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The following site awards are the accolades we have received for the Helis web site first years. I say we because without the help of countless friends and contributors, this site would not have been possible and all share in its success. There are some names scattered throughout the site but they are also others that without their help and patience will not exist.
Again, Thanks.

Jorge Gazzola
Buenos Aires - Argentina

Discovery Real Time Discovery Real Time
A Chopper Is Born

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golden Web Awards August 13, 2003

Haaretz Israel Haaretz daily newspaper
weekly recomendation
June 24, 2003

Military World Military World
January 25, 2003

NASA Explores IPMS Stockholm
January 22, 2003

Discovery Channel Europe Discovery Europe - A Chopper Is Born
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NASA Explores NASA Explores
Express Lessons and Online Resources

April 4, 2002

Ask Earl Yahooligans
Ask Earl.

Aviation Internet Directory Aviation Internet Directory
Guide To 500 Best Aviation Web Sites
ISBN: 0071372164

September 2001

Education World Suggested site

500 Best Aviation Web Sites August 20, 2001

Shephard Group Shephard Group
Quality web sites in the
Aviation and Defence business

Kids and Teens Web Directory
Click Online - Flying High
April 5, 2001

Getting Students Connected

DK Children 's Illustrated Encyclopedia
The Web's Best Sites
May 16, 2000

L-Infinit A nes pas louper, L-Infinit, France
April 11, 2000

Critical Mass March 27, 2000

Internet Web Guide Magazine
July 1999

300 Best Aviation Web Sites July 22, 1999

aftonbladet Aftonbladet IT, Sweden
July 6, 1999

America 's Hometown America's Hometown on the Internet
Family Oriented Internet Access

Netscape Netcenter Reviewed Web Site

Study Web
Study Web
Academic Excellence Award
June 1999

History Channel International Recommended Sites

Web Site of the Month Shearwater Aviation
Web Site of the Month
May 1999

Pagina del Dia Internet de Mexico
April 28, 1999

Encarta Encarta Encyclopedia
Selected Web Link

Toshiba ExploraVision

The Medaille d'Or The Medaille d'Or
for Web Site

Learning Kingdom

FAA Academy Air Traffic Training Division
Weekly Web

May 25, 1998

200 Best Aviation Web Sites March 25, 1998

Six Pack To Go December 20, 1997

Annuaire Hachette Annuaire Hachette
December 11, 1997

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