Guided-Missile Destroyer Fridtjof Nansen class

Officially designated as Frigates, this 5500 tn air defence ships are a derivative of the Spanish Alvaro de Bazan class and are equipped with the american Aegis combat system. Their first deployments were carried out without a permanently stationed helicopter due delays in the delivery of their new NH90 NFHs.

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5500full load (tn)
134length (m)
16.80beam (m)
7.60draught (m)
4500range (nm)
26max speed (knots)
2Naval Engine diesel
1Naval Engine gas turbine - General Electric LM2500
2Naval Engine propulsion system: CODAG
1Missile Launcher Mk 41 VLS
1Naval Gun Oto Melara 76 mm
1Naval Radar air search radar AN/SPY-1 AEGIS

Aircraft Login to Edit

    Typical Max
NO Royal Norwegian Air Force NHI NH90 NFH 01

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    

Ships on Database Login to Edit

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NORoyal Norwegian NavyF310KNM Fridtjof NansenLABN2006--
NORoyal Norwegian NavyF311KNM Roald AmundsenLABA2007--
NORoyal Norwegian NavyF312KNM Otto SverdrupLABS2008--
NORoyal Norwegian NavyF313KNM Helge InstadLABI2009--
NORoyal Norwegian NavyF314KNM Thor HeyerdahlLABH2010--

5 units

Events Login to Edit

2000-jun-23OrderedNO F313 KNM Helge Instad
2000-jun-23OrderedNO F314 KNM Thor Heyerdahl
2003-apr-9Laid downNO F310 KNM Fridtjof Nansen
2004-jun-3Laid downNO F311 KNM Roald Amundsen
2004-jun-25LaunchedNO F310 KNM Fridtjof Nansen
2005-may-25LaunchedNO F311 KNM Roald Amundsen
2005-may-25Laid downNO F312 KNM Otto Sverdrup
2006-apr-5CommissionedNO F310 KNM Fridtjof Nansen
2006-apr-28LaunchedNO F312 KNM Otto Sverdrup
2006-apr-28Laid downNO F313 KNM Helge Instad
2007-may-21CommissionedNO F311 KNM Roald Amundsen
2007-nov-23LaunchedNO F313 KNM Helge Instad
2007-nov-23Laid downNO F314 KNM Thor Heyerdahl
2008-apr-30CommissionedNO F312 KNM Otto Sverdrup
2009-feb-11LaunchedNO F314 KNM Thor Heyerdahl
2009-augDeploymentNO F310 KNM Fridtjof Nansen deployed to Gulf of Aden on anti-piracy mission with Operation Atalanta.
2009-sep-29CommissionedNO F313 KNM Helge Instad
2014-mar-31DeploymentNO F314 KNM Thor Heyerdahl Exercise Joint Warrior 14-1 JW 14-1
2015-apr-11DeploymentNO F314 KNM Thor Heyerdahl Exercise Joint Warrior 15-1 participated in JW 15-1, off NW Scotland
2015-oct-3DeploymentNO F310 KNM Fridtjof Nansen Exercise Joint Warrior 15-2 participated in JW 15-2 off north west coast of Scotland
2016-jan-28Port VisitNO F311 KNM Roald Amundsen visit to Devonport for a period of FOST training packages
2017-feb-2Port VisitNO F312 KNM Otto Sverdrup Visited Plymouth, for a period with FOST.
2017-mar-22DeploymentNO F311 KNM Roald Amundsen Exercise Joint Warrior 17-1 Participated in Joint Warrior 17-1, in Scottish Training Areas.
2017-mar-24DeploymentNO F310 KNM Fridtjof Nansen Exercise Joint Warrior 17-1 Participated in Joint Warrior 17-1, in Scottish Training Areas
2017-aug-1DeploymentNO F313 KNM Helge Instad Exercise Saxon Warrior 17 participated in NATO exercise
2017-aug-1DeploymentNO F312 KNM Otto Sverdrup Exercise Saxon Warrior 17 participated in NATO exercise
2017-nov-28Port VisitNO F312 KNM Otto Sverdrup visited West India Docks on 28 Nov, departed 4 Dec 2017.

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