MEKO 360H2 class


MEKO 360 class

MEKO 360H2 class Destroyer


The Almirante Brown class is classified as Destroyers by the Argentine Navy

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3360full load (tn)
126length (m)
14beam (m)
5.80draught (m)
4000range (nm)
30max speed (knots)
2Naval Engine gas turbine - Rolls Royce Olympus
2Naval Engine gas turbine - Rolls Royce Tyne
2Naval Engine propulsion system: COGAG
1Missile Launcher 8-cell Albatros
8Missile Launcher MM40 Exocet
1Naval Gun Otobreda 127 mm
4Naval Gun twin 40 mm
2Torpedo Launchers ILAS triple-tube 324mm
1Naval Radar air search radar DA08
1Naval Radar fire direction radar WM25
1Naval Radar navigation radar DECCA 1226
1Naval Radar navigation radar ZW-06
1Sonar hull mounted sonar Krupp-Atlas 80

Aircraft Login to Edit    

    Typical Max
Argentine Navy EC AS555SN Fennec 2 12

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    

Shipyards Login to Edit    

Blohm + Voss - 4

Ships on Database Login to Edit    

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Argentine NavyD-10ARA Almirante BrownLOBK1983--
Argentine NavyD-11ARA La ArgentinaLOAM1983--
Argentine NavyD-12ARA HeroinaLOLA1983--
Argentine NavyD-13ARA SarandiLOAO1984--

4 units

Events of this class Login to Edit    

1980-sep-8Laid down D-10 ARA Almirante Brown    
1981-mar-28Launched D-10 ARA Almirante Brown    
1981-mar-30Laid down D-11 ARA La Argentina    
1981-aug-24Laid down D-12 ARA Heroina    
1981-sep-25Launched D-11 ARA La Argentina    
1982-feb-17Launched D-12 ARA Heroina    
1982-mar-9Laid down D-13 ARA Sarandi    
1982-aug-31Launched D-13 ARA Sarandi    
1983-mar-28Commissioned D-10 ARA Almirante Brown    
1983-aug-4Commissioned D-11 ARA La Argentina    
1983-nov-7Commissioned D-12 ARA Heroina    
1984-apr-23Commissioned D-13 ARA Sarandi    
1990-sep-25Deployment D-10 ARA Almirante Brown     Desert Shield, Desert Storm. Alouette III 0681/3-H-109 embarked.
1991-apr-25 D-10 ARA Almirante Brown     returned home
2003Deployment D-13 ARA Sarandi     with USS Enterprise during Solid Step
2003Refit D-13 ARA Sarandi     at Norfolk for Solid Step
2004 D-13 ARA Sarandi     accidentally hole Brazilian frigate Rademaker during Fraterno
2006Refit D-11 ARA La Argentina     flight deck extension for Sea King

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