Helicopter Accidents


Year 1969 accidents

List of helicopter accidents

Aerospatiale Alouette II 8
Aerospatiale Alouette III 1
Agusta AB204 2
Agusta AB205 1
Agusta AB47 1
Bell 204 31
Bell 205 1
Bell 206 6
Bell 209 AH-1 Cobra 2
Boeing-Vertol 107M H-46 Sea Knight 50
Boeing-Vertol CH-47 Chinook 1
Boeing-Vertol V43 1
Bristol Type 192 Belvedere 1
Dornier UH-1D 2
Gyrodyne DSN / QH-50 DASH 1
Hughes 269 2
Kaman Seasprite 4
Kawasaki Heavy Industries kv 107-ii 1
Sikorsky S-58 H-34 41
Sikorsky S-61 H-3 18
Sikorsky S-62 HH-52 1
Sikorsky S-64 CH-54 2
Sikorsky S-65 H-53 8
Westland Scout 2
Westland Sioux 8
Westland Wasp 1
Westland Wessex 7
Westland Whirlwind 8

Westland Whirlwind Accidents

1969 har10 wa352 Royal Air Force XP332 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA352, ff: 04Nov61; del Royal Air Force as XP332, 05Jan62; w/o 13May69; soc Hong Kong, 18Jun69.
Royal Air Force XP332 : 225 Sq/E by May 1965
1969 har10 wa359 Royal Air Force XP343 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA359, ff: 23Jan62; del Royal Air Force as XP343, 01Feb62; w/o 26Nov69.
1969 har10 wa384 Royal Air Force XP396 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA384, ff: 22Jun62; del Royal Air Force as XP396, 02Jul62; w/o 07Jun69.
1969 har10 wa409 Royal Air Force XR477 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA409, ff: 12Jan63; del Royal Air Force as XR477, 21Feb63; w/o 30Oct69; soc 04Nov69 as CAT 5(S).
1969 has7 wa218 Fleet Air Arm XL868 : Westland Whirlwind HAS.7, c/n WA218, ff: 21Apr58; del Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm as XL868, 01May58; w/o 20Jun69, wfu as A2595, unk, soc 18Jul69.
Fleet Air Arm XL868 : ex 705 NAS/57; remains in a scrapyard near Siddal, nr Halifax by 1979
1969 has7 wa231 Fleet Air Arm XL881 : Westland Whirlwind HAS.7, c/n WA231, ff: 06Aug58; del Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm as XL881, 05Sep58; w/o 11Sep69.
Fleet Air Arm XL881 : Oct 1959 to 815 Sq / 307 / A until c Dec 1960
Fleet Air Arm XL881 : Feb 1962 to 848 Sq / L-B (replacing XN300 on unit strength) until c Nov 1962; May 1963 to 847 Sq / R-CU until c Dec 1963.
Fleet Air Arm XL881 : Jun 1965 into long term storage at Fleetlands, until c Jun 1968
Fleet Air Arm XL881 : Jul 1968 to 771 Sq / 511-PO; 2 Sep 1969 ditched in 10 m of water off Blacknor Point, wreck recovered Lee on Solent
Fleet Air Arm XL881 : Mar 1970 to RN Air Medical School
1969 has7 wa257 Fleet Air Arm XM666 : Westland Whirlwind HAS.7, c/n WA257, f/f: 07Jan59; del Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm as XM666, 20Jan59; conv HAR.9, unk; w/o 17Dec69, stored El Salvador, F.I., unk.
1969 has7 wa271 Fleet Air Arm XN259 : Westland Whirlwind HAS.7, c/n WA271, ff: 24Aug59; del Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm as XN259, 04Sep59; w/o 03Aug69; wfu as A2604, unk, perished 1997.
Fleet Air Arm XN259 : Feb 1960 to 848 Sq / A-B until c Oct 1962
Fleet Air Arm XN259 : AES Arbroath by Mar 1970
Fleet Air Arm XN259 : AES Lee, still as /518-PO (A2604) by Mar 1978
Fleet Air Arm XN259 : At P&EE Foulness by Mar 1984
    8 C/N found.

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