Invincible class

Aircraft Carrier V STOL


  • Aircraft Carrier V STOL Invincible class
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16950light (tn)
20750full load (tn)
210length (m)
36beam (m)
8.80draught (m)
7000range (nm)
28max speed (knots)
4Naval Engine gas turbine - Rolls Royce Olympus
2Naval Engine propulsion system: COGAG
2Naval Gun Oerlikon 20mm Mk.7 cannon
2Naval Gun single 20 mm
3Close-In Weapon System CIWS Phalanx 20 mm
8Chaff and decoys Seagnat
1Naval Radar air search radar Type 1022
2Naval Radar navigation radar Type 1006
1Naval Radar surface and low level air search radar Type 996
1Sonar hull mounted sonar Type 2016

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    Typical Max
Royal Navy Westland sea king 012
Royal Navy AW eh.101 012

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BAE Systems (Vickers) - 1
Swan Hunter - Wallsend2

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Royal NavyR05HMS InvincibleGUCL - N19802005
Royal NavyR06HMS IllustriousGVUN - L19822014
Royal NavyR07HMS Ark RoyalGCDG - R19852011

3 units

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1973-apr-17Ordered R05 HMS Invincible
1973-jul-20Laid down R05 HMS Invincible
1976-may-14Ordered R06 HMS Illustrious
1976-oct-7Laid down R06 HMS Illustrious
1978-dec-14Launched R06 HMS Illustrious
1978-dec-14Laid down R07 HMS Ark Royal as HMS Indomitable
1979-mayAircraft R05 HMS Invincible During trials in Largs Bay in May 1979, 819 NAS Sea King HAS.2A XV710/310-PW was first aircraft to perform a deck landing.
1979-may-3Launched R05 HMS Invincible
1980-mar-6Aircraft R05 HMS Invincible During trials south of Isle of Wight, two of the embarked 820 NAS Sea Kings (XZ915 and XZ917) collided in mid-air in poor visibility.
1980-may-19Trials R05 HMS Invincible first landing of Sea Harrier on an Invincible class deck
1980-jul-11Commissioned R05 HMS Invincible at HMNB Portsmouth
1981-jun-2Launched R07 HMS Ark Royal as HMS Ark Royal
1982-apr-4Deployment R05 HMS Invincible Operation Corporate Departed HMNB Portsmouth for Falklands Conflict first op deployment with Invincible air group configured for maximum Harrier compliment to carry out air defence of the task force and offensive operations. Returned to Portsmouth on 17 Sep.
1982-jun-20Commissioned R06 HMS Illustrious at sea, underway. Formally commissioned on 20 Mar 1983, after her maiden deployment.
1982-aug-2Deployment R06 HMS Illustrious Departed HMNB Portsmouth on her 1st operation, to relieve HMS Invincible on 27 Aug in the South Atlantic, following Operation Corporate.
1982-nov-5Port Visit R05 HMS Invincible At Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico until 11 Nov 1982
1982-nov-12Port Visit R05 HMS Invincible At Fort Lauderdale, Florida until 19 Nov 1982
1982-nov-22Port Visit R05 HMS Invincible At Philadelphia, Pennsylvania until 29 Nov 1982, returning to HMNB Portsmouth by 8 Dec 1982.
1983-sep-1Deployment R05 HMS Invincible departed HMNB Portsmouth for Far East and Australasian deployment, cut short by difficulties with the machinery and the nervousness with which the Australian and Japanese governments viewed offering repair facilities to a ship which might be carrying nuclear weapons
1984-jul-16Trials R06 HMS Illustrious trials for Sea Harrier launched Sea Eagle missile system culminated in sinking of HMS Devonshire as a target.
1984-oct-19Trials R07 HMS Ark Royal left Tyne for 1st time for manufacturer trials
1985-jul-1Homeport R07 HMS Ark Royal arrived at HMNB Portsmouth
1985-nov-1Commissioned R07 HMS Ark Royal
1986-aprAircraft R07 HMS Ark Royal embarked Sea King HAS.5 of 820 NAS, until 5 Nov.
1986-apr-3Deployment R06 HMS Illustrious departed HMNB Portsmouth on 2 Apr. On 3 Apr, coming up to full revolutions, an explosion of gear box oil vapour led to a serious fire. Returned to Portsmouth and repairs lasted until mid Jul.
1986-mayRefit R05 HMS Invincible Goalkeeper to HMD Devonport for an extensive refit until Nov 1988 including work on the machinery, reconfiguring the ski jump, an operations room upgrade, new sonar, 3 sets of Goalkeeper CIWS (to replace post-South Atlantic conflict Phalanx) and an increase in the air group capacity. Returned to service in 1989.
1986-jun-17Aircraft R07 HMS Ark Royal embarked Sea King AEW.2 of 849 NAS B Flight.
1986-jul-21Deployment R06 HMS Illustrious to Far East and Australia for the GLOBAL 86 deployment, returning to Portsmouth on 18 Dec 1986.
1986-oct-4Port Visit R06 HMS Illustrious Fleet Review: 75th anniversary of RAN participated in celebrations for 75th anniversary of Royal Australian Navy at Sydney, during GLOBAL 86 deployment.
1986-nov-5Aircraft R07 HMS Ark Royal embarked Sea King HC.4 of 845 NAS.
1986-nov-14Port Visit R06 HMS Illustrious visited Bombay (Mumbai) during GLOBAL 86 deployment.
1987-jan-12Deployment R07 HMS Ark Royal departed HMNB Portsmouth for 3 month western N Atlantic deployment, returned 9 Apr.
1988-mar-18Port Visit R07 HMS Ark Royal 18-22mar88 port visit embarked 801Sqn with 8 Sea Harrier.
820Sqn. and 849Sqn. embarked with Sea King XV649 : XV654 : XV672 : XV697 : XV700 : ZD631
1988-jun-13Deployment R07 HMS Ark Royal sailed from HMNB Portsmouth for Far East, as flagship of the Outback 88 deployment. Arrived Singapore on 23 Jul and after visiting Australia, returned to Portsmouth on 15 Dec.
1988-sep-27Port Visit R07 HMS Ark Royal Fleet Review: Australia Bi-centennial Naval Salute to Sydney Harbour for Australian Bi-centennial Fleet Review
1990-apr-18Deployment R07 HMS Ark Royal sailed as flagship of TG 318.1 for western North Atlantic deployment, with HMS Glasgow, HMS Brave and HMS Cumberland, supported by RFA Fort Grange and RFA Olna. The Ark returned to HMNB Portsmouth on 5 Jul.
1990-nov-7Trials R07 HMS Ark Royal first use of Sea Harrier FA.2 on Invincible class ship, for 10 days of operating trials
1991-jan-10Deployment R07 HMS Ark Royal Departed HMNB Portsmouth (in company with HMS Charybdis and HMS Sheffield) and embarked 820 Squadron Sea Kings before deploying with TG 323.2 to the eastern Mediterranean for long range surveillance of the Suez Canal and defence of western flank of coalition forces during the Gulf War. Worked with USS Philippine Sea, USS Spruance and USS Virginia in Mediterranean. Returned to Portsmouth in Apr.
1991-sepRefit R06 HMS Illustrious Goalkeeper until Sep 1993 at HMD Devonport.
1991-sep-10Deployment R07 HMS Ark Royal departed HMNB Portsmouth for western N Atlantic deployment, including working up Sea King HAS.6 of 820 NAS at the AUTEC Ranges, off Bermuda. Returned to Portsmouth on 18 Nov.
1991-oct-7 R05 HMS Invincible during the NATO exercise Display Determination 91
1992-mayDeployment R05 HMS Invincible led Group Deployment to Far East for Orient 92, consisting of HMSs Boxer, Newcastle, Norfolk and RFAs Fort Austin and Olwen, returning Nov 1992.
1993-jan-14Deployment R07 HMS Ark Royal UNPROFOR departed HMNB Portsmouth for Adriatic deployment to assist UNPROFOR, with RFA Argus as aviation support. She was relieved by HMS Invincible in Aug 1993. Returned to HMNB Portsmouth 3 Aug 1993.
1993-junDeployment R07 HMS Ark Royal cross-deck operations with Giuseppe Garibaldi in the Adriatic in late Jun.
1993-jul-22Deployment R05 HMS Invincible UNPROFOR departed HMNB Portsmouth and relieved HMS Ark Royal on station in the Adriatic during Aug, assisting UNPROFOR, until Jan 1994.
1993-nov-17Port Visit R05 HMS Invincible Visit Trieste, Italy. Sea king XV703 onboard
1994-jan-28Deployment R07 HMS Ark Royal UNPROFOR departed HMNB Portsmouth and relieved HMS Invincible at Gibraltar on 4 Feb, assisting UNPROFOR in the Adriatic. Relieved by HMS Invincible and returned to Portsmouth on 2 Sep.
1994-mar-31Port Visit R07 HMS Ark Royal short mid-deployment maintenance visit to Piraeus until 11 Apr
1994-aug-24Deployment R05 HMS Invincible UNPROFOR departed HMNB Portsmouth with 814 NAS and 849 NAS A Flt embarked, for return to the Adriatic to relieve HMS Ark Royal in Sep. On station until Feb 1995 when relieved by HMS Illustrious.
1994-oct R07 HMS Ark Royal into reserve at HMNB Portsmouth on 6 months notice to re-activate, until May 1999, when she was towed to Rosyth for refit.
1995-febDeployment R06 HMS Illustrious UNPROFOR to the Adriatic to relieve HMS Invincible. On station until Jul 1995, when relieved by HMS Invincible.
1995-julDeployment R05 HMS Invincible UNPROFOR returned to the Adriatic with 814 NAS and 849 NAS embarked, to relieve HMS Illustrious. On station until 9 Dec 1995.
1995-decRefit R05 HMS Invincible alongside in HMNB Portsmouth for maintenance period after Adriatic deployment, until Mar 1996.
1995-dec-9Deployment R06 HMS Illustrious IFOR (implementation force) relieved HMS Invincible, on station as Flagship of UK Adriatic Task Force supporting IFOR, until Feb 1996 when she returned to the UK.
1996 R06 HMS Illustrious IFOR (implementation force) in Adriatic sea
1996-augDeployment R05 HMS Invincible departed from HMNB Portsmouth at end Aug 1996 in company with HMS Sheffield, RFA Oakleaf (A111) and RFA Fort Grange for exercises in Mediterranean and Persian Gulf (from Nov) before returning to Portsmouth on 19 Dec.
1997-jan-13Deployment R06 HMS Illustrious departed UK for a Far East deployment
1997-nov-29Port Visit R05 HMS Invincible visit to Barcelona, until 4 Dec 1997
1998-jan-9Deployment R05 HMS Invincible departed HMNB Portsmouth for Persian Gulf and Mediterranean deployment, supported by HMS Nottingham, HMS Coventry, RFA Fort Victoria and RFA Bayleaf.
1998-aug-28 R05 HMS Invincible International Festival of Sea Portsmouth on board Sea King XV664, ZE422
1999Refit R05 HMS Invincible refit at HMD Portsmouth for removal of Sea Dart, extension of flight deck and more space for air group and its support equipment; until spring 2000
1999-junRefit R07 HMS Ark Royal extensive refit at Rosyth until Mar 2001, including facilities to Operate Merlin and Sea King ASaC.7 and rejoined fleet in summer 2001
1999-sep-28Port Visit R06 HMS Illustrious from 28 September to 1 October Amsterdam, Netherlands. on board Sea King from 820Sqn. and 849Sqn. XV649 : XV650 : XV706 : XZ571 : XZ574 : ZA128 : ZA133 : ZD630 : ZD633 : ZE420. Plus 7 Sea Harrier from 801Sqn.
2000-jan-17Deployment R06 HMS Illustrious departed HMNB Portsmouth for a Persian Gulf deployment, returning, after diversions on 14 Jun.
2000-mayDeployment R06 HMS Illustrious Operation Palliser ordered off Freetown, Sierra Leone to support Operation Palliser.
2001-mar-31 R05 HMS Invincible into extended readiness at HMNB Portsmouth until Jul 2001
2001-julTrials R07 HMS Ark Royal post refit shake down and work up
2001-jul R05 HMS Invincible departed HMNB Portsmouth at end of Jul for Rosyth, to prepare for refit
2001-sep-3Deployment R06 HMS Illustrious departed HMNB Portsmouth for Persian Gulf and exercise Saif Sareea II. Remained in area following 9/11 attacks in the US as a contingency but relieved by HMS Ocean in Jan 2002.
2001-decRefit R05 HMS Invincible refit at Rosyth, until Mar 2003, including removal of Sea Dart twin launcher.
2002-decRefit R06 HMS Illustrious Refit at Babcock Rosyth until Nov 2004 to convert for Merlin operations and remove Sea Dart twin launcher with its Type 909 fire direction radar.
2003-jan-11Deployment R07 HMS Ark Royal Operation Telic to support combat operations in Iraq, completing 17 May 2003
2003-mar-22Deployment R07 HMS Ark Royal Operation Telic while far north in the Persian Gulf supporting the assault on the Al-Faw peninsula, 2 embarked Sea King ASaC.7 from 849 NAS, Red Rat 34 and Red Rat 35 collided with fatal result 5nm from the ship. Recoveries were assisted by divers from USNS Catawba.
2004-mar-17 R07 HMS Ark Royal entered a period of extended readiness
2004-jul-4Port Visit R05 HMS Invincible to New York, NY for Independence Day celebrations
2004-octRefit R07 HMS Ark Royal refit at Babcock in Rosyth to add a third mast, upgrade aviation facilities and improve communications, until 29 Sep 2006, rejoining the fleet in Dec 2006
2005-aug-3Decommissioned R05 HMS Invincible into low readiness reserve at HMNB Portsmouth
2006-mar-29Deployment R06 HMS Illustrious departed HMNB Portsmouth (814 NAS Merlin and 849 NAS A Flt Sea King embarked), leading the Aquila 06 deployment to the Persian Gulf, escorted by HMS Gloucester and supported by RFA Brambleleaf, RFA Diligence and RFA Fort Victoria. Gloucester and Illustrious were detached and ordered back to Beirut, Lebanon.
2006-julDeployment R06 HMS Illustrious Operation Highbrow assisted in evacuation of British nationals from Beirut, during Israel-Lebanon war
2006-nov-10Port Visit R06 HMS Illustrious moored on the Thames at Greenwich Reach. Eventually departed 15 Nov.
2008-feb-8Port Visit R07 HMS Ark Royal visited North Shields on Tyneside
2008-feb-26Port Visit R06 HMS Illustrious entered Malta, escorted by HMS Edinburgh. Departed 29 Feb.
2009-may-6Port Visit R06 HMS Illustrious visited London for Fly Navy 100 (celebrating 100 years of the Fleet Air Arm), moored at Greenwich Reach on the River Thames. Departed 10 May 2009.
2009-oct-5Deployment R06 HMS Illustrious Exercise Joint Warrior 09-2 participated in Ex JW 09-2, initially on the River Clyde with 815 NAS Lynx HAS.3S(ICE) XZ246/434-EE and 849 NAS Sea King ASaC.7 ZE418/186 embarked
2010-feb-8Refit R06 HMS Illustrious after entering Crombie for de-storing, HMS Ilustrious began a 16 month refit at Babcock in Rosyth, departing 20 Jun 2011.
2010-aprAircraft R07 HMS Ark Royal Embarked both 815 Squadron 212 Flight Lynx HAS.3ICE, on loan from HMS Endurance until Aug 2010.
2010-jun-28Port Visit R07 HMS Ark Royal Fleet Review: 100th anniversary of Canadian Navy visited Halifax for MARLANT Fleet Review
2010-sep-10Struck R05 HMS Invincible Ended readiness reserve.
2010-octAircraft R07 HMS Ark Royal hosted 656 Squadron (AAC) Apaches for maritime operations trials for c. 3 weeks.
2010-nov-17Port Visit R07 HMS Ark Royal 5 day visit to North Shields, departing 22 Nov
2010-nov-24Aircraft R07 HMS Ark Royal Flew off her last Sea King and 4 Harriers (2 from 800NAS and 2 from RAF 1 Squadron).
2010-dec-3 R07 HMS Ark Royal She returned to Portsmouth that day from a 5 day visit to Hamburg.
2011-mar-11Decommissioned R07 HMS Ark Royal Ark Royal was decommissioned at HMNB Portsmouth, 3 years early following defence cuts announced in the SDSR spending review of Oct 2010.
2011-apr-12Fate: scrapped R05 HMS Invincible March 24 2011 Invincible hull was towed from Portsmouth harbour to Leyal Ship Dismantling and Recycling in Turkey for scrapping. Completed January 2012
2011-decPort Visit R06 HMS Illustrious visited Hamburg, following completion of post refit training
2012-feb-3Deployment R06 HMS Illustrious departed HMNB Portsmouth for 8 week cold weather work up off northern Norway
2012-feb-29Port Visit R06 HMS Illustrious visited North Shields for 4 day visit to Tyneside, departed on 3 Mar.
2012-mar-9 R06 HMS Illustrious collided with tug in Harstad (Norway) and holed twice above waterline. Returned to HMNB Portsmouth on 18 Mar for repairs.
2012-sepTrials R06 HMS Illustrious first of type trials for Merlin HM.2 ZH826 for 12 day performance assessment period, off Plymouth
2012-oct-1Deployment R06 HMS Illustrious departed HMNB Portsmouth for 3 month Cougar 12 deployment in the Mediterranean, with a detachment of Apache from 656 Sq AAC, Merlins from 814 NAS, 2x ASaC Sea Kings from 854 NAS and a mixed detachment of 845 NAS and 846 NAS Commando Sea Kings. Also deployed were HMS Bulwark, HMS Montrose and HMS Northumberland, with RFA Mounts Bay and mv Hartland Point in support.
2012-nov-19Port Visit R06 HMS Illustrious 5 day visit to Valletta, Malta, including 2 day Ship Open to Visitors, departing 23 Nov.
2013-feb-14Port Visit R06 HMS Illustrious to Liverpool for 5 day visit including Ship Open to Visitors on 16 and 17 Feb.
2013-apr-26Port Visit R06 HMS Illustrious on completion of Exercise Joint Warrior, visited Dublin and departed 29 Apr
2013-may-8Port Visit R06 HMS Illustrious moored on the Thames at Greenwich Reach, for Battle of the Atlantic commemorations. Eventually departed 14 May.
2013-may-20Fate: scrapped R07 HMS Ark Royal departed Portsmouth under tow for scrapping in Turkey. Passed Malta on 5 Jun 2013.
2013-aug-12Deployment R06 HMS Illustrious Cougar 13 departed HMNB Portsmouth for Gulf, Red Sea and Horn of Africa to participate in Ex Cougar 13. Embarked a Merlin from 829 NAS and 3x Lynx Mk.9A from 659 Sq AAC. Returned to HMNB Portsmouth on 10 Jan 2014.
2013-oct-24Deployment R06 HMS Illustrious transit through the Strait of Hormuz, escorted by HMS Montrose, as part of Cougar 13 deployment. Attached to CTF-150. Ordered to Philippines on 14 Nov.
2013-nov-25Deployment R06 HMS Illustrious Typhoon Haiyan relief operations arrived in the Philippines to relieve HMS Daring, during the humanitarian mission to assist after Typhoon Haiyan with an 829 NAS Merlin, 3x 845 NAS Commando Sea Kings and 3 Lynx AH.7 of 659 Sq AAC. Departed 11 Dec.
2014-junPort Visit R06 HMS Illustrious visit to Cruise Terminal, Lisbon after Exercise Deep Blue, departed 26 Jun
2014-jul-18Port Visit R06 HMS Illustrious departed Rosyth in early hours of 18 July
2014-jul-22Homeport R06 HMS Illustrious Returned to HMNB Portsmouth for final time
2014-aug-28Decommissioned R06 HMS Illustrious decommissioned at HMNB Portsmouth
2016-dec-7Fate: scrapped R06 HMS Illustrious departed Portsmouth for final time under tow for Turkey and scrapping.

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