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    Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin 2 accidents

    List of helicopter accidents

    1994 as365n2 6427 FJ DQ-FGD : tail section was found in lami bay beach, fibreglass repair work to the tail looked very poor workmanship akin to a household roof repair at first glance , no wonder it crashed.
    1995 as365n2 6449 MX XA-RJH : ASESA/Protexa, test serial F-WYMT; w/o 19mar95 off Ciudad del Carmen. 2 fatalities
    1997 as365n2 6421 JA6681 : Toyota Motor Corp, op by Nihon Flying Service; w/o 24jan97 hit trees in poor weather at Okazaki, Toyokawa. 8 fatalities
    2000 as365n2 6441 TW AP018 : w/o 06sep00
    2001 as365n2 6447 TW AP020 : w/o 30nov01
    2003 as365n2 6448 NG 5N-BBS : Aero Contractors Jul00; w/o 03jan03 crash at sea off Brass terminal, 2 fatalities
    2003 ec155b1 6635 HK B-HRX : GFS; w/o 26aug03 night crash into hill, 2 fatalities
    2006 as365n3 6539 CH HB-XQS : Heli-Link AG from Jun98; w/o 05mar06 at Fluelapass
    2007 as365n3 6736 IN VT-PHP : from TVM for human organ transport mission. By kerala police
    2010 as365n3 6729 JP JA31TM : Saitama Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air Corps from Jan06, test serial F-WWOD; w/o 25jul10 near Takigawa. 5 fatalities
    2011 as365n3 6700 IT I-DAMS : Elilario; w/o 09nov11 near Mineo, Catania. 1 fatality
    2011 ec155b1 6780 TC-HET : w/o 06apr11 crash near Lake Iznik, Bursa, Turkey. One fatality, two injured
    2012 as565mb 6703 MX AMHP-151 : w/o 22jun12 hit mountain at Barranca del Muerto, Tecalitlan (Jalisco); Took 4 days to find her, 4 missing

    2013 ec155b 6601 DE D-HLTM : w/o 21mar13 at Olympic Stadium Berlin during training exercise. Pilot killed
    2014 as365n3 6598 KR HL9461 : Gangwon Fire Headquarters Dec07; w/o 17jul14 crashed at Gwangju. 5 fatalities
    2015 as365n3 6631 IN VT-PHK : w/o 04aug15 crashed in Arunachal Pradesh, India. 3 fatalities
    2015 as365n3 6747 AO D2-EWA : SonAir, test serial F-WWOR; w/o 02jul15 near Conda, Kuanza-Sul. Was on Sumbe-Wako Kungo route and was providing support service to road accidents operation. 6 fatalities
    2015 as365n3 6946 IN VT-PWF : Pawan Hans from Mar12; w/o 82nm W of Mumbai
    2015 as565mb 6651 KR B511 : Coast Guard, ex 969; w/o 13mar15 ambulance flight, trying to land near a seawall on Gageodo Island when it crashed into the sea. 4 fatalities
    2015 ec155b1 6909 PP-LLS : w/o 02apr15 17:20 in Carapicuíba, São Paulo. 5 fatalities including the son of São Paulo state Governor Geraldo Alckmin
    2016 as365n3 6556 TW NA-107 : w/o 11mar16 crashed 0.3nm off Shimen District of New Taipei during rescue mission. 2 of 5 fatalities
    2017 as365n3+ ID HR-3602 : w/o 02jul17 hit a cliff in Temanggung, Central Java during operation to Dieng on a rescue mission following a volcanic eruption. 8 fatalities
    2018 as365n3 6698 KW KMOI-03 : w/o 24may18 at Abdullah Al-Mubarak Airbase as a result of a fire inside an aircraft hangar
    2018 as365n3 6929 IN VT-PWA : w/o 13jan18 37 nm offshore Mumbai. 7 fatalities
    2019 as365n3 6730 HL9464 : crashed into pond at Hapcheon Dam, South Korea while maneuvering on a firefighting flight; all 3 occupants survived w/u specified injuries
    2020 as365n2 6444 TW NA-103 : w/o 07apr20 impacted the ground during training and rolled over. no injuries
    2021 as365n3 6679 ES EC-JDQ : op by Eliance (?); w/o chasing drugs traffickers at night off Sotogrande beach, San Roque, Cadiz . 1 of 3 fatalities, pictured (pic2); helicopter salvage by Salvamento Maritimo same day, pictured (pic3)
        27 C/N found.

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