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Aerospatiale Part II

1955: Sud-Ouest SO 1310 Farfadet (Goblin)

Two turbines Artouste for the prop and a Arius for the tip jets

Sud Ouest SO1310 Farfadet

1956 : The Sud-Est SE 313B Alouette II enter in production

1957 : Sud-Aviation Formed

May 1957 : Sud-Aviation SE 3140 Alouette II development, not produced

June 13, 1958 : SE3150/002 Alouette 2 set an altitude without payload record of 10.984 m

February 28, 1959 : Sud-Aviation SE 3160 Alouette III Alouette III prototype

1960: Sud-Aviation SE 316A Alouette III Grown from the Alouette II

Sud Aviation SE316A Alouette III

June 1959 : Sud-Aviation SE 3200 Frelon Medium - Size helicopter. Only 2 units built

June 30, 1960 : J.Boulet lands an Alouette III (Artouste 3 engine) on the summit of Mont Blanc, 15,770 ft / 4.800 m

January 31, 1961 : Sud-Aviation SA 318 Alouette II Alouette II with a Turbomeca Astazau IIa of 530 hp

December 7, 1962 First flight of the SE 3210 Frelon troops-transport prototype ( F-ZWWE )

May 28, 1963 First flight of the SE 3210 Frelon naval prototype (F-ZWWF)

1964 : Sud-Aviation SA 318C Alouette II First production units of the SA 318 It was also assembled in USA by Republic and in Sweden by Saab

April 1965 : Sud-Aviation SA 330A Alouette IV. First flight of the prototype ( F-ZWWN ) Result of a request of the Aviation Legere del l' Armee de Terre the Puma as was renamed, will finally be produced in cooperation with Westland

May 1965: Sud-Aviation SA 321G Super Frelon

Built in cooperation with Sikorsky and Fiat, was the biggest helicopter produced in Western Europe

1967 : Nord 500 A ducted - propeller ( Tilt-Rotor ) research aircraft

February 22, 1967 : Franco - British agreement for helicopter production signed between Sud Aviation and Westland covering licence production in UK of 48 SA330Es which were to be known as Puma HC1s in RAF service and the production of 292 SA341 Gazelles. In return the French were granted licence production of 40 Westland Lynx helicopters.

April 7,1967 : Sud-Aviation SA 340 The Gazelle prototype, a five-seat helo, used an Alouette II tail rotor.

April 12,1968: Sud-Aviation SA 341 Gazelle Originally designed to meet a french army requirement for an observation helicopter, was included in the 1967 Franco - British agreement .
The Gazelle incorporates the Fenestron ( An enclosed tail rotor ) and a "semi-rigid" main rotor developed with Bolkow. Was also built in Yugoslavia by SOKO .

September 1968 : Sud-Aviation SA 330B Puma Also built by Westland in England (48 units) , ICA in Rumania (+100), Nurtanio (11) in Indonesia and Atlas in South Africa (as Oryx)

March 17, 1969 : Sud-Aviation SA 315B Lama

January 1, 1970 The French government officially approved the merger of the three companies Sud-Aviation, Nord-Aviation and Sereb, creating a single company Societe Nationale Industrielle Aerospatiale.

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