Helicopter Accidents


Agusta A109 Hirundo accidents

List of helicopter accidents

unknown a109a 7239 Ejercito de Venezuela 8332 : Ejercito d/d 1984
Ejercito de Venezuela 8332 : w/o unk, got fire in flight and had a hard landing. Had damages beyond repair; preserved on display at San Felipe Army Aviation Air Field
unknown a109c 7629 HK-3661X : Colombia, to HK-3661G
HK-3661G : Jul06: 1004 hrs; w/o unk
1982 a109a 7152 Aviacion de Ejercito Argentino AE-337 : Ejercito; w/o 23may82 destroyed on ground near Mount Kent by Sea Harriers during Malvinas/Falklands War
1984 a109a 7192 Carabinieri MM81107 : CC-89. w/o 13mar84 near Val Chisone
1988 a109 7106 Agusta Spa I-AGUU : Agusta A109 type, conv to A109A
Boeing Helicopters I-AGUU : 1984 noted as Boeing Vertol ARTI (Advanced Rotorcraft Technology Integration ) test bed to evaluate cockpit integration concepts for a one-man helicopter under the US Army LHX program
Elilombarda I-AGUU : Elilombarda air ambulance; w/o 19jun88, hit power cable at Niguarda hospital, Villa Reale di Cassolnuovo, Pavia
1992 A109a-II 7423 Olympic Airways SX-HDB : Olympic Airways; w/o 29apr92 crashed onto deck of ship and fell into sea off Pylos
1993 A109a-II 7447 Ejercito de Venezuela 8945 : Ejercito d/d 1984; w/o 20mar93 ditched Rio Negro river
Ejercito de Venezuela 8945 : Destroy at Rio Negro, Amazonas State. 3 Fatalities and 3 injuries. Wreck recovered from river by Army Aviation AS-61
1993 a109k2 10005 REGA HB-XWE : REGA from 1992 to w/o 16 Feb.1993
1994 A109a-II 7305 Guardia di Finanza MM81170 : GdiF-122. w/o 28apr94
1994 A109a-II 7339 Guardia di Finanza MM81222 : GdiF-132. crash 02mar94 lake Capo Carbonara
1994 a109cm 7373 Aviazione dell'Esercito MM81239 : Esercito E.I.862. crash 19apr94 Agnone, Siracusa
1995 a109c 7601 N1WD : Leffler Transportation Company at Richland, PA from Jun93; w/o 18jan95 at Jackson Twp, PA. 3 fatalities
1996 a109c 7616 D-HFZF : to OE-XCB
OE-XCB : Goldeck-Flug; w/o 08aug96 at Lavant Valley, Austria. 5 fatalities
1998 a109a 7186 Carabinieri MM81104 : CC-86. w/o 14dec98 500 miles from Volpiano
1998 a109k2 10006 REGA HB-XWF : REGA from 1993 to w/o 15 July 1998 ; in 2005 seen in Rantoul USA at Dodson International parts
2002 a109c 7612 3A-MIS : Monaco, to D-HLAT
D-HLAT : Grohmann Air GmbH
F-GTLP : from Apr01; w/o 31oct02 crashed into the sea near Sud de l ile des Rimains, Cancale. 2 fatalities
2003 a109a 7188 Carabinieri MM81105 : CC-88. w/o 05may03 Valle dell Anapo
2003 a109a 7220 AgustaWestland Philadelphia N4210W : Agusta Corp, to N502RP
N502RP : 1996 pictured (pic1) (pic2) in movie Eraser. First scene white livery probably same helicopter. Final scene N502RP all black New York City Police (NYPD) helicopter
N502RP : 1996 in the film Broken Arrow Same livery scheme.
N21TE : to N25RX
N25RX : Mediplane Inc at Santa Rosa, CA from Oct98; Redwood Empire Air Care Helicopter; w/o 23dec03 collided with terrain near Redwood Valley, CA. 3 fatalities

2003 A109a-II 7317 N109GG : USA, to N1CL
N1CL : to JA9695
JA9695 : Japan, to N295CA
HB-XJA : Hoppe AG from Feb95; w/o 10apr03 at Piz Terza. Repl by HB-ZFK
2003 a109c 7604 N90LW : test serial N1VN, to D-HAAB
D-HAAB : conv to A109C Max; Rotorflug GmbH Jun92-Sep98
N109MX : from 1998
N109MX : Oak Brook Aviation, IL from Apr02
N109MX : Air Angels Ambulance; w/o 28jan03 impacted terrain near West Chicago, IL. Pilot killed
2003 a109k2 10017 Intermountain Life Flight N601RX : IHC Hospitals, Salt Lake City, Utah. w/o 10jan03
2003 a109k2 10018 Intermountain Life Flight N123RX : IHC Hospitals, Salt Lake City Utah
Intermountain Life Flight N123RX : w/o 07jun03. 1 fatality
2003 a109k2 10031 AgustaWestland Philadelphia N1VN : Agusta USA, to XA-TZZ
Azteca TV XA-TZZ : Azteca TV from 1998; w/o 02apr03
2004 a109c 7663 OO-AAI : Belgium 1995
N109JN : USA from Aug97
OO-AAI : Reg OO-AAI May 1995, reg cancelled 1 Aug 1997
N51BL : USA by 2000
HB-ZCD : Maniso Aviation Est. Vaduz, Feb00-May05
HB-ZCD : Reg HB-ZCD 10 Feb 2000, reg cancelled 28 May 2002
N109BS : Widegate PL Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE May02-May03
N109BS : Reg N109BS 31 May 2002, reg cancelled 30 May 2003 on export to Australia
VH-ZZN : Australia from 30May03; w/o 30jul04 when right main gear punctured pontoon helipad and helo rolled over when attempted to takeoff, Brisbane Australia
2005 A109a-II 7297 Carabinieri MM81173 : CC-98. w/o ?
2005 A109a-II 7299 Airlift Northwest N655GS : Airlift Northwest; ex JA9677; w/o 29sep05 impact the water on route from Seattle to Arlington, WA, 3 fatalities
2005 a109k2 10035 Transnet National Ports Authority ZS-RRB : TNPA; w/o 03sep05 at Richards Bay Harbour
2005 a109k2 10038 Keisatsu-chō JA11PC : Shizuoka Police; w/o 04may05
2006 a109c 7647 OO-WGW helimo: 1995 Helimo
OO-WGW helimo: 4feb97 Helimo visit Schiphol; toward OE-XSL
OE-XSL Sky Liner: Sky Liner d/d 2001. w/o 20mar06 crashed near Niestetal Heiligenrode (Kassel) Germany on route from Wien to Bremerhaven to be shipped to Venezuela
2006 a109k2 10011 REGA HB-XWK : REGA from 1994 to 2004 toward OM-ATC
Air Transport Europe Ltd OM-ATC : Air Transport Europe from 2004 ex HB-XWK. w/o 02jan06 near Lehota Slovakia
2008 a109k2 10010 REGA HB-XWJ : REGA from 1994; 2005 REGA 9
REGA HB-XWJ : w/o 23jun08 landing at Samedan Hospital
2009 a109c 7615 I-MDGL : ex I-IRAS, to N244AM
N244AM : Aeroservices Intl at Wilmington, DE Oct96-Mar98
PT-YFP : Brazil, private; w/o 05jan09 crash at Itupeva, 73km NW Sao Paulo. 1 fatality
2010 A109a-II 7285 HB-ZIP : ex I-GATE; w/o 01mar10 at Bernina Pass, Graubünden Switzerland
2015 a109k2 10009 REGA HB-XWI : REGA 1993-2004
Air Transport Europe Ltd OM-ATB : Air Transport Europe from 2004, ambulance
Air Transport Europe Ltd OM-ATB : w/o 17jul15 hit powerline at Slovenský raj. 4 fatalities
2016 A109a-II 7301 I-CRMD : Italy, to N109W
N109W : One Zero Nine-FTO Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE from Jul15; w/o 19nov16 near Induno Olona, Varese. 1 fatality
2019 a109c 7671 AgustaWestland Philadelphia N1TV : Agusta Aerospace Corp
D-HPMA : PEMA Kraftfahrzeug Handel Mar97-Jan00
SX-HTO : Technical Olympic by 2004
SX-HTO : IFLY SA; w/o 20aug19 crashed into sea after hit powerlines off Galatas, Poros Island in route to Athens. 3 fatalities
SX-HTO : helicopter wreckage recovered
    36 C/N found.

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