06nov-06IQ Operation Telic

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