Helicopters in Vietnam

Vinh Long Army Airfield

Vinh Long Army airfield was established northwest of the city off of Route QL-4. It was home to the Army 114th Air attack helicopter company and the US Navy HAL-3 Seawolves Detachment 3. The Army aviation unit ultimately occupied the airfield for period of nine years beginning on May 10, 1963. Their facility, the Shannon-Wright Compound, was named in honor of the 114th's first two causalities: SP-5 Wyley Wright KIA March 9, 1964, and Lieutenant Kenneth Arthur Shannon KIA March 15, 1964.

The following photo collection is from 1970:

Army helicopters in Vietnam UH-1 (B or C) Huey

AH-1G Cobra in Vietnam AH-1G Cobra

OH-58A in Vietnam OH-58A Kiowa

Chinook helicopter in Vietnam CH-47 (A or B) Chinook

Beech U-21 Ute in Vietnam Beech U-21 Ute

Vinh Long Army Airfield:

Vinh Long Army Airfield

Vinh Long Army Airfield

Vinh Long Army Airfield

Vinh Long Army Airfield

Vinh Long Army Airfield

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