A385 RFA Fort Rosalie

Royal Fleet Auxiliary

2000 to present    

1978 to 1999 - A385 RFA Fort Grange    

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Fort I class (1978)
AO - Support Ship

Flight Deck: FE
Call Sign: GSEU

RFA Fort Rosalie A385

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1971-novOrdered A385 RFA Fort Grange    
1973-nov-9Laid down A385 RFA Fort Grange     Yard No 737
1976-dec-9Launched A385 RFA Fort Grange     as RFA Fort Grange
1978-apr-6Commissioned A385 RFA Fort Grange    
1978-apr-15Homeport A385 RFA Fort Grange     Devonport, Plymouth
1978-nov-13Aircraft A385 RFA Fort Grange     Sea King XV666
1981-marDeployment A385 RFA Fort Grange     Armilla Patrol deployed on Armilla Patrol with HMS Rothesay, HMS Newcastle and RFA Olna.
1982-may-14Deployment A385 RFA Fort Grange     Operation Corporate Departed HMNB Devonport (while still named RFA Fort Grange) for South Atlantic with 824 Squadron C Flt embarked. She left theatre on 17 Sep and disembarked the Flight to RNAS Culdrose on 2 Oct before returning on 3 Oct 1982.
1986-oct-2Port Visit A385 RFA Fort Grange     HMAS Kuttabul visited Sydney Harbour
1988-sep-26Port Visit A385 RFA Fort Grange     HMAS Kuttabul Fleet Review: Australia Bi-centennial Naval Salute to Sydney for Australian Bi-centennial Fleet Review
1990-apr-18Deployment A385 RFA Fort Grange     Task Group 318.1 departed Portsmouth for 10 week western North Atlantic deployment supporting TG 318.1, with HMS Ark Royal (flagship), HMS Glasgow, HMS Brave and HMS Cumberland and RFA Olna.
1997-aprDeployment A385 RFA Fort Grange     Off Splyt, Croatia as part of UN SFOR until Jan 2000.
2000-may A385 RFA Fort Grange     renamed from RFA Fort Grange to RFA Fort Rosalie
2000-mayDeploymentto Gibraltar to support HM Submarine Tireless, returning to HMNB Devonport on 16 May 2001.
2003-jan-15Deployment Operation Telic departed HMNB Devonport to support combat operations in Iraq. Commenced in theatre on 9 Feb, completing 28 May 2003.
2008-mayRefitRefit at Birkenhead until 2009
2009-jul-14Port Visitvisit to Cherbourg for Bastille Day celebrations
2010-aug-10 Fleet Review: 500 years anniversary of RDN .
2011DeploymentLibyan coast Gulf of Sirte Operation Unified Protector supported the contribution to the international forces and the UK Response Force Task Group with ammunition and stores. Early Jun, delivered an Apache from Cyprus to HMS Ocean, off Libya.
2012-janDeploymentas Atlantic Patrol Task (North)
2012-feb-6Port VisitPuerto de Veracruz 4 day visit to Veracruz, Mexico
2012-jun-8Port VisitPort of Havana visited Havana, Cuba as part of British Culture Week (8-16 Jun 2012)
2013-jan-7Refitarrived Cammell Laird, Birkenhead, (after de-storing at Glenmallan on 3 Jan) for 5 month refit.


    from Fort I class (1978)
8300light (tn)
23500full load (tn)
185.10length (m)
24beam (m)
9draught (m)
10000range (nm)
22max speed (knots)
23200power (shp)
1Naval Engine diesel
2Naval Gun single 20 mm
2Chaff and decoys Corvus chaff launcher


    Typical Max
Royal Navy westland wessex 04
Royal Navy westland sea king 04
Royal Navy AW eh.101 04

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Scott Lithgow (Greenock), Greenock

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