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18000full load (tn)
211.80length (m)
24.40beam (m)
7.20draught (m)
12000range (nm)
25max speed (knots)
40000power (shp)

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    Typical Max
RAN Westland wessex 100
RAN Westland sea king 100
Royal Canadian Navy (1945-1968) Sikorsky CH-124 Sea King 00
CAF Sikorsky CH-124 Sea King 00
Indian Navy HAL chetak 00
Indian Navy Westland sea king 00
RAN Bristol sycamore 20

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    

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BAE Systems (Vickers) - 1
Harland and Wolff - Belfast2
HMD Devonport - Devonport1
Vickers-Armstrong - High Walker1

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Royal NavyHMS PowerfulMKGZ----
Canadian Armed Forces CVL 22 HMCS Bonaventure 19571970
Royal NavyHMS MajesticGKZS----
RAN R21 HMAS Melbourne 19551982
Royal NavyR49HMS HerculesGKZK----
Indian Navy R11 INS Vikrant 19611997
Royal NavyR93HMS Terrible----
RAN R17 HMAS Sydney 19481973
Royal NavyHMS Magnificent19481948
Canadian Armed Forces CVL 21 HMCS Magnificent 19481956
Royal Navy HMS Magnificent (1957) 19571965

5 units

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1943-apr-15Laid down HMS Majestic as Colossus class hull
1943-apr-19Laid down R93 HMS Terrible as Colossus class hull
1943-jul-29Laid down HMS Magnificent as Colossus class hull
1943-oct-12Laid down R49 HMS Hercules on Tyneside
1943-nov-27Laid down HMS Powerful originally as Colossus class hull
1944-sep-30Launched R93 HMS Terrible as HMS Terrible
1944-nov-16Launched HMS Magnificent as HMS Magnificent
1945 HMS Majestic construction suspended until 1949
1945-feb-27Launched HMS Powerful as HMS Powerful
1945-feb-28Launched HMS Majestic as HMS Majestic
1945-sep-22Launched R49 HMS Hercules on Tyneside but work completed at Harland & Wolff, Belfast
1946 HMS Powerful construction suspended until 1952
1948Fate: transfered HMS Magnificent loaned to Royal Candian navy
1948-apr-7Commissioned CVL 21 HMCS Magnificent into RCN as HMCS Magnificent
1948-may-25Homeport CVL 21 HMCS Magnificent departed UK for Canada with 19th CAG aboard, arriving Halifax NS on 1 Jun.
1948-decFate: transfered R93 HMS Terrible to Royal Australian Navy
1948-dec-16Commissioned R17 HMAS Sydney into RAN as HMAS Sydney, with deck letter K
1951-octDeployment R17 HMAS Sydney relieved HMS Glory for Korean War service, until 2 Feb 1952. Assigned RN Dragonfly HR.1 VZ965 as SAR Flt.
1952-aprFate: transfered HMS Powerful sold to Royal Canadian Navy
1952-novDeployment R17 HMAS Sydney relieved HMS Ocean as Duty Far East carrier.
1953-jun-15Deployment CVL 21 HMCS Magnificent Fleet Review: Coronation Review of the Fleet carrying Flag of Royal Canadian Navy
1953-jun-15Deployment R17 HMAS Sydney Fleet Review: Coronation Review of the Fleet attended Coronation Fleet Review at Spithead
1954-janDeployment R17 HMAS Sydney received Dragonfly HR.3 WP498/-K on loan from FAA for 4 months, during Korean War deployment
1955-apr R17 HMAS Sydney role amended to flying training carrier and deck letter changed to S, with imminent appearance of HMAS Melbourne
1955-octFate: transfered HMS Majestic to Royal Australian Navy
1955-oct-28Commissioned R21 HMAS Melbourne into RAN as HMAS Melbourne, deck letter B
1956Decommissioned CVL 21 HMCS Magnificent returned to Royal Navy
1956-apr R21 HMAS Melbourne departed UK for transit to Australia (deck letter Y). Arrived 10 May 1956 escorted by HMAS Sydney
1957 HMS Magnificent (1957) returned from loan by RCN and placed directly into reserve
1957-janFate: transfered R49 HMS Hercules sold to India, having never served
1957-jan-17Commissioned CVL 22 HMCS Bonaventure into RCN as HMCS Bonaventure
1957-marRefit R11 INS Vikrant at Harland and Wolff, Belfast, until 1961
1958-may R17 HMAS Sydney into reserve, at approx 6 months notice to reactivate
1961Refit R17 HMAS Sydney conversion to fast transport role (primarily for Army support), completed 1962
1961-mar-4Commissioned R11 INS Vikrant into Indian Navy, in UK
1961-mar-4Aircraft R17 HMAS Sydney RAN 723 Sq Sycamore XD654/909 ditched alongside RN HMS Hermes, while operating from HMAS Sydney, 4 Mar 1961 nr the Cocos Islands
1961-nov-3Homeport R11 INS Vikrant arrived in Mumbai Harbour
1963-apr-20Aircraft R21 HMAS Melbourne Konfrontasi embarked RN 814 NAS Wessex HAS.1 (usually based aboard HMS Hermes) for 3 weeks during spring 1963.
1963-augAircraft R21 HMAS Melbourne embarked anti-submarine force was the Wessex 31 of 817 Sq, until Feb 1976.
1965Deployment R17 HMAS Sydney between 1965 and 1972, engaged in 20 or so supply missions to South China Sea (off Viet Nam), earning the nickname Vung Tau Ferry
1965Refit R11 INS Vikrant
1965-julFate: scrapped HMS Magnificent (1957) scrapped at Faslane
1967Refit R21 HMAS Melbourne mid life refit until 1969, to re-equip for operating US components of her air wing
1967-nov-30Aircraft CVL 22 HMCS Bonaventure CH-124 Sea King 4002 accident off Bermuda
1968-sep-20Deployment R17 HMAS Sydney Exercise Coral Sands participated in Exercise Coral Sands, until 10 Oct.
1968-oct-12Port Visit R17 HMAS Sydney visit to Wellington until 18 Oct, following Exercise Coral Sands.
1970-jul-3Decommissioned CVL 22 HMCS Bonaventure
1971Fate: scrapped CVL 22 HMCS Bonaventure components removed, then hull scrapped in Taiwan. Her anchor is feature of a memorial in Halifax.
1971Deployment R11 INS Vikrant served during Indo-Pakistan war
1973-novDecommissioned R17 HMAS Sydney
1974-dec-31Deployment R21 HMAS Melbourne Cyclone Tracy relief operations Departed Sydney on news of cyclone hitting Darwin. Arrived on station 31 Dec 1974 with most of HS-817 embarked and remained active until 30 Jan 1975.
1975-decFate: scrapped R17 HMAS Sydney sold for scrap Oct 1975, left for South Korea Dec 1975
1976-febAircraft R21 HMAS Melbourne embarked anti-submarine force was the Sea King 50 of 817 Sq, until Nov 1981.
1977-may-9Aircraft R21 HMAS Melbourne Sea King 08 accident
1977-jun-25Deployment R21 HMAS Melbourne Fleet Review: Silver Jubilee of HM The Queen in UK waters for Silver Jubilee Fleet Review, off Spithead
1979-janRefit R11 INS Vikrant Service Life Extension Programme at Mumbai, completed Jan 1982
1982-junDecommissioned R21 HMAS Melbourne
1982-decRefit R11 INS Vikrant modification to enable Sea Harrier operations, completed Feb 1983
1983-novFate: scrapped R21 HMAS Melbourne
1997-jan-31Decommissioned R11 INS Vikrant
2000Fate: museum R11 INS Vikrant in Mumbai Harbour until 2004
2014-novFate: scrapped R11 INS Vikrant at Powder Bunder, SE Mumbai

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