• Guided-Missile Destroyer Iroquois TRUMP class

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129.90length (m)
15.20beam (m)
7.60draught (m)
4500range (nm)
1Missile Launcher Mk 41 VLS
1Naval Gun Oto Melara 76 mm
1Close-In Weapon System CIWS Phalanx 20 mm

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    Typical Max
CA CAF Sikorsky CH-124 Sea King 23

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    

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CACanadian Armed ForcesDDG 283HMCS AlgonquinCZJX19912015
CACanadian Armed ForcesDDG 280HMCS IroquoisCZGD19922015
CACanadian Armed ForcesDDG 281HMCS HuronCGXY19942005
CACanadian Armed ForcesDDG 282HMCS AthabaskanCYWM19942017

4 units

Events Login to Edit

1991-octCA DDG 283 HMCS Algonquin begin service as DDG
1992-jul-5CA DDG 280 HMCS Iroquois begin service as DDG
1994-augCA DDG 282 HMCS Athabaskan begin service as DDG
1995-jan-17CA DDG 281 HMCS Huron completed TRUMP refit and begin service as DDG
1997RefitCA DDG 282 HMCS Athabaskan Life extension refit at Port Weller, Ontario
1999-novPort VisitCA DDG 280 HMCS Iroquois visit to West India Dock, London
2005DecommissionedCA DDG 281 HMCS Huron
2007-may-14Fate: sunkCA DDG 281 HMCS Huron live fire exercise
2010-janDeploymentCA DDG 282 HMCS Athabaskan Operation Panlake Part of rapid assist team sent to Haiti in aftermath of Earthquake.
2010-jun-9Port VisitCA DDG 283 HMCS Algonquin Fleet Review: 100th anniversary of Canadian Navy Flagship at CFB Esquimalt for MARPAC Fleet Review
2010-jun-28Port VisitCA DDG 282 HMCS Athabaskan Fleet Review: 100th anniversary of Canadian Navy visited Halifax for MARLANT Fleet Review
2011-mayAircraftCA DDG 283 HMCS Algonquin with Sea king 12421 for Operation Trident Fury
2012-jul-19AircraftCA DDG 283 HMCS Algonquin CH-124 12426 launches five torpedoes during RIMPAC 2012
2013-apr-27Port VisitCA DDG 280 HMCS Iroquois arrived at West India Dock for 6 day visit, departed on 2 May.
2013-may-23Port VisitCA DDG 280 HMCS Iroquois Battle of the Atlantic 70th Anniversary at the Cruise Liner Terminal, Liverpool for BOA70 commemorations
2015-may-1DecommissionedCA DDG 280 HMCS Iroquois
2015-jun-11DecommissionedCA DDG 283 HMCS Algonquin
2015-octDeploymentCA DDG 282 HMCS Athabaskan Exercise Trident Juncture 2015 participated in multi-national NATO Maritime Command exercise, until Nov 2015
2015-oct-7Port VisitCA DDG 282 HMCS Athabaskan emergency repair to stbd cruise engine at Portsmouth for c a week, while en route to Ex Trident Juncture. The two embarked CH-124 were detached to RAF Odiham for the duration.
2015-nov-27Fate: scrappedCA DDG 283 HMCS Algonquin Liverpool, Nova Scotia
2017-mar-10DecommissionedCA DDG 282 HMCS Athabaskan last of the Iroquois class to decommission

Latest News

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NYPD Bell 429 Rescues Hiker

Centrica Norwegian Sea Drilling Program for CHC

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