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IN Rajput class 1980


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4500full load (tn)
143.30length (m)
15.80beam (m)
4.70draught (m)
4500range (nm)
35max speed (knots)
4Naval Engine gas turbine
2Naval Gun single 76 mm
2Naval Gun twin 76 mm
5Torpedo Launchers single tube 533 mm


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UA 61 Communard - 5

List of Ships

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Rajput class IN Indian Navy D51 INS Rajput 1980--
Rajput class IN Indian Navy D52 INS Rana 1982--
INIndian NavyD53Rajput class INS Ranjit1983--
Rajput class IN Indian Navy D53 INS Ranjit 1983--
Rajput class IN Indian Navy D54 INS Ranvir 1986--
Rajput class IN Indian Navy D55 INS Ranvijay 1988--

6 units


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1976-sep-11Laid down Nadezhnyy
1976-nov-29Laid down Gubitelnyy
1977-jun-29Laid down Lovkiy
1977-sep-17Launched Nadezhnyy
1978-sep-27Launched Gubitelnyy
1979-jun-16Launched Lovkiy
1979-nov-30Commissioned Nadezhnyy
1980Decommissioned Nadezhnyy to Indian Navy as INS Rajput (D51)
1981-sep-30Commissioned Gubitelnyy
1981-oct-24Laid down Tvyordyy
1982Decommissioned Gubitelnyy to Indian Navy as INS Rana (D52)
1982-mar-19Laid down Tolkovyy
1983Decommissioned Lovkiy to Indian Navy as INS Ranjit (D53)
1983-mar-12Launched Tvyordyy
1983-jul-20Commissioned Lovkiy
1985-dec-30Commissioned Tvyordyy
1986Decommissioned Tvyordyy to Indian Navy as INS Ranvir (D54)
1986-feb-1Launched Tolkovyy
1987-oct-15Commissioned Tolkovyy
1988Decommissioned Tolkovyy to Indian Navy as INS Ranvijay (D55)

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