Frigate Floreal class

Surveillance Frigates to replace the 1980s Avisos for protection of Exclusive Economic Zones. The Moroccan ships have Oto Melara 76mm as their main gun

    Derivatives / Succeeded by
La Fayette class 1996
                        FFG Al Riyadh class 1996
                        Kang Ding class 1996
                        FFG Formidable class 2007

Specifications Login to Edit

2950full load (tn)
93.50length (m)
14beam (m)
4.30draught (m)
10000range (nm)
24max speed (knots)
4Naval Engine diesel - SEMT Pielstick
2Missile Launcher MM38 Exocet single launcher
1Naval Gun Creusot-Loire 100 mm
2Naval Gun single 20 mm

Aircraft Login to Edit

    Typical Max
French Navy EC as365 dauphin 2 11

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    

Shipyards Login to Edit

Chantiers de l Atlantique - 8

Ships on Database - all derivatives Login to Edit

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French NavyF730FlorealFAFR1992--
French NavyF731PrairialFARP1992--
French NavyF732NivoseFANV1992--
French NavyF733VentoseFAVE1993--
French NavyF734VendemiaireFAVM1993--
French NavyF735GerminalFAGE1994--
French NavyF710La Fayette class La FayetteFAYE1996--
ROCNFFG-1202Kang Ding class ROCS Kang Ding1996--
ROCNFFG-1203Kang Ding class ROCS Si Ning1996--
French NavyF711La Fayette class SurcoufFASF1997--
French NavyF712La Fayette class CourbetFACO1997--
ROCNFFG-1205Kang Ding class ROCS Kun Ming1997--
ROCNFFG-1206Kang Ding class ROCS Di Hua1997--
ROCNFFG-1207Kang Ding class ROCS Wu Chang1997--
ROCNFFG-1208Kang Ding class ROCS Chen Te1998--
French NavyF713La Fayette class AconitFBAT1999--
French NavyF714La Fayette class GuepratteFAGT2001--
Royal Moroccan Navy611Mohammed V2002--
Royal Moroccan Navy612Hassan II2003--
Singapore Navy68Formidable class RSS FormidableS6KI2007--
Singapore Navy69Formidable class RSS Intrepid9VTW2008--
Singapore Navy70Formidable class RSS Steadfast2008--
Singapore Navy71Formidable class RSS TenaciousS6KL2008--
Singapore Navy72Formidable class RSS StalwartS6KM2009--
Singapore Navy73Formidable class RSS SupremeS6KN2009--

25 units

Events Login to Edit

1990-apr-2Laid down F730 Floreal
1990-sep-11Laid down F731 Prairial
1990-oct-6Launched F730 Floreal
1991-jan-16Laid down F732 Nivose
1991-mar-23Launched F731 Prairial
1991-jun-28Laid down F733 Ventose
1991-aug-11Launched F732 Nivose
1992-jan-17Laid down F734 Vendemiaire
1992-mar-14Launched F733 Ventose
1992-may-20Commissioned F731 Prairial
1992-may-27Commissioned F730 Floreal
1992-aug-17Laid down F735 Germinal
1992-aug-23Launched F734 Vendemiaire
1992-oct-15Commissioned F732 Nivose
1993-mar-14Launched F735 Germinal
1993-may-5Commissioned F733 Ventose
1993-oct-21Commissioned F734 Vendemiaire
1994-may-17Commissioned F735 Germinal
2001-jul-25Port Visit F730 Floreal visited Mauritius, in company with HMS Gloucester for environmental and habitat protection work, until 30 Jul
2002Homeport F730 Floreal Ile de La Reunion
2005-jun-24Deployment 611 Mohammed V Fleet Review: Trafalgar 200 Present at Trafalgar 200 Fleet Review, off Gilkicker Point
2005-jul-1Port Visit 611 Mohammed V Present at International Festival of the Sea 2005, Portsmouth
2008 F735 Germinal homeport Toulon
2009 F731 Prairial homeport as Tahiti
2009Homeport F732 Nivose Ile de La Reunion
2009Homeport F733 Ventose La Martinique
2009 F734 Vendemiaire homeport Noumea, New Caledonia
2010-jun-12Port Visit F731 Prairial Fleet Review: 100th anniversary of Canadian Navy visited Esquimalt for MARPAC Fleet Review
2010-jun-28Port Visit F733 Ventose Fleet Review: 100th anniversary of Canadian Navy visited Halifax for MARLANT Fleet Review
2011-may-18Deployment F734 Vendemiaire IMDEX Asia 2011 Present for IMDEX Asia 2011 exhibition
2012-apr-17Deployment F735 Germinal NOLA Navy Week visited New Orleans to commemorate War of 1812
2013-oct-3Port Visit F734 Vendemiaire International Fleet Review Sydney 2013 Present at 100th anniversary of the RAN Fleet Review
2014-sep-29 F732 Nivose overnight fire in machinery space. Assistance rendered by FS Floreal.
2016-jul F731 Prairial took part of RIMPAC 2016
2017-sep-8Deployment F733 Ventose Hurricanes Irma, Jose and Maria Relief Operations in the Caribbean with AS365 Panther when Hurricane Irma hit

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