uruguay Escuadron Aereo 5 (Helicopteros)

Fuerza Aerea Uruguaya

Air Group 5
Uruguayan Air Force

1955 to present    

  • Escuadron Aereo 5 (Helicopteros) Fuerza Aerea Uruguaya
  • Escuadron Aereo 5 (Helicopteros) Fuerza Aerea Uruguaya

Escuadron Aereo 5 (Helicopteros)
Established on 25 Jul 1955 as the Provisional Search and Rescue Group, with two Bell H-13G for SAR, and a fixed wing flight for customs and mail duties. In Jul 1964 two Hiller H-23F Raven helicopters arrived and the Group was renamed Air Group No.5 (Search and Rescue) on 9 Jul 1965. In 1966 the Group received more Hiller H-23F helicopters (and a Cessna U-17A Skywagon). In 1970, two US Bell UH-1H Iroquois helicopters were received and another one was added to its inventory in 1973. By 1975, another six ex-USAF, utility role UH-1B were obtained. In 1980, two twin turbine Bell 212 helicopters were flown in from the United States to Uruguay by their crews, along the long Atlantic route. During an Air Force re-organization the Group took its present name on 27 Apr 1994.
Six Westland Wessex HC2 were acquired from the RAF that had been used in Hong Kong in 1997. Also in 1997, two new Eurocopter AS-365N2 Dauphin helicopters of French origin were obtained for presidential transport and search and rescue. In 2002, two more Westland Wessex HC2 were acquired.
The unit has a distinguished Search and Rescue record and has an annual mission to support the Artigas Scientific Base in Antarctica, during the research season.

The Bell 212 are also involved in Peacekeeping missions under United Nations flag UNMEE ( Eritrea ) and MONUC ( Congo ).
Motto Volando para que otros puedan vivir (Flying for others can live )

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1955/nowGeneral ArtigasSUGA

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1997/nowas365 dauphin 2
1997/07Wessex HC.2
1975/95UH-1B Iroquois
1964/94UH-12E Raven

Construction Numbers (Not all in unit) Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
9454 uh-1h -: FAU spares; ex 67-17256
US Army Aviation 67-17256: US Army in 1993 A co/1-131AVN ; oct1995 AMARC XA0565
10663 uh-1h -: FAU spares; ex 68-15733
US Army Aviation 68-15733: US Army; wfu 25sep95
12841 uh-1h -: FAU spares; ex 71-20017
US Army Aviation 71-20017: US Army; conv UH-1V
12847 uh-1h -: FAU spares; ex 71-20023
US Army Aviation 71-20023: US Army; conv UH-1V
12992 uh-1h -: FAU spares; ex 71-20168
US Army Aviation 71-20168: US Army
13351 uh-1h -: FAU spares; ex 73-21663
US Army Aviation 73-21663: US Army
13540 uh-1h -: FAU spares; ex 73-21852
US Army Aviation 73-21852: US Army
2297 uh-12e 026: FAU CX-BNR d/d 1964; BuNo 64-14850; preserved at museo aeronautico Montevi+
2298 uh-12e 027: FAU d/d 1964; BuNo 64-14851
2372 uh-12e 028: FAU d/d 1965; BuNo 65-13069
2373 uh-12e 029: FAU d/d 1965; BuNo 65-13070
31157 212 1980 030: FAU d/d 1980, white UN
030: 17mar16 pictured (pic5) at Aviation School on Air Force Day in restored SA+
UN-851: 27aug12 pictured (pic2) being loaded on FAU C-130 Hercules to be transported to Congo, Africa; 2013 ...
UN-614: 2003 to 2008 as UN-614 at United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE); 2007 pictured (pic...
UNO-807: 01sep13 pictured (pic4) at Congo
31158 212 1980 031: FAU d/d 1980
UN-615: 2003 to 2008 FAU-031 as UN-615 at United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE); 01nov08 pi...
30899 212 1978 032: FAU d/d 2005, ex N102PH
032: 21feb13 pictured at Helipuerto Hospital Mautone, Punta Del Este
- SU-ECN: Egypt, to N3151T
- HK-3159X: Colombia, lsd from N3151T
- C-FSKS: to N102PH
- N102PH: Southern Cross Aircraft at Fort Lauderdale, FL Mar/Sep 2005
- N3151T: 1995
31135 212 1980 033: FAU d/d 2005, ex N5736D
- N5736D: to N752H
- N752H: rtn N5736D
- HK-4121X: Colombia, lsd from N5736D
- N5736D: Southern Cross Aircraft at Fort Lauderdale, FL Mar05-Jan06
UNO: 17jun12 pictured at Escuela Militar de Aeronautica (EMA) at Pando, Canelones, Uruguay
12110 uh-1h 1970 050: FAU 050 d/d 1970, BuNo 69-15822, civ serial CX-BQC; 20dic10 40 Anniversary
12115 uh-1h 1970 051: FAU 051 d/d 1970, BuNo 69-15827, civ serial CX-BQD; 20dic10 40 Anniversar+
13210 uh-1h 1973 052: FAU 052 d/d 1973, BuNo 72-21511, civ serial CX-BQE
052: 16mar13 pictured at Aviation Military School
5541 uh-1d 053: FAU 053 d/d 21jul98, ex BuNo 66-1058 UH-1H type, civ serial CX-BTP
053: 06jul11 pictured (pic1) at El Pinar seaside resort, Canelones; 29nov12, n+
053: 17mar16 pictured (pic2) at Aviation School on Air Force Day
US Air Force 66-01058: US Army, conv UH-1H, to Uruguay
8695 uh-1d 054: FAU 054 d/d 21jul98, ex BuNo 66-16501 UH-1H type, civ serial CX-BTO
US Army Aviation 66-16501: US Army, conv UH-1H, to Uruguay
US Army Aviation 66-16501: 1972, I think this A/C was assigned to E Co, 227th AVN BN and I crewed it in 1973
9494 uh-1h 055: FAU CX-BTN d/d 21jul98, ex BuNo 67-17296
055: 17apr13 pictured at Aviation School
055: w/o 16aug16 at Carrasco airport. 2 fatalities. The accident occurred only +
US Army Aviation 67-17296: US Army, to Uruguay
12427 uh-1h 056: FAU d/d 2008
056: 17mar16 pictured at Aviation School on Air Force Day
Spanish Army Aviation HU.10-17: ET-254. FMS BuNo 70-15817
12428 uh-1h 057: FAU d/d 2008; ex FAMET ET-253
Spanish Army Aviation HU.10-16: ET-253. xfer to Uruguay
12431 uh-1h 058: FAU; ex FAMET ET-257
Spanish Army Aviation HU.10-20: ET-257
12438 uh-1h 059: FAU d/d 2008; ex FAMET ET-259
059: 24sep11 pictured at La Calera training field, near Minas, Departamento de+
Spanish Army Aviation HU.10-22: ET-259. xfer to Uruguay
211 UH-1B 060: FAU d/d 1975; ex BuNo 60-3565
283 UH-1B 061: FAU d/d 1975; ex BuNo 61-0703; preserved at museo aeronautico Montevideo, +
293 UH-1B 062: FAU d/d 1975; ex BuNo 61-0713; w/o 30oct83
936 UH-1B 063: FAU d/d 1975; ex BuNo 63-8711
625 UH-1B 064: FAU d/d 1975; ex BuNo 62-2105
UH-1B 065: FAU d/d 1975 as spares; ex BuNo unknown
wa137 hc.2 1963 070: FAU d/d jun97; ex RAF XR515
Royal Air Force XR515: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA137, f/f: 15/01/1964, del Royal Air Force as XR515, 03/02/1964; del to F...
wa144 hc.2 1964 071: FAU d/d jun97; ex RAF XR522; Gate Guardian Grupo 1 FAU at Carrasco air bas+
Royal Air Force XR522: ff 22 Apr 1964, dd 1 May 1964 . 78 Sq/O by 1965, HOCF/BW by Sep 1970, 84 Sq A Flt/Spades by May 1984...
wa532 hc.2 1966 072: FAU d/d jun97; ex RAF XT605
Royal Air Force XT605: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA532, f/f: 20/07/1966; del Royal Air Force as XT605, 04/08/1966; to FAUru...
wa543 hc.2 1966 073: FAU d/d jun97; ex RAF XT675
Royal Air Force XT675: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA543, f/f: 24/01/1967; del Royal Air Force as XT675, 06/02/1967; xfer 72 ...
wa541 hc.2 1966 074: FAU d/d jun97; ex RAF XT673
Royal Air Force XT673: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA541, f/f: 14/12/1966; del Royal Air Force as XT673, 04/01/1967; to FAUru...
Royal Air Force XT673: Farnborough Airshow 1970 72Sqn /AY
wa546 hc.2 1967 075: FAU d/d jun97; ex RAF XT678
Royal Air Force XT678: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA546, f/f: 26/02/1967; del Royal Air Force as XT678, 11/04/1967; del to F...
wa122 hc.2 1963 076: FAU d/d 20jun02; ex RAF XR497; sep02 in service with EA5
076: Pictured (bot) in Uruguay during firefighting duties, very good machine!
Royal Air Force XR497: RAF d/d 28feb63; SAR duty at RAF Valley with 202 Sq by 1977; 22 Sq by Aug 1979 still by Sep 1986; ...
Royal Air Force XR497: Jul80 pictured (top) at Koksijde, Belgium
Royal Air Force XR497: 202 Sqn was NEVER at RAF Valley, However 22 Sqn was
Royal Air Force XR497: First flown by me on 02aug68 on 78Sqn at Sharjah. This ac was the first Mk 2 built for the RAF
Royal Air Force XR497: noted at RAF Leuchars airshow 02sep78
wa618 hc.2 1968 077: FAU d/d 2002; ex RAF XV723
Royal Air Force XV723: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA618, f/f 08jan68; del Royal Air Force as XV723, 18mar68; to Uruguay as 0...
Royal Air Force XV723: 14may95 pictured as /Q 72 Sqd at North Weald Air Show
Royal Air Force XV723: Farnborough Airshow 1970 72Sqn /AQ
Royal Air Force XV723: 17apr80 noted at RAF Odiham
wa536 hc.2 1966 078: FAU d/d 2003; ex RAF XT668
Royal Air Force XT668: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA536, f/f: 06/10/1966; del Royal Air Force as XT668, 01/11/1966; to FAUru...
Royal Air Force XT668: Farnborough Airshow 1970 72Sqn /AS
wa544 hc.2 079: FAU d/d 2003; ex RAF XT676
Royal Air Force XT676: RAF; 2003 to Uruguay as 079
wa616 hc.2 1967 080: FAU d/d 2003, ex RAF XV721
Royal Air Force XV721: RAF Wessex HC.2 d/d 31jan68
Royal Air Force XV721: 24+25jul99 as 72Sqn /H at Fairford air show
Royal Air Force XV721: 06may70 as 72Sqn /AK at Farnborough Airshow 1970
Royal Air Force XV721: 05jul70 as 18Sqn /K at Wildenrath open day
6526 as365n2 1997 090: FAU CX-BTE, test serial F-WQDK; 2005 sold to buy 2 Bell 212s
- PH-FMA: Apr05 Capital Aviation Services BV, Netherlands; 2006 lsd to ST-MSC; Oct07 as PH-FMA again; Mar0...
- ST-MSC: 2006 Sudan lsd, rtn to PH-FMA
Indonesia Air Transport PK-TSC: 2009 PT Indonesia Air Transport (PT.IAT)
Everett Aviation ltd 5Y-EXJ: Everett Aviation Tanzania
6532 as365n2 091: FAU CX-BTF, presidential aircraft; 17mar13 pictured (pic1) at Rambla de Mo+
091: 17mar16 pictured (pic2) at Aviation School on Air Force Day
6416 as365n2 1991 092: FAU, second hand aircraft ordered Dec13; d/d Apr14; pictured (pic1) early +
092: 28may14 official delivery in FAU livery
092: 17mar16 pictured (pic2) at Aviation School on Air Force Day
Maritime Safety Agency EC-HCL: Salvamento Maritimo, Xunta de Galicia /Pesca1, op by INAER
helikopterservice ab SE-JAE: Helikopterservice AB from Mar91, test serial F-WYMM
Helicsa EC-HCL: Helicsa from Jul99
INAER EC-HCL: EC-HCL xfer to Uruguay as FAU-092
6478 as365n2 ?: FAU Jun15, to be confirmed
Maritime Safety Agency EC-HIM: Salvamento Maritimo, Xunta de Galicia
Helicsa EC-HIM: Helicsa, SAR
1254 47 BR-001: FAU d/d 1955; ex BuNo 53-3805
47 C/N found in this Organisation.

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