Helicopter Accidents


Year 1987 accidents

List of helicopter accidents

Aerospatiale Alouette II 4
Aerospatiale Alouette III 2
Aerospatiale AS332 Super Puma 2
Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil 3
Aerospatiale AS355 ecureuil 2 1
Aerospatiale Gazelle 2
Aerospatiale SA330 Puma 4
Agusta AB205 1
Agusta AB212 1
Bell 204 1
Bell 212 4
Bell 222 1
Bell 47 1
Boeing-Vertol 107M H-46 Sea Knight 6
Boeing-Vertol CH-47 Chinook 1
Breda Nardi NH500 1
Dornier UH-1D 1
Kaman Seasprite 2
Kawasaki Heavy Industries 369HS 2
Kawasaki Heavy Industries kv 107-ii 1
MBB Bo105 1
McDonnell Douglas AH-64A Apache 3
Mil Mi-2 Hoplite 1
Sikorsky S-55 H-19 3
Sikorsky S-58 H-34 2
Sikorsky S-61 H-3 6
Sikorsky S-62 HH-52 1
Sikorsky S-65 H-53 1
Sikorsky S-70 H-60 2
Sikorsky S-80 H-53E 1
Westland Lynx 2
Westland Sea King 2
Westland Wessex 3

1987 212 30719 Fuerza Aerea del Peru FAP-618 : FAP d/d 1975; w/o 05mar87
1987 212 30736 Policia Nacional de Colombia PNC-155 : PNC, test serial N90141; w/o 04aug87
1987 222 47015 N1074T : Bell 222 cn 47015, ff:?; reg US as N1074T, unk; w/o unk.
N1074T : Apr87, while on a post-maintenance flight over Texas, the drive system for the main rotor failed, causing total loss of control. It then impacted the ground, killing 2 crewmembers. (Info from TV Tropes for Airwolf Series.)
1987 47g-3 6517 Royal New Zealand Air Force NZ3704 : RNZAF. w/o 16jan87
1987 ab205a-1 4510 Polemiki Aeroporia 4510 : 358 MED w/o 26jul87
1987 ab212 5572 Aeronautica Militare Italiana MM81072 : AWTI-01 670 Squadriglia Collegamenti. w/o 8sep87 near Orroli Nuoro
1987 ah-64a PV014 US Army Aviation 83-23789 : US Army; 9jul87 w/o
1987 ah-64a PV103 US Army Aviation 84-24243 : US Army; 22sep87 w/o
1987 ah-64a PV119 US Army Aviation 84-24259 : 2-6th Cav. w/o in Germany
US Army Aviation 84-24259 : this aircraft actually crashed in october 1987. aircrew was attempting to avoid low power lines and made hard contact from 40+ verticle feet , the airframe suffered irrepairable damage along with avionic, control surfaces, main engine and rotor damage. aircraft was returned to hood af in november 1987 where it stayed in the 2/6cav parts depot enclosure for an additional 18 months. post and during investigation serviceable items were removed for re-distribution on common models. this event took place during reforger 87.
1987 as332c 2012 C-GQRL : Hydra Management; ex N5789B; w/o 03oct87 crash during logging at Quatam River, BC
1987 as332f 2098 PT Dirgantara Indonesia PK-XSG : IPTN; to Indonesian Navy
tentara nasional indonesia angkatan laut HU-442 : TNI-AL; w/o oct87
1987 as350 1560 Malawi Army Air Wing MAAW-H08 : Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil, cn 1560, ff:?; del Germany as D-HEZE, unk; to Malawi Army Air Wing as MAAW-H08, 27jun85; w/o 30jul7; hulk rtnd to France & rebuilt as F-WYMB, to F-GFHM.
1987 as350b 1593 D-HAFD : 29jun86 pictured ta Dorsten-Flugplatz am kanal Recklinhausen
N350AE :
D-HAFD : w/o 30jun87
1987 105c S-127 HB-XEK : Swiss Ambulance Polizei 1974-1978; to D-HDDT
Norsk Luftambulanse D-HDDT : Norsk Luftambulanse d/d May78; to LN-OSH
Norsk Luftambulanse LN-OSH : Norsk Luftambulanse d/d 1980; ex D-HDDT; w/o 24oct87 at Fokstua, Norway
1987 ch-124 61-234 Royal Canadian Navy  (1945-1968) 4009 : Sikorsky S-61B, c/n 61-234, del Royal Canadian Navy as CHSS-2, 4009, 1964; to CH-124A as 12409 Oct1968;
Canadian Armed Forces 12409 : ex 4009. CH-124A. Crashed 4 Nov 1987 near CFB Shearwater. Recovered and became ground instruction airframe 910B at CFB Borden.
Canadian Armed Forces 12409 : CAF; 2012 dumped CFB Borden
1987 CH-46A 2061 US Marine Corps 151913 : BV-107M, c/n 2061, ff?; del USMC 27Feb65 as CH-46A 151913; asgd Boeing FR Morton PA; xfer HMM-164 03Mar65; xfer HMM-165 15Nov65; xfer MAMS-37 25Jul66; xfer HMM-262 02Apr67; xfer HMM-265 30Sep68; xfer H&MS-36 05Mar70; xfer H&MS-24 18Apr70; stor MASDC DMAFB as 1J0005 13Sep71; xfer NARF Cherry Point 17Jun74; further unit xfers unknown; conv HH-46A unk?; xfer HC-5, Det 2, RB07; w/o 23Mar87.
US Navy 151913 : I have the safety report for this accident. It was a navy helicopter, from HC-5 assigned to the USNS Mercy.
US Navy 151913 : I think this may be the flight on a sight seeing trip in the PI flying down the Snake river with passenger's on board. The Helo rounded a bend and flew into a cable slam dunking the aircraft killing all on board. The Crew Chief was one of my instrucrers and good friend, Doug Groll. To Doug and all on board Rip. AECS AW NAC Garrity (Ret)
US Marine Corps 151913 : 3mar77
1987 CH-46A 2139 US Marine Corps 152518 : BV-107M, c/n 2139, ff?; del USMC 14Mar66 as CH-46A 152518; asgd Boeing FR Morton PA; xfer HMM-265 18mar66; xfer NAS Cubi Point 16May66; xfer HMM-265 12Sep66; xfer HAMRON 36 COSA 24May69; xfer H&MS-36 19Jun69; xfer HMM-165 05Oct69; xfer H&MS-36 COSA 02Sep70; xfer MARTD Lakehurst 19Apr71; xfer NARF Norfolk 12Oct72; xfer NARF Cherry Point 19Oct73; redesig HH-46A 30Nov73; xfer HCT-16 01Nov74; further unit xfers unk;
US Marine Corps 152518 : Jul68 HMM-265 /EP-2 pictured (pic1) on USS Tripoli (LPH-10). During take off with 12 marines and 20-25 feet above deck the left engine blew out. She came down and rolled towards the front end of the ship. All hands bailed out before it stopped rolling 3 feet short of going over the bow. (L.Raymond)
US Navy 152518 : pictured (pic2) as HC-16 /BF-400 at Pensacola. Notice TH-57 on background
US Navy 152518 : asg HC-5 /RB-12, unk; w/o 22oct87 video ditched in North Arabian Gulf off USNS Spica (T-AFS-9) when one engine failed during Vert Reo with USS Ranger. All crew rescued, helo sank.
1987 CH-46A 2162 US Marine Corps 152540 : BV-107M, c/n 2162, ff?; del USMC 10Jun66 as CH-46A 152540; asgd Boeing FR Morton PA; xfer HMM-165 20Jun66; dam 15Apr67; xfer NAS North Island A&T 16Aug67; xfer HAMRON 16 COSA 10Jun68; xfer HMM-265, EP17?, 18Jul68; xfer HMM-165 COSA 10Oct69; xfer HMM-165 25Nov69; xfer HC-6 14May70; xfer NAS Patuxent River 17Apr72; xfer NATC RDT&E Patuxent River 31Jan74; redesig HH-46A 01Mar74; further unit xfers unk; xfer HC-11, Det 5, VR55 unk; w/o 27Aug87.
1987 CH-46D 2296 US Marine Corps 153398 : BV-107M, c/n 2296, ff?; accepted BWR FR Morton PA as CH-46D 153398 22May67; xfer NARF North Island 15Jun67; xfer HMM-364, YK-08, 24Aug67; xfer HMM-161 01May69; xfer H&MS-36 10Sep70; xfer HMM-165 11Mar71; xfer H&MS-36 SUBUNIT 17Sep71; xfer H&MS-36 03Jun72; xfer H&MS-36 SUBUNIT 28Sep73; further unit xfers unk; conv CH-46E unk; unit xfers unk; xfer HMM-164, YT-52, unk; w/o 22Nov87.
US Marine Corps 153398 : This was a/c YT-52
US Marine Corps 153398 : 1978/79, my bird while attached to HMM-165 hawaiian warriors. I miss her... Cpl Boudevin
US Marine Corps 153398 : 9oct81
1987 CH-46F 2585 US Marine Corps 157686 : BV-107M, c/n 2585, ff?; accepted BuWepsRep, FR, Morton, PA as CH-46F 157686 19Mar70; xfer HMMT-402 25Mar70; xfer HMT-204 01May72; xfer H&MS-26 09May74; xfer HMM-263 10Sep74; xfer HMM-162 20Oct74; further unit xfers unk; conv CH-46E unk; unit xfers unk; xfer HMM-164, YT-440, unk; w/o 03Sep87 when crashed at night while attempting landing in mountains during limited visibility 10 mi. east of US-5 at Camp Pendleton, CA, 4 crew killed.
US Marine Corps 157686 : 1981 transf from HMM-262 Kaneohe Bay, HI to HMM-164 during Pacific trans Pac to Okinawa
1987 CH-46F 2624 US Marine Corps 157725 : BV-107M, c/n 2624, ff?; accepted BuWepsRep, FR, Morton, PA as CH-46F 157725 29Jan71; xfer HMM-264 05Feb71; xfer H&MS-26 10Sep71; xfer NAS North Island A&T 12Mar72; xfer HMM-262 23Mar74; further unit xfers unk; conv CH-46E unk; unit xfers unk; xfer HMM-764, ML-??, unk; w/o 13Feb87.
US Marine Corps 157725 : Aug79 impacted the water in Whites Beach, Okinawa while attempting to take off of the USS Tarawa (LHA-1). Combat Cargo overloaded the aircraft with cargo boxes overloaded with personal equipment. Cargo was jettisoned and 8 Pax were offloaded into a life raft and picked up by boat crew. The aircraft was lightened and was able to take off and land on the beach.
US Marine Corps 157725 : 1982, reworked to E model at NARF Cherry Point, NC; Picked up in the spring of 83 assigned to HMM-764 at MCAS(H) Tustin, CA as /ML-421; HMM-764 moved to MCAS El Toro, Ca. late 83 early 84; w/o 13Feb87, aircraft departed El Toro for an NVG night hop. 7 minutes after takeoff aircraft flew into a mountain side Killing Maj. "Dud" Urban, Capt. Bill Anderson and Sgt. Brad Baird.
US Marine Corps 157725 : 11jun82
1987 ch-47c b-852 Boeing Helicopters N37061 : Boeing Vertol toward ZA721
Royal Air Force ZA721 : RAF Chinook HC1; MA033 dd 08jun82 last Chinook RAF first batch, test serial N37061; 78 Sqn /EP w/o 27feb87
Royal Air Force ZA721 : w/o 27feb87 RAF Mount Pleasant, Falklands crashed during post servicing air test. 7 fatalities. 3 crew and 4 flight test engineers from RAF Odiham
1987 ch-53d 65-280 US Marine Corps 157154 : USMC CH-53D
US Marine Corps 157154 : w/o 22jan87 HMH-462 /YF; 24mar95 on El Mirage Field, CA scrapyard, only tail
1987 ch-53e 65-485 US Marine Corps 162008 : USMC CH-53E
US Marine Corps 162008 : w/o 08jan87 HMH-465 /YJ
US Marine Corps 162008 : Aircraft was HMH-465 /YJ-21
1987 h-34g.III 58-1612 US Navy 150780 : Sikorsky H-34G.III, c/n 58-1612, ff?; ordered by West German goverment, as H-34G.III, MDAP nmbr 150780, ntu; acc US Navy, BWR FR, Stratford as CH-34A 150780, for Germany, 09Apr63 (US Navy records show soc 19Apr63)
Heil Ha'Avir 150780 : del IDF/AF (as part payment for war reparations) as 150780, 09Apr63.
Sikorsky Helicopters N4378S : rtnd Sikorsky (as part payment for S-65C) as N4378S, by Jul72; conv to S-58ET, by 1973
N4378S : 18apr73
PK-UHY : xfer National Utility Helicopter as PK-UHY, Mar74;
Airfast PK-OBL : xfer Airfast Services as PK-OBL, unk; w/o when ditched in Java Sea off Madura Island, 09Nov87.
1987 h-34g.i 58-879 Heeresflieger PB+??? : Sikorsky H-34G.I, c/n 58-879, ff?; del W. Ger Heeresflieger as PB+???, unk; status unk.
Sikorsky Helicopters N47782 : 29apr75
Carson Helicopters N47782 : 3mar80
N47782 : w/o 1oct87
1987 hb350b 1977 Helibras : Helibras c/n HB1093
Fuerza Aerea Paraguaya H-028 : Paraguay air force; w/o 29sep87
1987 hb355f2 5321 Helibras : Helibras Marinha UH-13 type
Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil N-7059 : Marinha UH-13 type; w/o 05jun87 HU-1
1987 hh-52a 62-125 US Coast Guard 1442 : USCG HH-52A
US Coast Guard 1442 : 1442 was featured in several episodes of the TV Series Emergency! during the 1970s. It had decals that showed it being assigned to the Los Angeles area
US Coast Guard 1442 : 1975 in movie Satan's Triangle with 1408
US Coast Guard 1442 : w/o 10jan87 whilst with Coast Guard Cutter Rush (WHEC 723) crashed into the Pacific Ocean, 400 miles off the coast of Acapulco Mexico. All 4 crew members survived, but the craft sunk and was left on the ocean floor
US Coast Guard 1442 : did not sink, remained afloat and was salvaged by USS Bristol County (LST-1198) using the 10 ton boom and returned to NAVSTA San Diego. unk disposition after that. LST-1198 was operating in the vicinity of WHEC-723 with a USCG LE Det onboard
US Coast Guard 1442 : I was the Copilot of 1442 when we lost the engine due to a stator van actuator failure and completed an autorotation to the Ocean. Although it never sank, the aircraft was destroyed by salt water immersion during salvage by the Navy.
US Coast Guard 1442 : I was assigned to CGAS Port Angeles at the time of the mishap. I participated in the salvage and later received the 8 day clock as well as the pilot and co-pilot seats. Converted the seats to bar stools and had the clock repaired. It sits on my desk and functions perfectly.
1987 hss-2 61-015 US Navy 148037 : Sikorsky S-61A c/n 61-015 ff?; del USN as HSS-2 148037 unk; redesig SH-3A Oct62; converted to SH-3G, unk; wfu & xfer MASDC as 9H001, 16Sep76; returned to service, unk; asgd HC-2, Det 5, Manama, Bahrian, unk; w/o when crashed into side of USS LaSalle (AGF-3) while attempting to land at night, 30Jul87. Pilot and 2 pax KIA, 2 crew and 7 pax recovered.
US Navy 148037 : 21oct70
US Navy 148037 : 26nov84
US Navy 148037 : w/o 30jul87, asg HC-2, on routine flight from Bahrain to the command ship USS La Salle docked in Manama. Was too low and crashed into its starboard side scorching it
1987 hss-2 61-061 US Navy 148987 : USN; conv SH-3G; VC-8 w/o 27apr87
1987 hss-2 61-069 US Navy 148995 : USN; conv to SH-3H
US Navy 148995 : 1980 as HS-9 /AJ-736 Sea Griffins in movie The Final Countdown on board the USS Nimitz (CVN-68)
US Navy 148995 : w/o 12jan87 HS-11 /AB-612
1987 hss-2 61-206 US Navy 149931 : USN; conv SH-3H; w/o 09nov87 /NF-615 HS-12 USS Midway on Indian Ocean, 1 fatality
1987 kv-107iia-sm-1 4123 kawasaki helicopter system JQ4123 : KV-107/IIA-SM-1, c/n 4123, ff?; Kawasaki Heavy Industries reg JQ4123 for testing, 1980.
Ministry of Interior MOI 07 : del Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Interior, General Civil Defence Agency as MOI 07, unk; service unk; w/o 28Jan87 when it became fouled in the sling rope after releasing the load; crew of 4 KIA.
Ministry of Interior MOI 07 : Aircraft CD 07 crashed in Mecca killing all onboard. It was load lifting and the strop and shackle used to lift load became entangled in rotor head, causing de phasing of rotors . Two Saudi crew and two American Lockheed crew died that day. Kevin Perrier and John Mullen RIP.
Ministry of Interior MOI 07 : Kevin Perrier and John Mullen died in the crash. John was pilot and Kev the crew chief. Kev wasn't due to fly that mission, the other crew chief went off sick that day. The mission was to assist in load lifting pallets of building gear.

1987 ah1 107/1 Army Air Corps XZ204 : AAC; 662 Sqn w/o 18mar88
1987 mk80 187 Kongelige Danske Marine S-187 : RDN; w/o 20feb87 near Vagar Airport, Faroe Islands; ex G-17-21
1987 mh-60g 70-352 US Air Force 81-23647 : USAF; UH-60A conv MH-60G; w/o 14aug87, 55th ARRS
US Air Force 81-23647 : crashed near Ft Bragg, NC. 4 people died. 3 pilots 1 flight engineer
US Air Force 81-23647 : Cpt Jeff Steven, and Cpt Ralph W. Gehringer were pilots on this-helicopter.
US Air Force 81-23647 : SrA Beski was the flight engineer
1987 mi-2 535431127 PZL Swidnik 54 31 : PZL Swidnik c/n 53 5431 127 / 535431127
Rendőrség R-10 : Hungary Police d/d 1978; w/o 02apr87; fuselage at Aircraft Museum, Szolnokon
1987 NH500MC 33-0286M Guardia di Finanza MM81056 : GdiF-98. w/o 31jan87 Bari
1987 OH-6D 6460 Japan Ground Self-Defense Force 31159 : Kawasaki 369HM, c/n 6460, ff?; del JGSDF as OH-6D, 31159 unk; unit xfers unk; w/o 10Jul87.
1987 OH-6D 6467 Japan Ground Self-Defense Force 31166 : Kawasaki 369HM, c/n 6467, ff?; del JGSDF as OH-6D, 31166 unk; unit xfers unk; w/o 10Jul87.
1987 S-55 55-279 Los Angeles Airways N414A : Sikorsky S-55 c/n 55-279, ff:?; del Los Angeles Airways as N414A, 23Sep52.
N414A : w/o 23apr87 De Quincy, LA
1987 S-55C 55-1078 Fuerza Aerea de Chile H-53 : S-55C; to fach S-55T type; w/o 27oct87
1987 S-55C 55-482 New York Airways N418A : New York Airwayss d/d 16Jun53;
N418A : private; w/o 03feb87 during agricultural work at Kurthwood, LA
1987 S-61N 61-487 Air Greenland OY-HAN : Sikorsky S-61N-31, cn 61-487. ff:?; reg Sikorsky as N4002S, unk; del Grønlandsfly "Kiinaaleeraq" (peregrine falcon/vandrefalken) as OY-HAN, 15May71; ditched and destroyed, Sisimiut, 09Nov87.
Air Greenland OY-HAN : Did not ditch. It had engine failure during hover flight with underslung load of concrete while building a ski lift. Crashed into the cliffs and the captain died. The co-pilot lost his hand. I was pilot in the company and took part in the clean up after the accident
Air Greenland OY-HAN : 11sep87 was the actual crashdate. I was on the RDAF crew that flew the co-pilot to Denmark for medical treatment, just checked my logbook for correct date
1987 sa315b 2393 Ejercito de Chile 158 : Ejercito, w/o 08dec87
1987 sa315b 2619 Helibras PT-HNA : Helibras c/n HB2005, HB315B Gaviao
Fuerza Aerea Boliviana FAB-739 : FAB HB.315B type; w/o 07dec87
1987 sa315b 2676 Pakistan Army Aviation 676 : Army w/o 23mar87
1987 sa319b 2051 Fuerza Aerea Dominicana 3021 : FAD, reser HI-218; w/o Feb87 ?
Fuerza Aerea Dominicana 3021 : 10may74, while transporting then Dominican President Joaquín Balaguer, FAD-3021 had an accident near Santo Domingo, becoming a total loss. No one was injured, though.
1987 sa330b 1115 Aviation Légère de l'Armée de Terre 1115 : ALAT w/o 27jan87
1987 sa330b 1362 Armée de l'Air 1362 : AdlA; w/o 04apr87
1987 sa330j 1395 Heli-Union F-ODHX : Heli Union 1978-1980; to PT-HJE
PT-HJE : Heli Union; Cruzeiro do Sul Taxi Aereo; ex F-ODHX; to PT-HTM
PT-HTM : Heliavia; w/o 27oct87
1987 sa330j 1588 PHI Inc N3596N : PHI d/d 1979; w/o 21dec87 at oil rig near Eugene Island, Gulf of Mexico; 15 fatalities
1987 ah.1 1801 Army Air Corps ZA732 : AAC Gazelle AH.1 built by Westland; 29flight w/o 16jul87
1987 ht.2 1163 Fleet Air Arm XW891 : RN Gazelle HT.2 built by Westland; Jul79 705sqd/CU-549; w/o 25nov87 at Predannack
Fleet Air Arm XW891 : Pod only on the Culdrose dump by Nov 1991
1987 se3130 1766 Aviation Légère de la Force Terrestre A30 : Belgian Army c/n 1766/C418; 04sep87 w/o
1987 se3160 1410 Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag 25 : SAAF, w/o 15sep87
1987 has.1 wa 656 Fleet Air Arm XV668 : f/f 22/07/1970, d/d 20/08/1970, conv HAS.5, unk, w/o 24/02/1987
Fleet Air Arm XV668 : RN HAS.2 noted 25jul79 at RNAS Culdrose Air Day coded 410-H with 814sq
Fleet Air Arm XV668 : f/f 22 Jul 1970, d/d 20 Aug 1970 as HAS.1, 737Sq/526-PO by 1972. Conv to HAS.2A, 814Sq/264-H by Aug 1978 still Jul 1979 (NASU?). Conv to HAS.5 at Fleetlands Jun 1983, 706Sq/586-CU by Jul 1985 still 1986. Flew into sea at night 24 Feb 1987 near Falmouth while with 706Sq.
1987 mk42b wa 951 Westland IN514 : ex ZF527. Ditched in Mediterranean Sea near St. Raphael, during sonar dipping trials and w/o 23 Jul 1987, before delivery to Indian Navy as IN514.
Westland IN514 : I saw the photos of this crash from one of the crew when at Westlands. It was in a low hover doing trials for the EH101 sonar. One of the engines failed and it ditched. The tail fuselage was bent as it hit the water first. I was told it sank as one of the flotation pontoons was punctured by a vessel alongside
1987 SH-2F 204 US Navy 161654 : US Navy
US Navy 161654 : 1985/86 I cruised with this as HSL-37 Det.7
US Navy 161654 : HSL-32 /HV-142, w/o 11jan87
1987 SH-2F 230 US Navy 162579 : USN SH-2F
US Navy 162579 : w/o 16sep87 HSL-34 /HX lost in north atlantic
1987 UH-1B 1206 Luftforsvaret 082 : BuNo 64-14082. w/o 18sep87
1987 UH-1D 8175 Luftwaffe 71+15 : ErpSt 61, HTG 64, LTG 61, w/o 25.02.87 Hohenpeissenberg
1987 UH-1N 31426 US Marine Corps 158255 : USMC, conv to HH-1N
US Navy 158255 : USN, VXE-6 w/o 28jul87
US Navy 158255 : Aircraft and crew of four were lost in the mountains of Ojai, CA in 1987 while on a training mission out of NAS Point Mugu. They were operating at The Bowl and crashed just below it
1987 UH-1N 31739 US Marine Corps 160447 : HML-167 /TV-12 Viking Ship aboard USS Guadalcanal during visit to Devonport, 11 Feb 1982
US Marine Corps 160447 : USMC; HMLA-269 w/o 04oct87
1987 uh-60a 70-998 US Army Aviation 86-24503 : US Army; 16sep87 w/o 4-6th CAV Troop D
1987 has.31 wa209 Fleet Air Arm (RAN) N7-209 : Westland Wessex Mk.31A, c/n WA209, f/f:15/12/62, del RAN as N7-209, 819, 13Jan63; Ditched 31/05/87, off Bondi NSW. LCDR(P) K.Alderman RAN, LCDR(P) Kinross RAN, POA Hartford & LSA Brown. Aircraft was enroute to RockHampton (Qld) to exercise with USN Battle Group and was to embark on the aircraft carrier USS Midway. Engine failed at 500 feet altitude. Crew rescued by LEUT Reyne in Wessex 836. Aircraft floated for about 45 minutes before one of the flotation bags burst and aircraft turned upside down. Towed to Botany Bay, recovered, stripped of spares and used as Firefighting Training Aid at NAS Nowra.
Fleet Air Arm (RAN) N7-209 : Burnt at Nowra fire dump
Fleet Air Arm (RAN) N7-209 : Maintenance crew also aboard during the ditching were: LSATA Greg Edwards ABATWL Dallas Reilly
1987 hc.2 wa542 Royal Air Force XT674 : Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA542, f/f: 10/01/1967; del Royal Air Force as XT674, 01/02/1967; w/o 01/02/1987.
1987 hu.5 wa283 Fleet Air Arm XT461 : Wessex HU.5 dd 5 Aug 1965; to 845Sq/F-B by Oct 1965 still May 1966; 845Sq/R-B by Jun 1969; 846Sq/D-CU by Oct 1969 still May 1970; 846Sq/XD by Jul 1971; 846Sq/XD-VL by Jun 1972 still Sep 1973; Detached to Resource Flt/XD Dec 1973 and returned 846Sq/XD before Feb 1974; 846Sq/VA by Aug 1976; 845Sq/A-VL by Aug 1977; 846Sq/VR-B by Oct 1978; 845Sq/W by Jan 1982 still Apr 1984; 771Sq/825-CU by May 1986 still Aug 1987
Fleet Air Arm XT461 : 1976 pictured (top) as 846Sq as /VA-VL as lifts off from USS Austin (LPD-4)
Fleet Air Arm XT461 : jan79 confirmed coded B/V-R 846Sqn
Fleet Air Arm XT461 : 1980s, pictured (bot) as HU.5 type 771Sqd /CU-25 on rescue demonstration off St.Mawes Quey
Fleet Air Arm XT461 : w/o 16 Oct 1987 with 771Sq/825-CU when ditched in Mounts Bay near Porthleven (Cornwall, UK) following engine failure.
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