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Hermeskeil Aviation Museum


WSK PZL-Swidnik SM-1 (Mil Mi-1) c/n 401031 Hungary 031

Mil Mi-2 c/n 56 2945 063 D-HZPQ ex DDR-VGM Polizei

Mil Mi-4 c/n 02139 Poland

Mil Mi-6A c/n 715309V Aeroflot RA-21133

Mil Mi-8T c/n 10525 Luftwaffe 94+20 ex NVA (DDR) 909

Mil Mi-9 c/n 34002 Luftwaffe 93+95 ex NVA (DDR) 402

Mil Mi-14PL c/n B4002 Marineflieger 95+02 ex NVA (DDR) 618

Mil Mi-24P c/n 340340 Heer 96+50 ex NVA (DDR) 480

Kamov Ka-26 c/n 7404609 D-HZPS ex DDR-VPK Polizei

F+W Emmen (Aerospatiale) SA316B c/n 124/1070 Swiss Air Force V-248

Brantly B2 c/n 093 D-HOBC

Vertol H-21C c/n WG.21 Heeresflieger 83+21

Dornier (Bell) UH-1D c/n 8351 BGS Luftrettung D-HBZV

MBB Bo105P c/n 6108 Heeresflieger 87+08

MBB Bo105 c/n unknown BGS Katastrophenschutz

Bristol Sycamore Mk.52 c/n 13493 Marineflieger 78+33 as fake D-HFUM

Westland Scout AH.1 c/n F.9519 British Army XR597

Westland Scout AH.1 c/n unknown

Westland Wasp HAS.1 c/n F.9580 Royal Navy XS569

Westland Wessex HC.2 c/n wa149 RAF XR527

Westland Wessex HC.2 c/n wa538 RAF XT670

Westland Whirlwind HAR.10 c/n wa29 RAF XD186

Westland Whirlwind unknown c/n

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