Helicopter Accidents


Year 1975 accidents

List of helicopter accidents

Aerospatiale Alouette II 2
Aerospatiale Alouette III 5
Aerospatiale Gazelle 2
Aerospatiale SA330 Puma 1
Agusta AB205 2
Bell 204 1
Bell 205 1
Bell 206 10
Bell 209 AH-1 Cobra 5
Bell 212 2
Boeing-Vertol 107M H-46 Sea Knight 4
Boeing-Vertol YHC-1A 1
Dornier UH-1D 2
Enstrom f-28 1
Kaman Seasprite 1
Kawasaki Heavy Industries 369HS 4
Mitsubishi S-62J 1
Sikorsky S-55 H-19 2
Sikorsky S-58 H-34 5
Sikorsky S-61 H-3 4
Sikorsky S-62 HH-52 1
Sikorsky S-65 H-53 10
Sud Aviation S-58 1
Westland Sea King 2
Westland Sioux 8
Westland Wasp 1
Westland Wessex 4
Westland Whirlwind 2

1975 206a 267 PHI Inc N4710R : Bell 206A cn267, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N4710R, unk; xfer Petroleum Helicopters as N4710R, unk; w/o 05Aug75 near Morgan City, LA when during liftoff, right skid caught on pipe on side of helo deck, pilot lost control, hit parked Hughes 369HS, N9086F, dbr & w/o, no fatalities.
1975 206a 282 Bell Helicopter N4081G : Bell 206A cn282, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N4081G, unk; del US as N4081G, unk; dbr & w/o in collision with Lake Anatico, Peru and subsequent hard lndg, 02Feb75
1975 206a 411 Bell Helicopter N1491W : Bell 206A cn411, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1491W, unk; del GAY AIRWAYS, Inc as N1491W, 1969; suffered substantial damage when 5th stage compressor failed during low flight. Pilot auto-rotated to heavy lndg near Barter Island, AK, 30Jul75.
1975 206a 47 Bell Helicopter N7847S : Bell 206A cn47, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N7847S, 1967
N7847S : del US operator as N7847S, 1967; damaged when pilot misjudged clearance distance and struck gas pump handle during clearing turn, Carpinteria, CA, 17Jul67; repaired & conv Bell 206B JetRanger II, unk; w/o when settled into water during hovering, ivo Morgan City, LA, 02Nov75; reg canx, unk.
1975 206a 497 Armada de Chile 34 : Naval d/d 1970. Bell 206AS (SH-57 type). w/o 17sep75
1975 206a 530 Bell Helicopter N8130J : Bell 206A cn530, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N8130J, 1970; del Berry Coal Com as N8130J, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk; w/o when crashed in light rain, low clng & fog ivo Mount Pinson, AL, 03May75, 2 fatalities.
1975 206a 551 Bell Helicopter N8158J : w/o 18sep75 during hard landing, ivo Baranof, AK
1975 206a 576 N293FW : Bell 206A, cn576, ff:?; del US as N293FW, unk
G-BCCZ : xfer Somerton-Rayner Helicopters as G-BCCZ, Apr74; ditched in Thames River 05Aug75.
1975 206a 84 N6218N : Bell 206A cn84, ff:?; del US as N6218N, unk
D-HANS : xfer Dr Hans Riegel, Germany as D-HANS, unk; w/o Crashed after main rotor failure at low altitude, Hiddesen, Blomberg, 4 fatalities, 23Oct75.
1975 ab205 4108 Zambia Air Force AF703 : del Zambia Air Force as AF703, 06oct69, w/o jan75.
1975 ab205a 4320 Silāḥ al-Jaww as-Sulṭāniy ‘Umān 713 : RAFO 14 Sqn, w/o 31oct75
Silāḥ al-Jaww as-Sulṭāniy ‘Umān 713 : I believe was shot down by a SAM-7 missile over the shershitty caves in western Dhofar. 5 peolpe were killed, pilot, loadmaster, and three speacialists from the RAF. It was bombed by Strikemasters after hitting the ground
1975 ah-1g 20852 US Army Aviation 69-16420 : US Army; 1970 pictured at Vinh Long Airfield, Vietnam; w/o 09feb75
1975 ah-1j 26024 US Marine Corps 157780 : USMC; w/o 30dec75
1975 ah-1j 26026 US Marine Corps 157782 : USMC; w/o 05nov75
1975 ah-1j 26036 US Marine Corps 157792 : USMC; w/o 29apr75
US Marine Corps 157792 : This aircraft was assigned to HMH-462 when it crashed at sea during Operation Frequent Wind (The evacuation of Saigon, South Vietnam). The official cause was fuel starvation. Both pilots escaped
1975 ah-1j 26046 US Marine Corps 157802 : USMC; w/o 29sep75
1975 CH-46D 2176 US Marine Corps 152554 : BV-107M, c/n 2176, ff?; del USMC 30Jul66 as CH-46D 152554; asgd Boeing FR Morton PA; xfer NATC Flight Test, NAS Patuxent River 01Aug66; redesig JCH-46D 02Aug66; redesig CH-46D 05Oct66; xfer NPRO R&T Morton PA; 28Oct66; xfer NARF Cherry Point 13Nov69; xfer HC-6 19Feb70; w/o 17Sep75, Norfolk, VA.
US Navy 152554 : I was the plane captain of this aircraft while it was with HC-6. This plane was the most reliable in the squadron. It went several years past its due date for Paint and Repair (PAR) while serving on the USS Detroit (VERTREP) in the Med. We also took this plane on a detachment to Gitmo.
1975 CH-46D 2393 US Marine Corps 154042 : BV-107M, c/n 2393, ff?; accepted BuWepsRep, FR, Morton, PA as CH-46D 154042 28Dec67; xfer HMM-263 31Jan68; xfer HMM-165 18Apr68; xfer HMM-364, YK-??, 06Aug68; xfer H&MS-36 23Feb71; xfer HMM-263 23Apr71; xfer H&MS-36 COSA 10May71; xfer HMM-164,YT-??, 15May71; xfer H&MS-36 23May73; xfer HMM-164, YT-14, 15Feb75; w/o RVN 28Apr75.
US Marine Corps 154042 : as HMM-164 /YT-14 was the last Marine helicopter lost in Vietnam, and still sits at the bottom of the South China Sea in 65-100 feet of water at coordinates N09 55’ 32" E107 20’ 06" approx 30nm on the 150 radial of the Vung Tau NDB
1975 CH-46D 2407 US Marine Corps 154800 : BV-107M, c/n 2407, ff?; accepted BuWepsRep, FR, Morton, PA as CH-46D 154800 08Feb68; xfer HMM-263 25Feb68; xfer HMM-165 COSA 02Oct69; xfer H&MS-36 COSA 01Dec69; xfer HMM-262 26Dec69; xfer HMM-165 10Aug70; xfer H&MS-36 01Jun71; xfer H&MS-36 SUBUNIT FUTENMA 21Sep71; xfer H&MS-36 03Jun72; xfer HMM-164 28Feb74; xfer HMH-462 12Jan75; xfer HMM-164 22Jan75; xfer HMM-165 27Mar75; xfer HMM-164, YT-??, 14May75; w/o 24Jun75.
1975 CH-46F 2466 US Marine Corps 154859 : BV-107M, c/n 2466, ff?; accepted BuWepsRep, FR, Morton, PA as CH-46F 154859 13Sep68; xfer HMM-365 19Sep68; xfer HMM-162 21Jan70; xfer H&MS-26 16Sep70; xfer HMM-162 21Dec70; xfer HMM-263 10Jun71; xfer HMM-263, Det 1, 28Jul72; xfer HMM-263 01Feb73; xfer H&MS-26 07Aug73; xfer HMM-264, EH-?, 19Dec73; w/o 23Apr75.
US Marine Corps 154859 : w/o 23apr75 crashed in Sardinia, Italy
US Marine Corps 154859 : w/o 23apr75 it was /EH-02 (Leroy 02) HMM-264
1975 ch-53a 65-065 US Marine Corps 153296 : Sikorsky S-65A, c/n 65-065, ff:?; del USMC as CH-53A 153296, unk
US Marine Corps 153296 : w/o 08jan75 crashed in Maryland
1975 ch-53a 65-108 US Marine Corps 153722 : Sikorsky S-65A, c/n 65-108, ff:?; del USMC as CH-53A 153722, unk
US Marine Corps 153722 : w/o 18feb75 with HMT-301
1975 CH-53C 65-254 US Air Force 68-10925 : USAF; 21st SOS w/o 15may75 during Mayaguez rescue. 2Lt Richard Vandegeer was killed and was the last name inscribed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall at Washington
1975 CH-53C 65-255 US Air Force 68-10926 : USAF; 21st SOS w/o 15may75 during Mayaguez rescue
1975 CH-53C 65-262 US Air Force 68-10933 : USAF; 21st SOS w/o 13may75 Udorn, Thailand
1975 CH-53C 65-337 US Air Force 70-1627 : USAF; 21st SOS w/o 15may75 during Mayaguez rescue
1975 CH-53C 65-338 US Air Force 70-1628 : USAF; 21st SOS w/o 24jan75
1975 CH-53C 65-342 US Air Force 70-1632 : USAF; Jan75 CH-53C type 601st TASS first 2 delivered for unit with 68-10924
US Air Force 70-1632 : USAF; 601 TASS w/o 26sep75 Paderborn, Germany
1975 ch-53d 65-205 US Marine Corps 156958 : Sikorsky S-65 c/n 65-205 ff?; accepted by USMC as CH-53D 156958 unk;
US Marine Corps 156958 : w/o 8jan75 with HMH-362
1975 ch-53d 65-313 US Marine Corps 157737 : Sikorsky S-65C, c/n 65-313, ff:?; del USMC as CH-53D 157737, unk
US Marine Corps 157737 : w/o 7feb75 with HMM-264
1975 Commando wa 804 El Qūwāt El Gawīyä El Maṣrīya 722 : Westland Commando Mk.2A, c/n WA804, f/f:?; del Egyptian Air Force as 722, unk; w/o 09Jul75.
1975 f-28a 012 N4460 : to UK as G-AVUK
G-AVUK : ex N4460. Reg G-AVUK Sep 1967 by Twyford Moors. Crashed 3 Dec 1975; wreckage at Shoreham by Mar 1990
1975 h-19d 55-645 US Army Aviation 52-7617 : US Army H-19D d/d 18Feb54
N6734 : Orlando Helicopter Airways 18Jun71-10Jan75
TF-LKH : Iceland unk from 10jan75; w/o 17jan75 crashed at Hvalfiroi, Iceland
1975 h-34a 58-1126 Armée de l'Air 1126 : AdlA 67-SW
Sikorsky Helicopters N1167U : Sikorsky 1970, to Indonesia
Sikorsky Helicopters N1167U : 28jun72
National Utility Helicopters PK-UHN : NUH, w/o 26jan75 near Karimun
1975 h-34a 58-977 Armée de l'Air 977? : Sikorsky H-34A c/n 58-977; del France Armee de l'Air as 977?, unk;
Sikorsky Helicopters N1163U : 1971
Okanagan Helicopters CF-OKH : 15may73
CF-OKH : w/o 29apr75
1975 h-34g.III 58-1538 Heeresflieger QB+482 : Sikorsky H-34G.III, c/n 58-1538, ff?; ordered MDAP by USN as 150752, unk; del W.German Herresflieger as QB+482, unk; recoded QW+403, unk; recoded 80+68, 1967; wfu & sold Brazil as PT-HFR, unk; w/o 28Feb75.
Sikorsky Helicopters N93200 : 26nov73
VOTEC Servicios Aereos Regionais PT-HFR : 10jan74
PT-HFR : w/o 28feb75
1975 h-34g.III 58-1657 Heil Ha'Avir 42 : del IDF/AF (as part payment for war reparations) as 150796, 08Jul63; reserialled 42, unk
US Navy 150796 : Sikorsky H-34G.III, c/n 58-1657, ff?; ordered by West German goverment, as H-34G.III, MDAP nmbr 150796, ntu; acc US Navy, BWR FR, Stratford as CH-34A 150796, for Germany, Jun63 (US Navy records show soc 29Jun63).
Sikorsky Helicopters N4390S : rtnd Sikorsky (as part payment for S-65C) as N4390S, by Jul72; conv to S-58ET, 1973
Sikorsky Helicopters N4390S : 30apr73
Helicsa EC-CCX : xfer Helicsa as EC-CCX 1973; w/o at Las Palmas, Spain, 14Jun75.
1975 hh-52a 62-096 US Coast Guard 1411 : USCG d/d 17Feb66 CGAS Annette; storage to ARSC 26Jul68
Landhelgisgæsla Íslands TF-GNA : Icelandic Coast Guard d/d 29Jun72; w/o 06Oct75 Skalafjell
1975 hss-1 SA.136 Aéronautique Navale SA.136 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.136, ff?; del France Aeronavale as SA.136, 136/L, unk; xfer 31F, unk; w/o 29Aug75.
1975 hss-1n 58-1050 US Navy 145707 : Sikorsky HSS-1N, c/n 58-1050, ff?; del USN as HSS-1N, 145707, 27Feb59; conv HH-34J & soc NARF Pensacola, 31Aug71;
US Air Force 145707 : USAF, ex USN 145707; 1971 301st ARS
US Air Force 145707 : 301st ARS, Homestead AFB, FL from 1971; 09May74 to MASDC/HD197 ; soc 18Oct74, 3909 TTH
TI-SPI : conv S-58ET, unk; del MAP to Costa Rica Ministry of Security as TI-SPI, 1975?; w/o ivo La Sabana, Costa Rica, 09Sep75; noted abandoned San Jose, Costa Rica, Feb80.
1975 OH-6J 6303 Japan Ground Self-Defense Force 31003 : Kawasaki 369E, c/n 6303, ff?; del JGSDF as OH-6J, 31003 unk; unit xfers unk; w/o 25Sep75.
1975 OH-6J 6334 Japan Ground Self-Defense Force 31033 : Kawasaki 369E, c/n 6334, ff?; del JGSDF as OH-6J, 31033 unk; unit xfers unk; w/o 06Oct75.

1975 OH-6J 6362 Japan Ground Self-Defense Force 31059 : Kawasaki 369E, c/n 6362, ff?; del JGSDF as OH-6J, 31059 unk; unit xfers unk; w/o 12Feb75.
1975 OH-6J 6367 Japan Ground Self-Defense Force 31063 : Kawasaki 369E, c/n 6367, ff?; del JGSDF as OH-6J, 31063 unk; unit xfers unk; w/o 05Aug75.
1975 S-55 55-789 Royal Canadian Air Force (1945-1968) 9625 : Sikorsky S-55 c/n 55-789, ff:?; ordered by P&WC for RCAF; del RCAF as 9625, 26Oct54.
CF-JTF : ex 9625; S-55T w/o apr75
1975 s-61a-4 61-483 Tentara Udara Diraja Malaysia FM-1711 : Sikorsky S-61A-4 Nuri, c/n 61-483, ff:?; del RMAF as FM-1711, 22Sep71.
Tentara Udara Diraja Malaysia FM-1711 : w/o 10oct75 during a tactical helicopter exercise at Camp Sungai Udang, Malacca.
1975 S-62J M62-008 Japan Air Self-Defense Force 43-4773 : Mitsubishi S-62J, c/n M62-008, ff?; del JASDF as 33-4773, 02Sep64; w/o 19Dec75.
1975 sa316b 1990 United Arab Emirates Air Force 101 : UAEAF; w/o 30nov75
1975 sa316b 2178 Österreichische Luftstreitkräfte 3E-KY : Bundesheer; w/o 19sep75
1975 sa319b 2213 Elliniko Polemiko Nautiko PN01 : w/o before delivery
1975 sa330c 1245 Ejercito del Aire Z.19-2 : EdA, test serial EC-STI; w/o 09jun75 803Esc at Zaragoza. 5 fatalities
1975 ah.1 1196 Army Air Corps XW901 : AAC AH.1; w/o 13feb75
1975 ht.2 1128 Fleet Air Arm XW867 : RN Gazelle HT.2 built by Westland; 705sqd/CU-556; w/o 22may75
1975 se3130 1672 Heeresflieger 76+45 : PC-141; PJ-333; PJ-209; HFB10; w/o 05.06.1975 , Trainingmodel at Roth, later at Neuhausen ob Eck
1975 se3130 1781 Aviation Légère de la Force Terrestre A33 : Belgian Army c/n 1781/C429; 02jul75 w/o
1975 se3160 1236 Koninklijke Luchtmacht A-236 : KLU w/o august 1975
Koninklijke Luchtmacht A-236 : w/o 27aug75 at Schöppingen, Germany
1975 se3160 1395 Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag 23 : SAAF, w/o 21mar75
1975 has.1 wa 666 Fleet Air Arm XV695 : Westland Seaking HAS.1, f/f jan71, d/d 05feb71; w/o 17nov75 HMS Hermes, ditched into the North Sea after engine failure
1975 sh-3d 61-377 US Navy 152711 : USN; HS-4 helo 66 Apollo 8,10,11,12 and 13 recoveries; w/o 04jun75 crash at sea off NAS Imperial Beach, 1 fatality. Was still assigned to HS-4;; portrayed by 148999 in 1994 movie Apollo 13
1975 sh-3d 61-400 US Navy 154110 : USN; HS-8 w/o 03nov75
1975 sh-3d 61-708 Arma Aerea de la Armada Española Z.9-10 : Armada 005-10. MAP BuNo 159054. w/o 19may75
1975 Sioux wa384 Army Air Corps XT225 : AAC Sioux AH.1 d/d 03May66, w/o 17Mar75
1975 Sioux wa401 Army Air Corps XT242 : AAC Sioux AH.1 d/d 02Aug66, w/o 15Apr75, pres. AeroVenture, Doncaster
Army Air Corps XT242 : Some parts used in restoration of XW179 at Wimborne c 1985
Aeroventure Museum XT242 : Pres. Aeroventure
1975 Sioux wa436 Army Air Corps XT547 : AAC Sioux AH.1 d/d 14Mar67, w/o 30May75
1975 Sioux wa525 Army Air Corps XT818 : AAC Sioux AH.1 d/d 26oct66, w/o 18dec75
1975 Sioux wa602 Army Air Corps XT840 : AAC Sioux AH.1 d/d 05dec67, w/o 28mar75
1975 Sioux wa611 Army Air Corps XT849 : AAC Sioux AH.1 d/d 04mar68, w/o 30sep75
1975 Sioux wa706 Army Air Corps XW186 : AAC Sioux AH.1 d/d 14jan69, s.o.c 19nov75 as CAT 5(S)
1975 Sioux wa715 Army Air Corps XW195 : AAC Sioux AH.1
Army Air Corps XW195 : dd 1969, w/o 18 Dec 1975 at Crossmaglen with 652 Sq
1975 th-57a 5002 US Navy 157356 : HT-8 E. w/o 02oct75
1975 UH-1D 8185 Luftwaffe 71+25 : HTG 64, w/o 23.06.1975 Koenigsbach/Koblenz
1975 UH-1D 8307 Heeresflieger 71+87 : HFWS w/o 01.08.1975 Roecke
1975 UH-1F 7061 US Air Force 65-7920 : USAF; 1966 to 1969 I was crew chief on this chopper, ssgt Thomas Henderson
US Air Force 65-7920 : 1966-apr69 I was the helicopter dispatcher for this chopper at 809th Combat support group SAC, Francis E Warren AFB, Cheyanne, Wyoming
US Air Force 65-7920 : 1971-72 I flew this as the unit Chief Maint Test Pilot, did many FCFs on it. (Mike Randolph)
US Air Force 65-7920 : w/o 18mar75 at Francis E. Warren AFB
US Air Force 65-7920 : I was the Jet NCOIC on the day of the final flight. I missed the FCF by 15 min. The airframe was destroyed by fire. Pilot survived. Engine removed and tested. Passed all tests. Pilot flew again.
1975 uh-1h 11399 Ejercito de Chile 182 : Ejercito, BuNo 69-15111 d/d 1972, w/o 03mar75
1975 UH-1N 31441 US Marine Corps 159565 : 7S. NAS LeMoore w/o 16jun75
1975 UH-1N 31652 US Marine Corps 158776 : HML-268 w/o 06jan75
1975 UH-2A 47 US Navy 149745 : Kaman K-20 Seasprite, c/n 47, ff?; del USN as UH2K-1, 149745 unk; redesig UH-2A in 1962; unit xfers unk; redesig SH-2F unk; xfer HSL-34, HX-19, unk; w/o 19Jun75.
US Navy 149745 : 1965-66 UH-2A type asg HC-1 Det.F as /UP-3
US Navy 149745 : 1968-69 UH-2C type asg HC-1 /UP-85 on CVA-64 USS Constellation
US Navy 149745 : 1970 UH-2C type asg HC-1 Det.34 /UP-005
US Navy 149745 : w/o 19jun75 SH-2F type as HSL-34 DET-3 /HX-34 USS Aylwin (FF-1081) crashed 6 miles south of Newport RI in sight of the swiming beaches. HAC and AW-2 died. the H2P and pax survived
1975 Wasp f.9594 Fleet Air Arm XT424 : d/d 5 Mar 1965; Fleetlands store by Apr 1965; 829 Sq Minerva Flt / 424 Sep 1968.
Fleet Air Arm XT424 : 829 Sq Minerva Flt/424. Part of Operation Sheepskin in Anguilla from 19 Mar 1969.
Fleet Air Arm XT424 : 829 Sq Minerva Flt / 424-MV by Jul 1969; Fleetlands by Oct 1969
Fleet Air Arm XT424 : 829 Sq Juno Flt / 465 by Apr 1970; 829 Sq HQ Flt by Dec 1972; Juno Flt / 465 by Jun 1973. w/o 4 Jun 1975 with 829 Sq ditched in sea operating from HMS Juno, airframe recovered.
Fleet Air Arm XT424 : To RNAY Fleetlands 8 Dec 1975 for spare parts. Hulk still present by May 1977.
1975 has.1 wa 30 Fleet Air Arm XM871 : Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA030, f/f:?; del Royal Navy as XM871, 20jun61; conv HAS.3; w/o 21aug75
Fleet Air Arm XM871 : HAS.1 700H Sq/507 by Aug 1961, 706Sq/507-CU by Jan 1962.
Fleet Air Arm XM871 : Conv HAS.3 Sep 1964-Mar 1966
Fleet Air Arm XM871 : As HAS.3, 820Sq/410-BL by Aug 1971 until at least Sep 1972
Fleet Air Arm XM871 : 15 Jun 1972 Aboard HMS Blake as 820 Sq / 410-BL, while in Portsmouth
Fleet Air Arm XM871 : Engadine Flt/410-EN by Dec 1973, 737 Sq Glamorgan Flt/400-GL by May 1974.
Fleet Air Arm XM871 : As HAS.3, w/o 21 Aug 1975 with 737 Sq/400-GL when it crashed into the Red Sea, operating from HMS Glamorgan, and sank during failed recovery attempt.
1975 has.1 wa 63 Fleet Air Arm XP112 : Westland Wessex HAS.1 d/d 04apr62; w/o 17sep75 HMS Ark Royal, ditched into the English Channel off Plymouth
Fleet Air Arm XP112 : 845Sq/G-A by May 1962, 845 Sq/G-B by Mar 1964, entered ground resonance at Sibu after returning from a troop lift to Song, on 13 Jun 1964 and struck 845Sq XP155/B chopping off its tail. Repaired.
Fleet Air Arm XP112 : 819 Sq/532 by May 1967; 771 Sq/518-PO by Nov 1969 still Jul 1971; Wroughton store by Jun 1972.
Fleet Air Arm XP112 : Ark Royal SAR Flt/046-R by Mar 1974, Ark Royal SAR Flt/047-R by Aug 1975, w/o 17 Sep 1975 when ditched into English Channel operating from HMS Ark Royal (R09), sank.
1975 has.1 wa260 Fleet Air Arm XS880 : Westland HAS.1, c/n WA260, f/f: ?; del Royal Navy as XS880, 02/1966; w/o 08/05/1975.
Fleet Air Arm XS880 : to Odiham dump still as /046 by Jan 1976
1975 mk.60 wa732 Bristow G-AXXL : Wessex Mk.60, c/n WA732, del Bristow Helicopters as G-AXXL, 1970.
Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-AIR : lsd Bristow Nigeria as 5N-AIR, unk; w/o when main rotor separated, unk.
Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-AIR : Crashed on approach to Port Harcourt on 11 Jan 1975 after main blade failure.
1975 har10 wa404 Royal Air Force XR454 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA404, ff: 21Nov62; del Royal Air Force as XR454, 14Dec62; w/o 27Jan75.
Royal Air Force XR454 : During a hover taxi at RAF Akrotiri, with 84 Sq, main rotor failure and airframe destroyed.
1975 has7 wa291 Fleet Air Arm XN311 : Westland Whirlwind HAS.7, c/n WA291, f/f: 12Feb60; del Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm as XN311, 14Mar60; conv HAR.9, unk; w/o 27Jan75; wfu as A2643, unk, scr 1988.
Fleet Air Arm XN311 : Brawdy SAR Flight /14 by Aug 1968
1975 YHC-1A 413-1 US Army Aviation 58-5514 : Vertol YHC-1A, c/n 413-1, ff: 27Aug59; del USArmy as YHC-1A, 58-5514, 1959.
NASA NASA-533 : xfer NASA as NASA533 ~1962; redesig YCH-46C ~1962; asgd Langley Reasearch Center unk; redesig CH-46C unk; xfer Wallops Island Flight Center unk date for VTOL Approach and Landing Technology (VALT) research; wfu with 685 total flight hours ~1975; fate of airframe unknown.
    85 C/N found.

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